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Troubleshoot SBCGlobal Email Not Working in MS Outlook with These 7 Workable Solutions

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by | Mar 26, 2021

No matter whether you’ve configured your SBCGlobal email account in MS Outlook email client to avoid its webmail login issues or because you don’t like checking your SBCGlobal email through AT&T after they both merged together; if you’re experiencing issues on Outlook platform also then, we understand how much disappointing it can be for you! 

Hence, we’ve come out with this blog that particularly caters to “SBCGlobal Email Not Working with MS Outlook” error. It’s because most users have reported that their SBCGlobal email account isn’t working after they’ve configured it on Outlook. 

So, to begin let’s understand the type of issues that “SBCGlobal Email Not Working with MS Outlook” error broadly covers that you may face:

  • SBCGlobal email not syncing in Outlook
  • email won’t send
  • Unable to receive emails 
  • Not able to access SBCGlobal in Outlook
  • SBCGlobal email not opening in Outlook & so on.

Therefore, considering the seriousness of the problem, we’ve written this blog to assist all those SBCGlobal users who’ve recently encountered ‘SBCGlobal Email Not Working with MS Outlook’ to troubleshoot the same.

So, if you’re recently into any such unfortunate situation and wondering why you’ve encountered any of this above-listed issue, then let’s tell you there are lots of reasons behind the same. But, mostly the following are reported as the common factors that cause such neck-wrecking situations in front of you. Have a look—

Reasons Why SBCGlobal Email Not Working with MS Outlook

Reason 1:Third-Party Software’s interference with Outlook program.
Reason 2:Configured SBCGlobal on Outlook with inappropriate or wrong server settings. 
Reason 3:Outlook ‘Working Offline’ Mode may be turned on.
Reason 4:Check your account’s filter settings.
Reason 5:Check the email space, size and format of the file. 
Reason 6:Incorrect or forgotten Password.
Reason 7: SBCGlobal isn’t properly configured on Outlook.

Here’s How to Get Rid of “SBCGlobal Email Not Working with Outlook” Issue

Before you begin, understand that your device must be connected to a strong, stable and secure network connection to let your email profile work smoothly on your device. So, as you’ve encountered the “SBCGlobal not working” issue, check whether your device has an adequate supply of internet or not. If not, then, you can connect to a new strong and stable connection. However, if that also doesn’t work, you can contact the technical support department of your Internet service provider (ISP) to have a representative troubleshoot your network connection issue.

Once you’re sure that your device now connected with a proper network connection, you can move onto to try the following given solutions—

Solution 1: Launch MS Outlook in Safe-Window Mode

At times, the available third-party software, add-ons and security programs like Windows Firewall and Windows Defender start interfering with the other applications and software of your PC including Outlook. Hence, the very first step of yours would be to check for them and instead of temporarily disabling them from their respective settings; the best way to stop them from interfering in the smooth working of MS Outlook program is to launch the same in Safe-Window mode. In this mode, no third-party software, security programs, extensions or drivers get loaded to create any hurdle in the normal operation of your Outlook program. So, considering that, execute these steps to run Outlook in Safe mode—

  • First press and hold “Win + R” keys together for a few seconds.
  • In doing so, a wizard box named “Windows Run Dialog” will pop-up on the screen.
  • As it appears, type “Outlook/safe mode” in its search bar.
  • And, after that, hit the “Enter” or “OK” button to execute the given command.

Now, Outlook runs in safe mode and as none of the third-party software, extensions, security programs or drivers will interfere in its proper working; you can check whether your account has started working with Outlook or not.

Solution 2: Verify and Update SBCGlobal Outlook Configuration Settings 

It’s a known fact that SBCGlobal has now been merged with AT&T and like its server changed to the latter, so do its server settings. In other words, SBCGlobal server settings and AT&T server settings are the same. However, there are users who aren’t aware of this yet. So, if you’re also one of those users, understand that you cannot afford to configure your account in Outlook email client with its wrong server settings as they play a crucial role in successfully running an account on Outlook or any other third-party email client.

