Scottsdale, Arizona-Based Trainual Raised $27M in Series-B Funding

Trainual raised $27M in Series-B funding that Altos Ventures led, with participation from The Shark Group CEO Daymond John, Indeed Co-Founder and Chairman Rony Kahan, PandaDoc CEO Mikita Mikado, TSheets Co-Founder Matt Rissell, 8×8 CEO David Sipes, 4490 Ventures, MATH Venture Partners and PHX Ventures.

The company builds playbooks that help in the growth and success of businesses. Currently, through the funding amount, the company is looking to extend its team with thousands of certified consultants worldwide, adding 50+ roles in every department and promoting new leaders. It is also working towards creating technology and events that empower businesses to expand and gain stability, thus creating a powerful economic force.

Chris Ronzio, the founder and CEO of Trainual, shares, “We have been fortunate to build Trainual in a way that didn’t require funding to support an endless burn. So we will march toward the next phase with more new partners, advisors, and mentors.”

Specifications of Trainual

The company Trainual was built in 2018, and since then, there has been no looking back on their bestowed services. It has been building interesting playbooks and training systems that help the business scale the consistency of its employees.  

Let’s get to know a little more about the Trainual, from its headquarters details to its operating status. It will certainly help us get a little closer to understanding it.

Company NameTrainual
Founder, CEOChris Ronzio, Jonathan Ronzio
HeadquartersGreater Phoenix Area, US
Total Funding Amount$33.8M
Total investors9
Operating StatusActive
Company TypeFor Profit
Contact number602-962-6130
Legal NameTrainual, Inc.

Trainual Organizing the Chaos of Small Business

Trainual work towards providing the company a headstart in monitoring, scaling and running the growth of their companies. It brought the importance of the playbook into existence and believed that the company’s values, culture, policies, and processes need to be dotted down in it. Trainual’s playbook is the pivotal reason that led to “Trainual raised $27M in series-B in funding”.

One of Trainual’s customers recounts, “Trainual is simple, user-friendly, and fits our business needs perfectly. Best decision we have made this year.”

Here is a lot more the Trainual playbook is doing to help the businesses

  • Trainual playbook helps the employees to grow and learn. It ensures the best training practices and keeps everyone updated and aligned.
  • The push policy changes are updated instantly.
  • One can help the company in visualizing and planning the company’s growth with always up-to-date organization and role charts. It helps gain clarity with roles and responsibilities. 
  • Employee onboarding and orientation are made easy. One can introduce the company’s culture, mission, values, and founding story to present a transparent and competitive system.

Reasons to Choose Trainual Services 

We all are now aware of the software platform of Trainual that helps businesses grow and lets companies centralize knowledge with the onboarding training process. Chris, the founder, and CEO, proudly announce, “Trainual has raised $27M in new funding from an incredible group of investors. We did differently from most Saas companies. And we committed to setting a great example, sharing our stories and lessons at the same time.” 

Coming are the reasons which make Trainual services a big requirement in the current modern dynamics of the businesses.

  • Document Processes and Policies With Various Templates

Trainual is featured with various templates that help the business represent and outgrow. They have numerous templates, including the diversity and inclusion policy template, work-from-home policy template, and hiring process checklist template. One also gets the option to customize the templates as per their needs.

  • Document and Organize Every Process

Standard operating procedures can be kept step-to-step in the training manuals that can be easily accessed, updated, assigned, and tracked with #1 SOP software i.e. Trainual. Documenting of the process can be done either by recording the screen or embedding content- like PDF, GIF, and videos. Content can be organized into collections based on various categories like departments, teams, and locations. 

  • Planning and Tracking For Accountability

With smart time estimates, one can make sure that everybody makes the time to train on every process, thus ensuring that the team prioritizes the how-tos and how-dos. Trainual believes that “Accountability is everything.” It helps the team know their stuff by tracking their training and testing them in the process. 

  • Capture and Structure Your Company

Trainual helps to portray the companies and carve everything that’s special about them, from founding story to vision, mission, and values with fun features. Meanwhile, Trainual sync with tons of work apps that are already being used by the HR, payroll system, and many more. 

  • Crystal Clear Organisational Chart

In a growing business, responsibilities change, and roles shift every now and then. Trainual helps in tracking all of that. Once the companies and teams are added to Trainual, from the people directory to the org chart, every role, and responsibility, falls into shape.

A Gist on Trainual $6.75M in Series-A

With a raised $6.75M in Series-A, Trainual believed in growing shareholders and board members who later doubled as their partners and mentors. This fortunate funding was done by 4490 Ventures, MATH Venture Partners, and PHX Ventures. 

Since series- A, Trainual tripled its revenues and team size, rolling out new policies within a year of intense change. Things on which they primarily focused and invested are as follows

  • Core product: with the latest Trainual infrastructure, you can work 400% faster with embedding content from a plethora of sources, controlling the training process, role-based assignments, due dates, and repeat training.
  • Culture: Focused hugely on being an incredible place to work.
  •  Audience Attention: They have expanded their business ideas and marketed their thoughts through YouTube channels, blogs, weekly newsletters, and podcasts.
  • Experience: Taking huge care of the experience of the customers that might visit them. 

Later with Trainual leading $27M in Series-B funding, the founder and CEO(Chris Ronzio) shared, “We’ll mark into this next phase with more partners, advisors, and investors, and a team that’s as excited to help grow business.”

Customer Services

The company Trainual was founded in the year 2018 and had headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here are the contact details related to them.

Contact Email:

Phone Number: 602-962-6130

Trainual Demo: Link

Chat with Trainual: Link

Closing Thoughts

Trainual is doing a splendid job in crafting the basic structure of the company. Its software is doing much more than expected as they believe in a business market that evolves and learns at the same time. Various template options to the customized settings leveraged by it on the companies bring commendable structural changes in the business portfolio itself.


Ans: Currently, Trainual has 9 investors, including Mikida Mikado and PHX Ventures.

Ans: The IPO status of the company Trainual is private.

Ans: Some of the competitors of Trainual may include Gatslive, Brandlive, and Alitzaam.

Ans: Trainual provides a free trial period of 7 days by simply setting a password.

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