Why PDF is Preferred Over Word

Top Reasons Why You Should Prefer PDF over Word Format

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When it comes to electronic documents, they are the best when it comes to professional matters. So, if you want to breathe life into this goal, we recommend you choose the PDF format to sift through the legal processes. If you look around and talk to an expert, they will talk about the incredible benefits of using the PDF format. For your information, the PDF is a read-only document that allows you to make quick modifications to it. All you have to do is, set a password before saving the file. This will protect the contents inside from getting changed. Here are a few reasons why the PDF documents are better than the Word format:

PDF File is Universal

Simply put, the PDF format is not reliant on any software. Therefore, it is much easier for you to edit the documents in Word format, but once a file has been saved in PDF form, you cannot make changes quickly. Even if you have to convert the image to PDF, the quality will not be changed if the file size is reduced. Secondly, regardless of whatever device you use to view the PDF file, they will not change the quality of the contents at all. However, if you open a Word document on a different operating system, it will cause changes to the contents inside.

It is Easy to Create

Regardless of the format that is being used to create the document, every file from PowerPoint to Word can quickly be converted to PDF format. Secondly, you need to know that the creation of a typical PDF file is easy and quick. This means you don’t have to keep sitting in front of the computer for long hours, waiting for the file to be converted. Moreover, because everything is done online, you can rest assured that not having any errors affect your document at all.

PDF File is Secure

Another strong reason to put faith in PDF formats is that they are secure. Bear in mind; the legal professionals put faith in the PDF format because it is the most secure option for everyone out there. Secondly, because these files are very hard to edit, not many people rely on changing their content. Especially when the legal industry is concerned, seldom will you come across people talking about editing these files. Furthermore, because the PDF files can be encrypted with a password, everyone can rest assured about using them in any way.

Small Size of the File

For your information, a user can quickly convert any file format into PDF even if the resolution of the images is very high. Secondly, as PDF files are portable, they consume less space and make sure they don’t take a big toll on your computer at all. For this to happen, you need to save the file as soon as you convert it. Thanks to the PDF format, many firms are having a major moment right now.

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