Having said that, we suggest you to verify the server settings with which you’ve configured your account on Outlook with the following correct “SBCGlobal Outlook Settings”—

  • If you’ve configured your using IMAP-Account type then, verify these ‘Incoming and Outgoing IMAP server settings’ of SBCGlobal:
Incoming Email
Incoming Port:993
Outgoing Email
Outgoing Port:465
Encrypted Connection:SSL
Requires Authentication:Yes
IMAP Username:Your full email address
IMAP password:Your password
  • If you’ve configured your using POP-Account type then, verify these ‘Incoming and Outgoing POP server settings’ of SBCGlobal:
Incoming Email
Incoming Port:995
Outgoing Email
Outgoing Port:465
Encrypted Connection:SSL
Requires Authentication:Yes
POP Username:Your full email address
POP password:Your password

After you finish verifying, if needed in your case, make sure you update them accordingly.

Solution 3: Switch Off Outlook’s ‘Working Offline’ Mode 

Have you checked the Outlook’s working offline status? If not then, you should definitely consider checking it once. It’s because sometimes without your notice, Outlook automatically starts working in offline mode. Wondering how this can be a reason for encountering “SBCGlobal not working with Outlook issue! Well, Outlook’s offline mode is turned on means it has temporarily disconnected from your email account’s server and you can no longer exchange emails of all those email accounts that you’ve had configured on Outlook-email client platform.

Hence, you should definitely check whether Outlook is working offline or not and if yes then, make sure you turn off the working offline mode immediately. 

To know about the same, view the Outlook’s Working Offline mode on the status bar. It’s available there right at the bottom of your MS Outlook’s homepage. Or else, you can view the “Windows Taskbar” of your PC to note whether the MS Outlook icon has a ‘red-cross’ mark on it. 

As a result, if Outlook seems to be in Working Offline mode then, what you’ve to do is re-connect your SBCGlobal email server via navigating to the “Preferences Group” on the “Send/Receive Tab” and clicking the Outlook’s “Work Offline” button to turn off the same.

Solution 4: Check Your Account’s Filter Settings

If you’re particularly experiencing issues of not receiving emails in your SBCGlobal account that you’ve configured on Outlook then, what you should do is simply check the filter settings in your account. Additionally, you can also make yourself sure whether you’ve blocked any sender mistakenly or not. If yes, remove them from the blacklist to start receiving emails again.

Solution 5: Check the Email Space, Size & Format of the File 

Similarly, if you find yourself unable to send emails from your SBCGlobal account that you’re using within Outlook then, it is recommended that you must check the email space, size and format of the file before sending emails. Hopefully, when you take care of them, you’ll not encounter such situations further.

Solution 6: Reset Your Email Password

Well, in case you cannot sign-in to your account in Outlook then, make sure you’re able to recall and re-enter the correct password. However, you can anytime reset your SBCGlobal password either through the AT&T website or through the ‘SBGlobal Find Your

Password Page’ that you can access via this “” link.

Solution 7: Re-configure SBCGlobal on Outlook

If none of the above given solutions works in your favor then, why not consider removing and configuring your account in Outlook again. Well, you never know maybe your account isn’t properly configured with Outlook and that’s why you’re into such a situation. Hence, re-configuration of your account in Outlook is the need of the hour.

And, apart from that, you should consider removing and re-adding your email profile in Outlook because doing so will also clear-out all the minor glitches that might be the reason why “SBCGlobal is not working properly with Outlook.” 

So, to begin the process of removing your SBCGlobal email profile from MS Outlook

  • Firstly, open the program and go to its “File” tab.
  • Then, click on the same to open the “Account Information” page.
  • From it, simply select the “Account Settings” drop-down box.
  • In doing so, a list of options will appear in front of you and from them, you’ve to simply choose the “Manage Profiles” option.
  • After doing so, a “Mail Setup” wizard box will pop-up on the screen and inside the same, locate the “Show Profiles” option to select it.
  • Now, choose your “ email account” from the recently opened show profile section.
  • In continuation, click right on the same to let its contextual menu appear in front of you.
  • And, as per the last step, click on the “Remove” option from the available contextual menu to finally remove your email account from MS Outlook.

Once you’re done removing your configured email profile from Outlook, what next you’ve to do is simply re-configure it properly on Outlook using guidance of this step-by-step guide on how to set up email account on Outlook.”

However, note that, even though you’ve the choice to utilize either IMAP or POP protocol as the account-type of your SBCGlobal incoming mail server; many recommended to choose IMAP over POP because unlike the latter, its way more advanced, secure, effective and flexible enough to let you sync emails across all devices.

That’s all! With the help of these given solutions, you’ll be able to most probably resolve the issue of SBCGlobal email not working in MS Outlook. And, this way, you can again ensure the smooth functioning of your email account with Outlook email client.

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