Writing an Essay on Philosophy

6 Ideas for Writing an Essay on Philosophy

Some students say that their philosophy assignments are very different from the rest of the homework. For example, they need to use their critical thinking, have lots of practice, and practice self-expression to a certain extent, and there are many more aspects. At the same time, this is not an opinion essay or a research paper in a traditional sense!

This is where most of the confusion comes from. Students just don’t know how to write the perfect philosophy essay! If you’re struggling with finding that balance, look no further than professional essay writing services for your assignments! This is a great option when you don’t have a lot of time to dive into the aspects of writing a philosophical analysis. To get the perfect essay, you can always ask the authors of studycrumb.com for help. They’re great at philosophy.

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Still, if you are up for the challenge, here are 6 ideas for writing a philosophy essay!

What is a Philosophy Essay?

During your studying, you will often hear some pretty heavy questions. Is there a God? What is love? What if our reality isn’t real? There are all examples of philosophical topics for your essay. You can’t really analyze sources and give a definite answer to such questions. Also, you can’t write a paper-based only on your personal viewpoint.

What makes a great philosophy essay is the combination of these two things. You can choose some of the theories that you like and present solid arguments based on them. Also, students are always encouraged to find proof of their arguments in the works of famous thinkers. As you can see, you need to follow the premise of the essay and support the thesis.

Some Tips About Writing a Perfect Paper

Getting a good grade is very important for a student because they add up at the end of the school year. When you need more time to focus on your homework, try to look for a whitepaper review online. You will find the websites that offer help in getting your GPA up by the end of the year! Now, here are some tips for writing a high-quality philosophical essay.

Organize Your Paper

This is the first step in any homework. Students need to gather their thoughts and read the question several times. It’s a good idea to ask for any comments from the teacher if you don’t understand some aspects of the assignment.

Create an Outline and a Reference Page

Having a plan will help you in gathering your thoughts and presenting your main ideas. So, write down an outline and an approximate list of sources that you will use later. Students are often recommended to take a couple of days to think over the plan before actually starting to write.

Have a Strong Thesis Statement

Your whole essay will be based on these couple of lines. In the thesis statement, you need to present your hypothesis and your point of view at the same time. The readers need to know what your paper is about immediately after reading this sentence.

Provide Arguments Both for and Against Your Thesis

Philosophy is all about asking questions and looking for the truth. Teachers often ask their students to look at all points of view. This way, you can get a unique perspective of the question at hand!

Give Credit to the Authors

Plagiarism is not tolerated in any form at universities. Sure, when writing a philosophy paper, you use a lot of thoughts from experts and academics. At the same time, it’s very important to give credit to any borrowed ideas! This will give you credibility and more room for your own insights.

Always Assume There Will Be Some Objection

This is what philosophy is all about. Your teachers will always challenge you to accept criticism and defend your position. In any case, your paper needs to answer the question and also create more questions for the readers to think about.

What to Avoid in Your Philosophy Paper?

There are also some things that professors definitely don’t want to see when they are grading homework. Here are a couple of ideas about what not to use when preparing a philosophy assignment!

  • Long introductions. If you write huge first or last paragraphs, they only take up the word count. Teachers often look for substance and not the number of symbols on the page.
  • Long quotations. Same as with introductions, you don’t need to use half of the page for someone else’s thoughts. Try to use a smaller part of the citation or paraphrase it. This way, you can add more of your own thoughts to it!
  • Unclear point of view. Sure, you can introduce different schools of thought in your paper. Still, your position needs to be clear!
  • Silliness. Most professors don’t tolerate it when students are joking around about their course. Also, almost all philosophical homework is very serious, so treat it accordingly!


So, there you have it, 6 ideas for writing an essay on philosophy! This type of paper is a little bit different because there can’t be any definite answer to a philosophical question. Just remember to use credible sources and respect other points of view!

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