DOMO Certification Preparation Guide

DOMO is known to be the best Business Cloud that aims to empower organizations no matter their size using BI leverage at cloud scale and that too in record time. With the help of DOMO, all the BI-critical processes that once took weeks can be done on the fly or even in minutes or seconds as well at an unbelievable scale. 

Similarly, with the help of DOMO certification, you get the opportunity to give your teams a customized training path that is according to their needs. In this article, we are going to talk about the DOMO certification preparation guide.

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DOMO Certification Track 

As we all know that the DOMO certification aims to establish one’s credibility as a DOMO master. With the help of this certification, you gain the critical skills required to further your career. And that is why there are two types of DOMO certifications.

  • One is for business professionals.
  • And the other one is for data professionals.

And below are the charges.

  • Major DOMO is available for $599.
  • DOMO professional is available for $249.
  • Similarly, a data specialist is available for $249.

Note that all of the above-mentioned exams are quite comprehensive and contain everything you need to get certified. It includes extensive training and testing on both DOMO professionals and Data specialists. So whatever you need to prepare for the exam you can get it here

How Long Does It Take to Get DOMO Certified?

Well, the time can vary from person to person. And DOMO offers a variety of courses and training material, DOCs, and APIs that can take some time to cover. 

Benefits of Getting DOMO Certification

If you have DOMO certification then the following benefits can be enjoyed.

  • DOMO certification will empower you with all the key skills like data literacy and data curiosity.
  • You will be able to understand how to use curiosity in data analysis.
  • Similarly, you will learn to do data interpretation easily.
  • Moreover, you will also understand the data storytelling best practices.
  • Lastly, you will become an expert in data visualization.

How Can I Train Myself?

If you want to learn to optimize DOMO for your business then know that you can find the full suite of DOMO training modules in the DOMO Appstore and that too for free. There you will find a variety of short e-learning courses that has everything you need. From covering the basics to explain the most advanced topics you will get it all. Similarly, in the app, you will also find best practices for optimizing DOMO for your business. So get everything you need from the DOMO knowledge base that has hundreds of training videos and around 1500 articles. 

Concluding Remarks

DOMO certification is without any doubt a very competitive one and can help you optimize your business to a great extent. So if you wish to earn DOMO certification then you need to get started today and visit the official website of DOMO for further details. 

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