Effective Ways to Get Rid of Comcast Emails Sending and Receiving Issue

When it comes to email services, Comcast does not need any prior introduction. The email service of Comcast is one of the most popular email services in the world. The email service offers tons of great filters and features such as secure login, quick email receiving, and sending along with many other features to make sure that the user gets the best experience. 

But similar to every other platform, it is not flawless either. One of the most common issues that users generally face with this email service is the “Comcast emails are not receiving” error. This error can happen due to several unknown reasons such as an unstable internet connection, compatibility of the web browser, or the firewall program. 

If you are facing this error where the emails are not being delivered by your Comcast email, you can make good use of the tips that are given below to fix this issue without breaking a sweat.

But before we begin, let us take a look at the reasons that can cause issues when you are trying to send or receive emails.

Probable reasons for the occurrence of the “send and receive” issue in Comcast email

Internet issues

This is quite common as if you do not have a stable and strong internet connection, you will be unable to send and receive emails.

Incorrect settings

In case you do not configure the Comcast IMAP and Comcast POP settings correctly, it may lead to some issues with the Xfinity email which can further lead to this send and receive issue.

The limit has been exceeded

You will need to wait until the next day if you have exceeded your daily send and receive limit for your email.

Wrong recipient email address

If for some reason, you have entered the email address of the recipient incorrectly, an error message will pop up on your screen to notify you of this error.

There is an issue with the receiver 

Keep in mind to always check whether or not the receiver has blocked you because if he or she has blocked you, you will be unable to send him or her any emails. Also, check if there is some other issue with the receiver.

Browser related issues

You will most probably face this issue if there is something wrong with your web browser

Device issues

It is also possible that the hardware of your device might be at fault which can further lead to this error.

Attachment issues

If for some reason, the attachment that you are trying to send is larger than the limit that is prescribed, it may also become a reason for this error. 

Add-ons or plug-ins

If you have tons of different plug-ins and add-ons added to your web browser, they may also become the reason for this email sending and receiving issue.

Issues with the mail app

If there is something wrong with the mail app, it can also lead to this error without any warnings.

These are some of the reasons that can be the cause of these Comcast email issues.

Now that we know about the causes, let us take a look at the methods that can help us to fix when your Comcast email is not sending emails.

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Simple Tips to fix the Comcast email sending and receiving issue

Check the internet connection

As we have already mentioned, having a stable and strong internet connection is a must if you want to avoid these Comcast email issues without relative ease. So, if you are using Wi-Fi, you can try to restart the router and the modem as that might help. 

In case you have a cellular connection, simply restart your device or you can also try to check the network settings of your device. In case your device is on airplane mode, turn it off and then check if you can send and receive emails.

Check the spam folder in your mail account

It is often seen that for the most part, emails don’t exactly end up where they should. As it is, incoming emails should be directed to the inbox but at times, these emails get redirected to the spam folder due to unknown reasons. 

Not only should you check the spam folder, but you should also go through the promotion and social tabs as you may find your email there.

Keep an eye on the blocked contacts

Be it a mistake, we usually block contacts and by the time we try to send them an email, the delivery of the email fails. So, if you are unable to send emails from your Comcast account to a certain individual, it is advised for you to check the list of blocked contacts from your block list. If it is there, you can simply unblock the user and then try to send the mail again. 

The same goes for the recipient and check to see if they have blocked you by mistake. This can be done by simply visiting the settings of your email.

Clear cache and cookie files

Cache and cookie files can be one of the main reasons behind the email sending and receiving issue for the Comcast email account. This can be solved by clearing the cache and cookie files as it may also restore the smooth performance of your Xfinity email account.

Keep tabs on your daily limit

Every email service has a limit and not just Comcast email. If you overdo the limit, you will be unable to send and receive emails. This is why you should always make sure that you do not exhaust your daily limit as if it happens you will need to wait until the next day until the limit is renewed. 

Note: Try not to go bananas with your emails, as if you send too many emails in a day, it may make you look like a spammer to the company which can lead to further problems. This is why you should avoid sending emails in bulk from a single account. 

In case your work routine needs you to do so, make sure to keep more than a single account or try to keep a gap between your emails. 

Check the attachment file limit

It is common knowledge that attaching heavy files may often affect the flow of email. This is why you need to make sure that you should not exceed the limit when it comes to attachments. Also, keep in mind to not attach too many files at once. You can try to compress the larger files into different files as that may also help you in fixing this issue. 

Check the recipient’s email address

Keep an eye on the email address that you are entering in the “to” field as if it is incorrect, the email would not be delivered to the right person. This is why you need to check the email address carefully along with other factors such as the domain name, spelling, and characters before you try to send an email from your account.

Update your web browser

It is often seen that incompatible or outdated web browsers can also be the reason behind the sending and receiving process in Xfinity emails. So, make sure to use the latest and compatible version of your web browser. Simply go to the settings and look for updates that are available in case there are any available. 

Fix it on your phone

The best way to do this is by reconfiguring your Comcast email account in case you are facing this error on your smartphone. But always keep in mind to save all of your data and move it to a safer place, be it offline or online since the data may get deleted during the time of the configuration. 

If for some reason, the issue still exists, you can try to reinstall the mail application of Comcast on your smartphone. Also, you can try to keep all of your mobile applications up to date as outdated applications do not just create problems, but also disturb or hamper the functioning of other applications. 

Remove add-ons and plug-ins from your web browser

It is imminent that you will face the “send and receive” issue on Comcast if your web browser is filled with needless and insignificant extensions or plug-ins. For the most part, these extensions and plug-ins simply hinder the process without letting you know.

You can fix them by simply removing the plug-ins and add-ons from your web browser. You can also try to remove, delete, or install any third-party application if there are any on your device. If for some reason, you do not want to remove it, disable it until the sending and receiving issue for your Comcast gets resolved. 

These are some of the major tips that one can use for the troubleshooting of this email issue in Comcast.

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