Outlook Encountered Catalog Checkpoint Error

How to Fix “Outlook PST Has Encountered a Catalog Checkpoint Error”

Errors in Outlook are very common and come on regular intervals and most of the Outlook users are aware of it. Two of its files, one is OST (Offline storage table) and other one is PST (Personal storage table) play a major role in performing various activities and regulate the smooth functioning of Outlook. But many times, users encounter errors in PST files and detecting a catalog checkpoint error” is one of them.

“Catalog checkpoint error”  means the Microsoft Outlook has  reached to the point, where all the cache memory data or information move to the current PST file. Generally, this checkpoint is started by Window Search Engine, it means the Search engine is asking the Outlook to update the existing OST or PST file . The event must show “information” if everything is working fine. But the few times whole operation gets disturbed and displays event errors.

Outlook log lets users save particular event in “Application” log and this will help to get rid of the issue with Outlook account. You can run this command ; “runeventvwr.msc” to view or start the Event Viewer.

The issues of catalog checkout may occur due to any error in Outlook.pst file

  • Resetting Index & Re-push Store: If the MS Outlook application has sensed that the indexer catalog has been rearranged and it usually occurs with “event 31” and below.
  • Deleted MAPI Start Page: If the user has chosen to not index Outlook email afore or if Outlook is running for the first time.
  • Recently Created Store: If the mailbox is created freshly.

The solution for Outlook.pst has detected a Catalog Checkpoint Error

“Outlook.pst has sensed a catalog checkpoint” is a common error which can happen on a regular interval while using MS Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or other versions. Moreover, there might be several causes liable for the happening of ‘PST file has identified a catalog checkpoint’ error.

Here below are some common troubleshooting methods by which “Outlook catalog checkpoint issue” can be resolved speedily and help Outlook to works smoothly:

Disable Outlook Add-ins

Add-ins in Outlook can disturb the smooth functioning of Outlook application and deactivating such Add-ins can repair this discussed error. Here below are some steps to turn off Outlook add-in in Windows OS:

In Outlook 2007

  • Tap on Tools >> Trust Center >> Add-ins
  • Now go to Manage and navigate to the bottom, select the add-ins which you want to disable
  • Changes will apply after tapping on the Go button

Some add-ins need to restart for applying the changes Outlook application

For Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016

  • Tick on File, Options, and Add-Ins
  • From the Manage move down to the corner and select the add-ins you want to deactivate
  • Tap on the Go button and wait until changes have been saved

Create a New Profile

Defected or corrupted old Outlook profile also might result in Outlook.pst has detected a catalog checkpoint error. Following are the guidelines to create a new profile in Outlook:

  1. Close Outlook application
  2. Go to Windows Control Panel and open Mail
  3. From the Main Window, you will see the name of the recent profile from the heading bar
  4. Tap on Show Profiles
  5. Now click on Add
  6. Name the new profile and press OK
  7. Now Setup and configure the email account profile and press Finish

Run Scanpst.exe

Damaged Outlook PST file can be responsible for “Catalog Checkpoint” error. However, a damaged or corrupted PST file can be repaired with Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe which is inbuilt by Microsoft.  

  1. Close all Outlook application and run Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe)
  2. Select the corrupted PST files or search it by name from the scan box
  3. Click the Start button
  4. Now this tool will start scanning the problems inside PST and will remove them

Third-party Outlook PST Repair tool

If the issue still persists or is not resolved with inbox repair tool, this shows that the Outlook PST file is brutally tarnished. Hence, for such type of corruption users may need a dependable third-party Outlook PST Recovery Tool. These tools are potent enough to repair damaged PST in PST/ EML/ MSG/ HTML/ Office 365 formats. It executes the PST file recovery process rapidly without affecting the quality of the data file.

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