Stellar Converter for MBOX: Ideal MBOX to PST Conversion Tool for Businesses and Technicians

We all know that migrating from one email client to another is time-consuming and challenging. It requires the conversion of data files from one format to another format. To ease this process, there are various file conversion tools available in the market. If you’re migrating from an MBOX-based client to Outlook, then one of the best MBOX to PST converter tools is Stellar Converter for MBOX. 

The software can convert MBOX files of several email clients, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Mutt, Gnu Mail, Netscape, Cone, Mozilla Mail, Entourage, Spicebird, Pocomail, Evolution, Claws Mail, Opera Mail, Sylpheed, Eudora, Mulberry, and SeaMonkey.

This efficient software helps save time by performing a wide variety of essential tasks. To know more about this amazing tool, let’s go through a comprehensive assessment.

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Installation Prerequisites and Requirements

Before installing and utilizing this tool, users need to ensure their systems meet some fundamental requirements, such as:

  • CPU: Pentium series 
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 
  • Microsoft Office: Version 2003 and above 
  • RAM: At least 2 GB is required. However, 4 GB is suggested for optimal performance
  • Storage: Free available storage space of 250 MB 


The software comes with a clean, uncluttered interface with a prominent navigation bar and no gimmicky features.


Figure: Interface

The software’s user-friendly design makes it a pleasure to perform the conversion process.

The Conversion Process

The conversion process is quick and straightforward and requires only a few simple steps to convert MBOX files into PST. To initiate the conversion process, choose an email client from the “Select Mail Client” menu. You can choose from 17 MBOX-based email clients.


Figure: File Conversion

Then, select the files you wish to work with using the “Select File” option. You may also utilize the “Find Files” option to search for the files on the system. 

The application examines the file in a much shorter time than we had anticipated. This is rather impressive.


Figure: File Scanning


  • Faster email data conversion: Stellar Converter for MBOX is swift in examining the files for conversion. The process took only a few minutes. There was no delay throughout the conversion process.

Figure: Converted File

  • Saving converted file to storage: To save the converted file to storage, select the “Save Converted File” option. It was easy to save the file. There are several options for saving the file.
  • File filters: The “apply filters” feature was a game-changer as it allowed us to filter out undesirable items from our file.

Observation: Stellar Converter for MBOX converted nearly every component of the selected file to a PST file. One of the best features of the program was its ability to preserve folder hierarchy after conversion. This made it possible to import the PST file into Outlook. Before storing the file as a new or existing PST file, the file can be inspected.

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Conversion of Specific Emails

The program is able to do the selective conversion. For instance, the “Apply Filter” option assisted us in locating and converting only specific emails.

Specific Emails

Figure: Filter

Before saving, the user can apply filters to eliminate any unnecessary items.

Numerous Saving Options

The application allows you to save the converted data as a new PST or in an existing PST. You can save and load the new PST file into MS Outlook. 

It also offers a choice of other file formats for saving converted data. It permits the saving of selected emails in EML and MSG formats. The Technical version also permits the saving of converted data in Office 365, RTF, PDF, and HTML formats.

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Figure: Multiple saving options

Using this program, data from a single mailbox, selected emails from a single mailbox, or many mailboxes may be converted.

Observation: Multiple options for saving give flexibility by allowing the user to save the file in the format of their choice.

Previewing Converted Files before Saving 

The software provides a list of all converted mail items in the left pane after the scanning is complete. When you select any mail item, the preview appears on the right side. Users can also preview attachments. Therefore, it is easy to modify your final file before saving it.

Observation: Previewing the converted files allows to detect and correct mistakes before storing them.

Keeping Records of User Actions

The activities of the conversion process are summarized in a log report. It includes data file selection, scanning, conversion, and conversion operation completion time information.

Observation: Using this feature, we were able to effectively assess and validate the modified data.

Benefits of Stellar Converter for MBOX 

The primary advantage of this converter is that it can convert MBOX files into PST in a few easy steps. However, the software offers various advantages that are difficult to overlook. These consist of:

Simple Interface 

Technical expertise is not required to utilize this tool. It is simple to use, even for individuals who have never used an email client conversion application before. It offers a streamlined, user-friendly layout with less information. Additionally, the conversion procedure is simple. After selecting the email client from the dropdown menu, you need to just click the convert button to convert the MBOX into a PST file. In addition, the entire transfer process takes only a few minutes. 

Rapid and Outstanding Conversion

The program examines the entire content to efficiently convert the file. Although the scanning procedure takes a few minutes, the conversion is quite quick. While the utility converts the files, you are free to engage in other tasks. 

Maintain Integrity of Data

Stellar Converter for MBOX verifies each mailbox item. Emails, calendar events, contacts, and other items are tracked by the program. Regardless of the email client, the folder hierarchy is preserved by the software. 

Export to MS Office 365

The Technician edition of the software allows you to export converted MBOX to Office 365. However, you need the necessary credentials for this. 

Cost of Stellar Converter for MBOX 

The program is available for free download from the official website. The free edition of this program can convert, scan, and examine MBOX files. To store the converted data, the program must be activated.

The Activation tab in the menu enables you to choose between the Corporate and Technician editions. It would be excellent if the program could be purchased with an activation key. By selecting the “Get It Now” button, you can purchase the software. 


Figure: Purchase Window

Observation: Due to the 30-day money-back guarantee, we felt comfortable with our purchase.

Final Thoughts

Stellar Converter for MBOX converts MBOX files into PST format rapidly. You can convert a large number of files quickly and properly, saving you time and effort. In addition, the software’s special characteristics make it a perfect tool for organizations and professionals that need to convert MBOX files into PST format.

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