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Small Businesses Companion Trainual Raising $25M B-Funding

Trainual, as the name suggests is a leading investor in small businesses that looks for growth to new updating technology and designs. Trainual provides training and manuals for employees, and leaders, and accelerates the company’s growth altogether through its service software. 

Recently Trainual has gained $25M in B-funding and with this raising, they are working more on extending employees and enhancing the products.

The $25M B-series investment was led by Altos Ventures and leading investors Shark Group, PandaDoc, TSheets, 8×8, shark group, and Indeed. 

Let’s gauge the specs of headstrong Trainual.

Small Businesses Companion; Trainual’s Specs

Trainual application
Company NameTrainual
HeadquarteredThe Quad
Business PlatformSaas
WorkSmall Business Growth
Trials AvailableYes
Google Reviews4.7
Address6320 E Thomas Rd Ste 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States
Trainual App Download AddressiOS:
Social Media AccountsInstagram

Why Trainual Raised B-Series Funding?

Trainual came with the raised B-series funding to match the challenging pace of the evolving economy. With the pandemic came the location-based, employee-linked, and Business-threat shortcomings and a dire need to beat those factors.

Trainual has made a great move towards raising B-funding for improving customers, team, and small businesses’ experience within the Trainual vicinity.

The playbook is one of the effective ideas that pledges to lead a much more engaging, serene, problem-solving, and connective working environment in the new business world infants.

  • Trainual raised $25M B-series has led to the enlargement of certified consultants who would further multiply the existing experience of Trainual customers.
  • With Trainual raised $25M B-Funding series led by Alots ventures and many major investors, will majorly work towards increasing their current employee number to at least 50 respectively in every department. 
  • Trainual is heading towards pacing their leaders towards higher valuable strides and also helping their employees in enlightening their performance through documenting and delegating efforts.
  • With every second, comes Trainuals updates and trends. Trainual investment is working towards new technology and events that will most probably illuminate the business leaders’ desires and their counting strategies.

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Trainual Raised $6.75 Series-A

Trainual has earlier raised $6.75 M Series A which counted to improve their core products which they did through their embedded tools and small business resources.

Trainual encased a great amount of their investment in building a tranquil work culture which further led to various achievements including Inc Best workplaces(2021), and Phoenix best places to work(2019 &2020).

Trainual promotes events, surveys, and operations for better office culture and lasting performance, and thus a large sum of their raised 

Investment is in empowering employees threshold.

Also, the experience and attention gathered by Trainual’s customers are applauded and that is a result of Trainual investment pull towards them.

Reason Why Trainual Attracts Investment On Raised A & B Funding Series

There are a plethora of reasons that have caused such a huge Trainual based $25M series B investment led by Altos Ventures and investment of Shark Group, Indeed, PandaDoc, TSheets, 8×8. Those reasons have been studied below briefly.

  • Business Leader Through Manual

Who thought there could be manuals that could enlarge the leader’s experience, one that can be trusted and has a great reader base? Yes, it is Trainual, one which is the powerhouse of a particularly small businessman.

They have a great sum of trusting manuals for leaders because of 135k readers who trust their decision, ideas, and thoughts.

  • Playbook

The introduction of the effective and updated playbook by Trainual is all to enlarge the capabilities of employees-experience through reports, assignments, and team tasks with great monitoring. 

Trainual endeavors toward the company’s playbook with every coming investment are to help small businesses’ algorithms. 

  • Effective Tools in Business Endeavours

As we know Trainual is known for its splendid manuals and playbooks and with every raised investment enters the philanthropist effects in it.

The “Embed” tool itself supports the playbooks through the easy placement of every supporting doc, video, link, or media that reinforces the respective enterprise idea.

  • Trustworthy

Trainual can be trusted through their effective endeavors and huge investments, and evolving tools. As per the CEO and founder Chris Ronizio itself, “We got to profitability first just like our customers around the world fight to do every day. And we committed to setting a great example, sharing our stories and lessons along the way”.

  • Evolving to Improve

Trainual playbooks assist small business employees and manual for business leaders to evolve for convenience. The “Embed” Tool on the playbook with various patterns changes in “subject card view”, “subject outline view”, and “individual subject” are some of the appreciable changes on the playbook itself.

Flowering 143k readers and their blooming thoughts on the economy, market, and sales, Trainual brings new rave articles by experienced business paragons.

Trainual and Their Customer Support

Trainual and its huge investment, ventures, and efforts are currently shining in the business sky for the peak growth of businesses. Customers can easily contact Trainual through its

Email: support@trainual.com

Email for Sales: sales@trainual.com

Contact Number for Sales: 602-962-6130

Email ID for Partnership: partners@trainual.com

Email for Press Inquiries: press@trainual.com

Closing Thoughts

Trainual raised $25M B-series has taken the front page of various magazines and popular headlines of mass economy channels. Trainual can be called a Small business companion that holds them with utmost care through various tools, manuals, playbooks, and evolving manual patterns. Empowered employees of various small businesses are one of the reasons behind Trainual and its tempting huge investments, partnership, and endeavors.


Ans: Trainual provides a 7-day free trial to Trainual users with just a password credential to enter its world.

Ans:Yes, Trainual is tagged as #Easiestouse in various reviews of previous years. It is convenient to use and helps in the excellence of the company’s employees.

Ans:Yes, you can grant access to other users, creators, and editors to your stuff or work doc.

Ans:Trainual doesn’t support refunds and thus leverages the user to either cancel the subscription or just taste and relish its 7-day free trials.

Ans:Yes, the user is allowed to either end, cancel or pause their subscription according to their will and instincts.

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