CCIE or CISSP, Which One is Better

Which Certification Is More Authoritative, CCIE Security or CISSP?

At present, higher-level certification in the field of information security includes CCIE Security of Cisco and CISSP of ISC2. Which of these two certifications is more authoritative?

1. Nature of the certificate: CCIE Security belongs to the Cisco certification system, and Cisco is currently the largest network equipment manufacturer in the world. CISSP is organized by ISC2, not a certification of the manufacturer.

2. Technicality: CCIE certification focuses on the combination of practical operation and theory. If you want to pass the CCIE certification Spoto ccie, you must pass the written exam first, and then take the lab exam. As we all know, the pass rate of the CCIE lab exam is very low. CISSP only has a written exam. It is said that management accounts for 70% and technology account for 30% of CISSP.

3. Practicability: Holders of the CCIE certificate have a thorough grasp of the design, configuration, maintenance, and network knowledge of security products (Cisco products) and are highly practical. CISSP is independent of the manufacturer’s products and may lack the actual scheme and product technology.

4. Cost: The CCIE written exam costs 300 US dollars and the lab exam costs 1250 dollars each time. Generally, candidates take the lab exam more than twice to pass it. CISSP’s new exam fee is 499 dollars each time.

5. Number of people: 292 people have passed CCIE Security around the world as of October 31, 2003. The number of CISSP holders is more than 10,000 in the world and about 20 or 30 in China.

The advantage of CISSP is that it is not bundled with products and has more vitality. In North America, it has been an employment certificate for any important position of information security. In the long run, it is worth investing.

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CCIE is a single enterprise product, mainly serving Cisco. It should be security certification oriented to the network level. Other aspects such as hardware, operating system, database level, application system level, and so on are not covered. CCIE certificate holders are suitable to provide enterprise-level (Cisco products) network technical support, not enterprise-level security consultancy.

Some people have passed CCIE Security in the Chinese mainland. They work in Cisco company or integrators’ company. CCIE Security involves limited knowledge and is a security product for Cisco. Those who have passed CCIE Security are mainly responsible for the maintenance of Cisco products.

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If you want to manage network devices, choose CCIE Security. For the whole system security management, choose CISSP. After all, CCIE Security is aimed at Cisco network products. As running1977 said, other aspects such as network environment, operating system, database, application system, and security management are not involved in CCIE Security.

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