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Women-Led Thrive Global Leads $80M in Series-C Funding

Personal health trainers, Thrive Global raised $80M in series-C funding on July 8, 2021. Thrive Global through the funding amount will accelerate its dynamic growth by investing more in tools and its respective operation to expand its reach. Thrive Global brings a solution-led, science-based, employee-friendly roadmap to boost the weak pillars of the company’s stupa.

In the year 2016, Arianna Huffington came up with an all-in-one platform to shield the company and its individuals with tools and science-based tech to fulfil the required well-being commitments of the workspace. 

Thrive Global Accelerating Global Cultures & Behaviour Change Tech For All

Thrive global through raising $80M in Series-C; co-led by Mamoon Hamid at Kleiner Perkins, has saved a stranded employee community of 140 countries globally by resolving their burnout issues and getting a considerable change in their behavioural aptitude in their workaholic lifestyle. 

It is applauding to acknowledge that Thrive Global’s CEO Arianna Huffington built science-backed solutions with tools, a dashboard, a mobile application, desktop-friendly aptitude, and chat-interactive well-being coach virtues for productivity. 

One of the leading company Accenture’s CEO shares, “We partnered with Thriving mind, a program focused on mental wellness, to over 170,000 employees around the world. Nine out of ten people said it’s helping them improve their stress.”

Specifications of Thrive Global

thrive global
Company NameThrive Global
Company Legal NameThrive Global Holdings Inc.
Company Short DescriptionPersonal Health Corporate Training Mobile App Software
FounderArianna Huffington
Founded Year2016
Total Funding Amount$145.9M
Company TypeFor Profit
HeadquarterNew York, US
Android Application AddressThrive Global
iOS  Application AddressThrive Global

Thrive Global Holding Mission, RoadMap, Success Story Key

thrive global ceo

Simplistic solutions of Thrive Global with plausible solutions have attracted a raised $80M in C-series. The company’s Product suite with other tools like a behavioural mapping dashboard, including product suite, brought forth a serene office environment by combating behavioural burnout and stress levels.

The reasons for turning Thrive Global into the zenith of investments, funds, and growth are placed below.

  • Mental Resilience Burnout Dashboard

This all-in-one platform for employees’ well-being and mental health does the essential mapping through anonymized biometric data. The data expresses the overall strength of the employee and it’s coming repercussions if any. 

Mental, as well as behavioural well-being, is equally crucial for frontline workers & corporate employees, and Thrive Global’s dashboard framework embraces risk and resilience in the daily workflow.

  • Motivating Platform

This personal health training platform isn’t just fact-driven but has scientific solutions including 60 seconds of replenishing strategic theme-based videos on breathing, stretching, mindfulness, growth, and nature. The platform doesn’t just boast employees with factful saving measures but science-expert-based resilience strategies.

While soothing employees, Thrive Global manages to empower the managers and convert them into role models for thriving growth through motivating “behaviour change tools” and technology that proves impactful and has lasting solutions across the workforce.

  • Create Well-Being Communities

With a challenging world of efficiency and quick results there came a need to scale the workforce’s behavioural well-being through a mental resilience dashboard and leverage businesses, corporates, and companies to design their own communities.

These well-being communities could build habits that thrive challenges through the different tasks and habits into the lifestyle of employees for bringing the required threshold.

  • Reduce Stress

Through data-driven insight, Thrive Global brings exceptional performance. Its 60 seconds stress-reducing strategy through various themes based on 100 videos in addition to the well-being communities, and thriving challenges stretches the employees through apt motivation to grow with micro-steps with other colleagues. 

Individuals have everything at their fingertips through desktop accessibility, a mobile app acting as a behavioural coach, a chatting application embed with well-being, and “reset and thrive tools” in the meeting calls to balance the burnouts with all healing aptitudes.

  • Science-Backed Solution

Arianna, CEO of Thrive Global, went through sleep deprivation and exhaustion in the year 2007 and later launched the behaviour well-being platform idea for individuals, companies, and individuals in 2016. She has brought experts from the field of medicine, training, and engineering with the solutions painted for the mission “end burnout epidemic”, driven to an aspect of balancing the work-life patterns in a prevalent manner.

  • World-Class Learning

With an expert-led library, one can imbibe valuable stuff from employee-aiding mental health articles present in their library to discovering new science charts depicting work and life balance strategies. Entangle exercises, resilience, high performance, nutrition, and parenting-based articles.

Do you know in a 2007 accident Arianna Huffington recalls, “She collapsed at her desk from exhaustion and awoke in a pool of blood, with a broken cheekbone?” This was a wake-up call for her after which she brought Thrive Global, exemplary well-being technology, currently used by top leading industries and communities.

Leading Investors & Companies Trusting Thrive Global 

Funding of Thrive global

Thrive Global has deliberately managed to save a million lives with their practical science-built solution to stabilise every behaviour, mood, opinion, and the idea that can harm the equilibrium of a company. Some of the leading companies fostering their solutions and science-based approach are

  • Walmart
  • Pfizer
  • Servienow
  • P&G
  • Paramount
  • CAA
  • Accenture
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft
  • Hilton

What Boosted Thrive Global With $80M in Series-C Funding Trust

The productivity-based educational technology developed by Thrive Global has various reasons to have raised a bounty amount of $145.9M for investment since its launch in 2016. Let’s study the reasons for boosting Thrive Global growth briefly.

  • Investment in Employees

Through the personal experience of Arianna Huffington(CEO of Thrive Global), a thoughtful idea to raise behavioural well-being technology to ward off the stress and burnout accumulating in the hectic work environment was born. It is a praise-worthy investment in employees and thus the kindest approach to heal the old existing patterns of work lifestyle.

  • Learning & Solution

Thrive Global provides useful learning through various modes of stories, articles, and mapping to establish a peaceful source in the burnout experiencing employees. It does have science-led solutions with expert wisdom and inspiration from peers.

  • Mission to End Burnout

The mission to end burnout; an epidemic, is managed effectively by the expert team, thus this tempting task would have most probably supported the raised $80M C-series investment.

  • Leading Workforce

The leading workforce of this behaviour change tech company has a splendid work style that has encouraged more than 100 companies to invest.

Customer Services & Socials of Thrive Global Holdings Inc.

Thrive Global’s services are the jewel in the crown and have recently led $80M in a C-series which will enlarge their strategies to build more effective solutions.

If you want to turn your office aura into an employee-friendly aesthetic and desire to connect with Thrive Global services, go through this form: Global Holding Form and fill in the credentials from work email to company name.

Thrive Global Contacting Email:

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Closing Thoughts

Thrive Global’s endeavour to remove the hectic environment space in the work life of individuals, companies, and community is a bandwagon idea. It’s a talisman for employees with a desire to cope with the challenging times of working and defeating the behaviours that may halt the company’s performance.


Ans: Thrive Global has raised 4 rounds with a total investment of $145.9M.

Ans: The most recent investor of thriving Global is Owl Venture and IVP.

Ans: “Wisdom and Wonder” by Arianna Huffington is the No. 1 New York Times bestseller book that derives the collective stress and burnout that employees go through.

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