Email Delivery 101 Issues

Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues 101

Writing emails regularly is a good way to stay in touch with your customer base or targeted audience. However, simply by sending emails frequently, you are most likely to run into some sending issues. The worst part? These issues can come “out of the blue” and cause failure in your marketing campaign. That is why we talk about troubleshooting email delivery issues 101, intending to help you overcome and prevent these issues from happening. Moreover, knowing what software to use can also be very helpful when condoning a campaign. Namely, reliable and beginner-friendly web tools, like Constant Contact, can help you tackle each part of the campaign, as well as provide you with adequate data analytics. This data can help you learn what the problem might be and how you should work to fix it.

Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues 101 – What Can Go Wrong?

Many businesses rely on their email campaigns to reach out to new and existing customers and clients. The email marketing campaign, as we know it, is one of the most efficient ways to experience brand growth. Moreover, there are over 4 billion people around the world that are using emails on regular basis. This data is more than enough for us to understand how important email campaigns are for a business. However, from time to time, you will stumble onto an issue. Many businesses rely on using email marketing apps or software that allows them to grasp the whole campaign much easier. On the other hand, as much as these software and tools are useful, they will eventually stop working or create issues. Therefore, we must know when to react and how to approach this. Time is money and, if this occurs, you should not be wasting any.

Understand How the Process Works

It is of utmost importance that you are aware of how the whole process of marketing via email works. So, for instance, if you have issues with Outlook not receiving any emails or Comcast email sending and receiving issues then, you should know where to look and how to fix the issue. Of course, grasping the essence of each software or tool you are using might not be as easy. Therefore, you should look at it as a form of a machine. In this machine, each cog plays a big role. If even one cog stops working, the whole machine will stop working as well. However, what is important is how fast you identify the issue and attempt to fix it. Not being able to evaluate the issues as soon as possible can result in losing customers, failing to meet the conversation rate quota, and people failing to recognize your business.

What are the Most Common Issues You Might Face?

Yes, your email campaign stopping is a fairly bad thing to happen. Luckily, most of the issues you might face are pretty common and are not something that should take too much time off your hands. However, it is always good to understand how your software or tools work so you can have an easier time identifying the issue. Therefore, if you stumble into the issue of not being able to send emails from Outlook, you can sum down the potential errors that might have happened that caused this. That is why in this troubleshooting email delivery issues 101 guides, we will deal with those issues that you will face, like:

  • Delivery Issues
  • Internet Connection and Servers
  • The Content of Your Emails
  • The Practice of Email Sending

Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues 101 – Delivery Issues

If you are using email marketing software that helps you maximize the efficiency of your campaign, you should know how the software operates. Namely, on many occasions, businesses will find issues with their emails not being delivered to the recipient. Now, identifying issues as fast as possible might seem like a logical thing to do. However, this might not be so easy if you are unaware of how your email tool works. Furthermore, most email tools will provide you with useful analytics and data that can help you adapt, improve and work around email issues and statistics. Meaning that the marketing tool you are using will be your best friend of understanding what is happening and where things go wrong.

Internet Connection and Servers

The servers, as well as a proper internet connection, can make or break your campaign. Many businesses fail to recognize this as a possible issue when they experience issues in their marketing campaigns. However, something as simple as servers can make a big difference. Make sure you check the servers and ensure that you did not lose the internet connection that might have caused the servers to stop working. These delivery failures are often caused by SMTP connections and are something you should always consider if you run into issues.

The Content of Your Emails

Basically, you can separate two main types of emails you can send. One is transactional and the second one is marketing. Therefore, knowing how to split the content between these two email types is highly important. Some of the basic components your emails contain are buttons, pictures, links, and graphics. Moreover, if you send your emails frequently, you should separate the two. Mostly because your emails might end up in spam folders or even be recognized as “unsafe” by the email software.

Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues 101 – The Practice of Sending Emails

How you build up your email listings is very important. If you were, for example, to buy an email list, you will less likely have a positive marketing effect. On the other hand, if you build your email listing organically, your efficiency will be on the rise. Because you selectively choose who to send emails to, it is less likely that your emails will be stopped or end up in spam folders. Make sure that recipients allow you to send them emails if you want to ensure that they are read and opened.

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