Prepare Before a Briefing

How to Prepare Yourself for a Briefing with a Software House?

When it comes to writing briefs, it can be done in many different ways. Everyone has their own individual style of preparing a briefing. However, it is worth knowing a few general rules on how to prepare for it.

What should a brief for a software house contain?

First of all, you must not forget to include general information about the company. It is worth including all the information that may be useful when working on a project – including the business profile, products offered, target markets, and a description of the main clients. This information may not be crucial in the context of the project implementation but helps to understand its essence.

When preparing for the briefing, it is also worth finding out the main idea behind it. You should include here data on the main recipients, as well as the functions that the app should fulfill.

The next point of the project should be its short description. It is worth considering what the purpose of its creation is, on what principles it is supposed to work, and also – what effect it is aimed at. Of course, you must not omit the information on technological requirements – this is a place to describe the expected programming languages, a possible hosting service, and ways of maintaining the website.

Finally, it is necessary to define the budget and the estimated time needed to complete the project. It is good to define the criteria for selecting a contractor who will implement the project. To make the task a bit easier for the tenderers, you can provide examples of projects that are similar to the effects you are expecting to achieve.

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What Mistakes Should be Avoided When Preparing a Briefing?

The main mistake most companies make is not having an accurate budget. However, you need to know that even if you are not able to define the budget precisely, it is worth determining the estimated range in which you want to fit. Waiting for the other party’s suggestions is not a good solution because the software house has to match the client’s expectations with real possibilities. Thanks to this, it can prepare an offer that will be adequate to the budgetary framework provided by the client. It happens that the client has expectations that by no means fit in the budget.

It is also worth avoiding providing information in the briefing that is simply irrelevant to the project. On the other hand, to prepare the ones that really count, you need to buckle down to work. Clients are not always aware that even the simplest projects consist of several components. Software development must take care of, among other things, an administrator panel, customer panel, or a mobile app, which is why reliable and diligent preparation of the necessary information is so important.

To sum up, preparation for a briefing with a software house is crucial, among other things, because it allows the company to determine whether it is able to undertake a given project at all. A properly prepared database will save a lot of valuable time.

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