Best Tips For Creating Product Videos In 2022

Best Tips For Creating Product Videos In 2023

Are you toying with the idea of making a product video? Or have you already made plans to create one? Whatever be the reason, you need to make it catchy and informative enough to attract people and drive up your sales. 

Why does it matter? Research reports on video marketing by Wzyowl found that more than 86% of marketers said great videos got them better customer leads. 81% of them also said that product videos have helped them increase sales by a considerable amount. 

That is why in this article, we will do a deep dive into the best insights and tips on creating product videos in 2023 to help you get on top of this trend. 

What attracts customers to a product video?

Some key attributes to the best product videos make a potential customer pay attention to it and click on your video and watch it. Check them out.

  • The first frame of the video has a hook that can grab the customers’ attention.
  • The video is short and preferably less than 3 minutes.
  • Make sure the video focuses on a problem the customer can relate to.
  • The video can not be just about selling the product; it has to be a more organic showcase of the product in your everyday life.
  • It has to have a call to action where the customer is asked to click on a link, call a number, or even visit a store. 

But why should you care about these? Well, simply because statistics have shown that video content gets shared 1,200% more than other forms of content like static posts, and chats. If you want your content to be seen more, you need to do something different. And product videos can be the answer.

Use these tips for the best product video

So, how to make a product video that sticks? Starting with a product video maker app is the primary step, but there are many more small tips that can give your ad video an edge over the competition. Here are a few to get you started. 

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Make a plan, write a video script

Though it might seem like you know your product very well, you can simply make a video without any prior plan. Well, it will only put you on a slippery slope. You need to make a proper plan, discuss it with your team and understand which product features need to be highlighted more than the others. It is best to write a proper video script, with voice-overs, benefits of the product, etc., highlighted to help streamline the work. 

Keep your product consistent

If you shoot multiple videos or shoot the same video on different days, make sure the product and your setting are consistent. Your customers should never notice any change, even though you might have been shooting for days. No change in product color, type, appearance, or even the background color or images must be the same and perfectly positioned. If your video portrays your product as inconsistent, it will create doubt in customers’ minds about the credibility of your brand. Make sure to steer clear of this. 

Edit. Edit. Edit. 

Putting out raw product images and videos is a strict no-no. Do not by any chance publish an unedited video. Why? Editing will help you cut through shots, shorten clips, throw away unnecessary portions, alter lighting schemes, use filters, make frames, and make the video more appealing to the naked eye. Make sure your product video maker app has these editing features before you start using one. 

Always use a tripod

Investing in a tripod seems like a waste of money? It is not. A handheld camera is bound to be shaky, and the frames will never remain consistent, and you will focus on your product. Setting your camera or phone up on a tripod to shoot the video will stabilize all the frames. It will give you enough bandwidth to play around with different angles and camera features to improve the video. 

Screen record to showcase in-use product feature

Why should you use a screen recorder to record your screen and use it in a product video? Recording your screen while using the product on your phone, especially for product videos related to apps, websites, or related products, can be very relatable for your audience. A screen recording will let you use specific product features in real-time and showcase them to your customers. Screen records will even help you make tutorial videos for your products and pave the way for better customer relations. 

Zoom in to specific product features

Make sure to use the zoom-in and zoom-out options in your camera. Do not keep shooting the whole video from the same distance. Zooming in to important product features and grabbing extra attention to them to make it your USP is a brilliant marketing strategy. This strategy also brings more action into the video and makes it more interactive than before. 

Do multiple takes

Does the first video you took seem perfect to you? A thousand different problems can arise even after you have the perfect first take. Do multiple takes of the same video to determine which one works best. Always consider the first one to be a learning and self-tutorial video rather than making it the final version. Criticize your work and shoot multiple videos, and select the best ones among the lot to publish. 

Parting Thoughts

Before we go, here is an extra tip on learning to make the best product videos. Check out the product videos of your competitive brands and see the kind of work they are doing. Whatever their strategy is, make sure your video has a different take to make it stand out. Otherwise, your product video will become a redundant investment.

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