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How Can Calendar Printing Help Your Business?

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Many business owners ask themselves whether or not printed wall calendars are still practical marketing tools. 

The truth is that they’re a staple in many homes and offices across the country and can be used to promote the brand effectively.

Unlike digital ads, which can be scrolled past or ignored, calendars are interactive and give businesses a unique opportunity to connect with customers emotionally. Here’s how:

Increase Sales

Calendars are the only marketing item that will remain in the audience’s view all year. 

They are also looked at regularly, so they will likely be kept from being tossed in the trash like flyers or ignored like online ads. 

This regular interaction means that the audience is more likely to remember the business and contact information when needed.

Calendar printing can be customized to align with the brand identity and values. This versatility makes it an ideal promotional tool for any business. 

For example, a veterinarian clinic could include pictures of client pets on each month’s page, which would appeal to pet owners and help build a connection between the business and its customers.

If customers hang their calendars at home or work, their friends and coworkers will be exposed to the branding, which can lead to more referrals. 

Interesting Fact:
In a study, it is found that 78% of people had a printed calendar in their place of work.

You can increase the exposure by including a “Refer a Friend” section on the calendars where customers can write down the names of people they want to refer.

With the right printer, businesses can produce custom calendars quickly to get them into audiences’ hands and maximize ROI. 

They can offer high-quality materials to ensure the calendars last all year and represent the business professionally, as well as affordable prices to stay within budget when delivering a fantastic return on investment.

Increase Brand Awareness

Calendars are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness for any business. 

Unlike other promotional items that may be in the trash, calendars are used regularly and remain visible for a year or more. 

This allows to create a visual reminder for the audience, making it easy for them to think of the business when purchasing.

Also, calendars can be designed to showcase specific products or services relevant to the target audience. 

For example, a veterinarian clinic can create a calendar with photos of patients’ pets to attract interest. 

Do You Know?:
In 2022, the global Wall Calendar market size is estimated to be worth USD 187.1 million. And, by 2028, there is a swift growth in it. 
Hence, the market size is forecast to a readjusted size of USD 228.6 million.

Using a custom calendar as a marketing tool can help build brand awareness for the business and improve conversion rates.

When customers see branded calendars, they are reminded of the quality and reliability of the services. 

They are also likely to pass the calendars to friends, family members, and coworkers, exposing an even wider audience to your marketing message.

When a customer signs up for your email list in exchange for a calendar, use it to deliver courtesy emails that include special offers, product promotions, requests for feedback, and more. 

You can also use the opportunity to promote the referral program and incentivize customers to refer their friends and family.

Promote Special Offers

Calendars offer plenty of marketing touchpoints and are one of the best ways to promote the business year-round. 

You can include the logo, website address, and contact information.

 Incorporating special offers or sales into design ensures that the audience will see the promotion and know how to purchase the products or services.

Unlike online display ads, which are scrolled over and ignored, calendars are interacted with regularly. 

Ensuring the promotional materials are visible throughout the year can improve brand recognition and customer conversion rates.

In addition to advertising products and services, enterprises can also use their calendars to showcase the culture of their business. 

This is a great way to build brand loyalty and create an authentic connection with their customers. 

If you want to feature photos of employees, facilities, or a fun holiday message, you can turn the calendar into an attractive keepsake that will remind the audience of what makes the company unique.

With creative thinking, one can turn printed calendars into practical marketing tools to boost the bottom line. 

When choosing a printer that can offer high-speed printing to quickly get the calendars into the audience’s hands, quality materials that will stand up all year long, and affordable prices, your calendars can become a powerful marketing tool that delivers a fantastic ROI.

Encourage Referrals

Printed calendars are a valuable marketing tool that stays top-of-mind for an entire year, allowing one to highlight vital dates for an audience. 

This ensures that they can stay in the minds of their ideal audience, making it more likely that they’ll choose your business when looking for a product or service.

Unlike many other promotional items, calendars allow customizing the content, layout, and images to fit the branding needs. 

Even QR codes and scannable promotions can be included to engage the audience and create a bridge to your digital channels.

Customizable calendars also work well to encourage referrals for the business. 

Including information about the referral program can boost the audience and encourage them to share the brand with their friends and family.

Fast Fact:
Around 48% of individuals shared the calendar with others.

In addition to promoting the referral program, one can use customized calendars to thank your clients for their continued support. 

Let’s say, people can design a calendar that features pictures of their pets or children to show them how much their company appreciates their business. 

Also, offer them a discount on their next purchase or service to thank them for their loyalty. 

By implementing these simple strategies, make the most of the personalized calendars and encourage repeat and referral business.

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