Top 10 Ways to Control PST File Corruption

Encountering corruption with your PST file can be depressing as it affects your workflow by keeping you from accessing the data stored in the file. Once the file is corrupted, you need to spend a couple of hours to repair it using manual methods, thus using a PST repair tool can be a more intelligent move in controlling corruption and damage.

There are various possible ways by considering which you can keep the PST file corruption at bay. Here below are the top 10 ways to protect your PST file corruption and other related errors.

  1. Avoid creating oversized files:
  2. We all know that Outlook is known for providing a huge storage capacity of 20GB and in Outlook 2010, it increases to 50 GB. But it is recommended not to form a file larger than 10 GB as it makes the processing of file quite sluggish. Also, larger the file, more the chances of getting corrupt. So, try to organize your data in different small files rather than keeping a whole lot of data in one giant file. In addition, the ScanPST tool which is used to fix minor hitches with Outlook files works slower than usual on large files.

  3. Keep the old-format PST smaller than 2 GB:
  4. The older version of PST files store up to 2 GB and this limit should be considered seriously by the Outlook users as neglecting it can cause severe effects such as data loss and file corruption. Therefore, it is advised to keep the PST files of the earlier version, smaller than 2 GB. Keeping the file 1.5 GB is the best measure to avoid errors with your PST files.

  5. Do not work on a large slot of emails:
  6. If you are operating a huge batch of emails at once, you are welcoming a number of issues such as corruption, and locked Outlook client. If you are trying to delete, copy or move 10,000 emails at a time, it is advised to divide emails into 10 batches of 1000 emails. In other words, choose maximum 1000 emails at a time when you need to work on multiple emails at a time.

  7. When Outlook is already running, do not close the application:
  8. The abnormal closure of Outlook email client can invite a number of technical difficulties and can be host to PST file corruption. Hence, it is advisable not to close the Outlook email client through task manager while it’s already in progress in the background.

    In order to check the processing status of an Outlook email client, you can open the “Task manager” and check if you can find the “OUTLOOK.EXE” in the “Processes” tab. So, let the process complete first before closing the application.

  9. Close Outlook before turning off the evice:
  10. If you power off your computer when Outlook is already in use, the PST file corruption becomes a certain event. So, whenever you go for system shut-down, make sure Outlook has closed properly and this way you can save your PST file from corruption.

  11. Be cautious with Antivirus:
  12. We always try to use the strongest antivirus program to secure our data, but the antivirus can affect the functioning of the PST file as well. It interrupts a number of PST file operations and hence it is advised not to use an antivirus while working with Outlook.

  13. Keep an eye on Outlook Add-Ins:
  14.  Some corrupted or damaged add-ins can cause damage to your Outlook PST file as well. Likewise, it can trigger corruption in the Outlook PST data thus disabling the faulty Add-Ins is a necessary measure to control the corruption in PST files.

  15. Backup your PST file regularly:
  16. Backup acts as a savior in situations like file inaccessibility and Outlook corruption. It is the apt way to deal with the data-loss which can occur due to corruption. So, it is recommended to make regular backups of the data stored in your PST file.

  17. Avoid storing your PST file on network driver or server:
  18. PST file is only meant to store on the local system and storing it on the network server or driver can lead to corruption because the complicated environment of the network server cannot handle PST file. Therefore, avoid sharing and accessing a PST file over a network to check the file corruption.

  19. Do not rely upon any random troubleshooting:

Usually, we try everything we see over the web, whenever any complication occurs while using the PST file. But one wrong step can cause severe corruption and lead you to data loss. Thus, it is recommended, not to try any random recovery method, and only rely upon authentic and professional PST repair tool which can repair the PST file in a secure manner.

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