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Top 5 Best Places to Hire Mobile App Developers

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If you have a great mobile app idea, you have to think about how and where you will hire mobile app developers to build it. You can  hire an app developer in the USA or offshore in countries like Ukraine or Asia. You need to find an option that suits your timezone, budget, and skills requirements. Plus, you can also consider hiring freelance ones like Toptal or Fiverr. But if these sites do not convince you, you can check out sites similar to Toptal or Fiverr as well. 

How to Hire an App Developer in the USA 

When you hire app developers in the USA, you can either approach an agency, advertise the job locally, or hire a few freelancers. 

Using a Recruitment Agency

There are plenty of recruitment agencies in the United States that can match you to the best candidates for your app. The agency will do all of the necessary legwork to find the best person for the job. They will likely spend some time with you to understand what you would like to achieve, your culture, and your tech requirements. 

Once they understand what you are looking for, they advertise the position(s) on various job boards, social media, and newspapers. They may also have some developers on their books that they’ve placed in other roles previously. 

The agency will take full responsibility for hiring the candidate. They will read through the CVs they receive, create shortlists of candidates, verify their references and conduct internal interviews to ensure all the candidates are above board. They will then present you with a few candidates to interview yourself before making a final hiring decision. 

Unfortunately, US developers are pricey, and so are recruitment agencies. You may need to pay as much as 30% of a developer’s annual salary to fill a position. 

Advertising on Your Own

You could always act as your own recruitment agency and put up ads on job boards and social media to find the right person. While this will save on commission, it can take up a lot of your time. You’ll need to study each application carefully, phone several references, make notes and then do the necessary police and credit checks before conducting interviews. 

It can take your focus away from your business for months, especially if you need to build a big team. It’s also not that easy to attract candidates, especially if you want to hire a coder to make an app for a start-up or a business that isn’t as well known or established yet. 

Where to Hire Mobile App Developers Offshore

Because it can be so costly to hire a programmer to make an app in the USA, most companies decide to work with offshore companies in other countries. Here are a few of the top destinations:


China has over 4.7 million tech graduates joining the ranks every year, and they are incredibly affordable. The only drawback is that only about 10 million Chinese citizens speak English, which can lead to fundamental communication gaps.


Poland has a number of very talented developers, especially adept in the Java programming language. About 30% of the population can speak English, making it easier to find a local hire that you can communicate with. 


Ukraine has really focused on IT education and has a thriving tech industry. Programmers score extremely high during an assessment, with a large number of C++ programmers in the country. 80% of tech graduates speak English, making it very easy to find a skilled developer to work with. The time zone also overlaps with the US and the UK, so working with someone based in Ukraine is not that hard. 


India has a large English-speaking population and a large number of tech graduates that can be hired at a very reasonable cost. The only downside is the timezone, which can be challenging to manage if you are based in the UK or the USA.


Argentina is only just starting with its tech hubs, but the few agencies available have an excellent working knowledge of DevOps and mobile app development. 


Wherever you choose to hire mobile app developers, make sure you pick a team that can meet your needs in terms of budget, language, and time zone. Always partner with a reputable agency with a proven portfolio, and you are ready to roll!

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