Why Should Marketers Align with Their App Developer Teams?

Marketers and developers are the two sides of the same coin. However, if you are wondering why marketers should align with app developer teams, here are a few reasons:

  • To speed up productivity by reducing repetitive work 
  • To enhance the engaging user experience by increasing in-app purchases with Apphud
  • To digitize essential tasks such as alerts, email trails, and follow-ups 
  • To improve the connection between different marketing tools and synchronization, thereby delivering a better customer experience 
  • To lessen the load on the marketing team by providing data-driven insights for strategizing

So, now that we have established the importance of a connection between marketers and app developers, the next question is – how do you get started?

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How to Build Effective Collaboration Between Marketers and App Developers 

Teamwork among interrelated departments is necessary to obtain better and more productive business outcomes in multidisciplinary companies, and it’s often overlooked. Infusing collaborative traits and goals between marketers and app developers can yield outstanding success. Here are a few practical ways to improve collaboration.

Effective Communication

This is the foremost principle when working with the teams, be it any department, to resolve doubts, miscommunication, and delays seamlessly. It is highly recommended that both teams stay on the same page using different communication tools and chat platforms for quick and easy communication. Some examples of these tools include:

  • File sharing platforms for easy access
  • Data/reporting platforms 
  • Joint calendars

Prioritize the Common Objective

When the marketer and app development teams collaborate, they have to share the common goal of delivering customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved through setting calculated objectives for both teams.

It is highly recommended to make at least one representative from each team responsible for delivering the message about objectives and coordinating with others.

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Enhance Each Other’s Skills

Developers are attuned to the product; hence, they are better informed on its details. They can share this with the marketing team to add to their sales ability. The marketing team can then share the reviews and responses to the developer team to accelerate customer service. 

  • Data analysis helps the marketer and developer teams better negotiate with the customers.
  • Having respect for each other’s skills and expertise can make the collaboration effortless.
  • The use of flexible deadlines helps the teams work efficiently and avoids delays in delivering the product or the target. 

Ways to Build a Seamless Relationship Between Marketer and App Developer Teams

In addition to making way for a flawless collaboration, the marketing and app development teams need to develop an amicable relationship. Even though two teams are exclusive, they complement each other’s skills, and working together helps increase customer reach in the target market. Here is how this can be done:

  • Set common objectives and goals between marketers and app developers to upgrade the user experience. 
  • Since they have different skill sets, languages, ideas, and approaches, it is important to find common ground for all the teams involved in the collaboration, where they can all agree and work simultaneously without being disrespectful. 
  • Find a shared space for better communication and a one-stop destination to exchange all the data between the teams. It could be either instant chat communications or visual representations. 
  • Planning alongside each other can help the product progress faster. 
  • The use of flexible deadlines and work-life balance can reduce delays. 
  • Explaining what to change with the reason gives both teams an insight into the user experience. 
  • The marketing team has insights helpful for the developer team to create a product for the target market. So, for a fair exchange of the data and insights, having a friendly approach to each other’s skills and teams would help improve the customer experience. 

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