What Were 2022’s Top Start-Up?

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Start-ups are new companies that launch with the help of investor funding. If a start-up’s idea and implementation are good enough to attract investors, that start-up can start to raise the needed capital to get the idea into the marketplace. Start-ups are a part of almost every industry’s expansion. Most start-ups are in various tech industries but there are start-ups in fintech, hospitality, construction, fashion, retail, real estate, healthcare, video, and online gaming entertainment – like our fav, Slots Capital casino – education, and more.

2022 was a good year for start-ups. Capital that had been sitting untouched during the 2 years of the COVID pandemic started to free up, allowing good ideas to blossom and expand. Some of the best start-ups of 2022 include:


You can combine your get-away with satisfying gaming entertainment at a Getaway game lounge. It’s not uncommon to see travelers playing on their mobile screens while they’re waiting for their flight but if you’re at an airport with a Gameway lounge you can enjoy gaming entertainment on a large console or PC screen. Currently, there are 4 Gameway centers open – at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, at LAX in Los Angeles, at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and at the Houston Hobby airport.

The lounges feature gaming machines that offer hundreds of game options. Players can sit in comfortable padded chairs and enjoy the lounge snacks while they game the time away before their flight.


The days when you needed a secretary to sit outside your office to jump at your every need are over. You can enjoy the same services that an on-site secretary provides while you free up space and cash. Virtudesk matches employers with virtual assistants who will cover basic administration tasks or who will specialize in the task that you need.

Regardless of whether your office needs someone who specializes in graphic design, video editing, sales support, content creation, social media management, recruiting, customer service, tech support, telemarketing, help desk support, or telehealth, Virtudesk will identify the right individual who will perform just exactly the tasks that you require at a fraction of the cost that you would pay to hire an in-house assistant.

Youth to the People

Youth To The People creates pro-grade vegan skincare products. The brand uses unconventional superfood ingredients to create its lotions, serums, creams, and other products. Through research and years of professional skincare expertise, YTTP’s skincare products deliver powerful results.

The innovative science behind YTTP’s products emphasizes the use of super berry antioxidants, concentrated omega-rich plant oils, and hydrating prickly pear. YTTP’s new facial cleaning balm dissolves makeup instead of rubbing it off so that the user’s face is left feeling fresh and soft. YTTP produces products for all different types of skin including sensitive, dry and oily skin. YTTP products calm, moisturize, plump, replenish, brighten, resurface, clarify and firm any skin type.


TULU is a service for property owners who want to provide tenants with a service that simply makes life easier.  Millenials+ are on the move, often changing living arrangements every 2-3 years as they go where the best jobs are.  Moving often is simplified by owning less – which is TULU’s motto – “Own Less, Live More”.

Who needs to own a drill or a folding table and chairs, a ladder, or camping equipment?  How about a bike or a scooter?  These items that we need infrequently, although need them when we do, are what TULU provides.  Even a vacuum cleaner (TULU’s most popular item) – who has the room to store it (or the money to buy the best one on the market)?!?

TULU provides dozens of items ranging from office supplies and film projectors to coffee machines, VR sets, and other items. If a property owner has special needs, it can be arranged to be included in TULU’s beautifully designed TULU unit placed in a public space of the building.  By curating and providing items that residents might want or need the owner increases rentals and renewals.

TULU works by enabling residents to access these needed items with a one-click seamless transaction through their super user-friendly app.  TULU units can already be found across the globe in large rental buildings – and are constantly expanding. produces medical diagnostic devices that use deep-learning technology to detect urgent large vessel occlusions before they cause a stroke. Early diagnosis of these large vessel occlusions is vital in treating the occlusion proactively. The technology was developed through a collaboration between a neurosurgeon and an AI expert with the goal of providing physicians with a tool that can read CT scans in real-time so that the physician will be immediately alerted if an occlusion is detected.

After an occlusion is identified, sends the patient’s primary care physician a phone app alert, detailing the results of the scan and other relevant medical details about the patient. This allows the physician to make quick decisions about treatment. has been cleared by the FDA. It is presently in use in hundreds of American hospitals.


If you ever wanted to play a musical instrument and never got the chance to learn, don’t despair. Joytunes is a music education app that teaches users to play the musical instrument of his/her choice. JoyTunes got a big boost during COVID when people stuck at home started using the app to learn to play an instrument. Featured learning apps include an app for teaching guitar and one for teaching piano. Additional instrument-learning apps are now being developed.

The JoyTunes guitar-teaching app has proved to be it’s most popular though its piano-teaching app has also proven to be a good investment of time and money. The company is now working on additional instrument-teaching apps and is collaborating with leading tech companies around the world.


Foodology is a  Virtual Restaurant and Cloud Kitchen Startup that creates brands from scratch and then scales and operates them to turn them profitable quickly. Their methodology involves collecting data on geography consumers’ preferences in the area and then creating original dishes. Options for delivery are offered. Foodology presently operates in 20 locations in Colombia, Peru Brazil, and Mexico.

Foodology innovators aim to create a defining set of virtual restaurant brands which will then have locations at 100s of sites around South America. In choosing South America, the start-up’s founders identified the need (there are relatively few “chain” restaurants in South America so residents of the region who want the kind of consistency in menus that they would find, say, at McDonald’s in the United States don’t have that option) and trends (bubble teas and poke bowls) that are slow to penetrate the region.

Foodology currently operates 7 restaurant brands. These restaurants appear to be independent eateries but they share the same kitchens and commissaries which gives Foodology economies of scale across major expense areas including real estate, staff, and ingredients.

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