Ways of Transferring Files

Different Ways of Transferring Files from One Computer to Another

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Transferring files from one computer to another is useful. For instance, if you need to access a file from your laptop on your desktop, transferring the file can solve this problem easily. It isn’t an overly complex process, but it may take up to several hours depending on the amount of data you need to transfer. Below, we explore the different ways of transferring files from one computer to another.

External Storage Media

Using external storage media is a common way of transferring a file from one computer to another. All you have to do is purchase a USB stick. From there, you’ll need to stick it into your current computer and download the file, before sticking it into another computer and pasting the data. If you’re transferring a large file, you might need to use an external hard drive to download the data.

Use a Transfer Cable

Another option is to use transfer cables. This offers you a seamless transfer between computers: the copy and paste process will happen simultaneously rather than in steps, as seen with external storage media. However, you will need to use two computers on the same operating system. This can be windows or mac, but you’ll need to ensure that your cables are completing the transfer. Nevertheless, using transfer cables can be one of the easiest ways to transfer files from one computer to another. 

Share Over WI-FI

Alternatively, you could share files over WI-FI. For a start, you’ll need to connect both your devices to the same WI-FI router. From there, you’ll need to use an app such as Feem to allow your devices to transfer files via WI-FI direct. 


There are also different forms of software out there that can help you transfer files. By using a platform such as WeTransfer, you’ll be able to download a large file and send it simply via email to another computer. This is particularly handy if you need to quickly send over a large file that wouldn’t normally fit in an email. 


Finally, you can also transfer files via Bluetooth. To start with, you’ll need to pair two devices so that they’re connected to each other. From there, on the original computer, you’ll need to find your file and send it via the Bluetooth link. This can be useful if your WI-FI connection is inconsistent, and you don’t have any cables handy.

There are plenty of occasions where you’ll need to transfer files from one computer to another. And by following the guide above, you should be all set to move your files around simply.

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