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Happy Helpers: A Fun and Safe Way for Kids to Shop for Toys Online

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Toy shopping over the holidays for children has never been an easy task. However, this year may be challenging for adults since several new toys compete for children’s attention and parents’ finances.

Playing with one’s toys may be a lot of joy, especially for children. It’s great if you never forget that everyone’s safety is a top concern. Toys are responsible for the injuries of thousands of children every year. 

Buying toys online is popular nowadays and accessible at all times, but you must ensure children’s safety while having fun. Check out this article’s tips for buying toys online and the websites you should visit.

7 Tips for Buying Toys Online

Take a Look at the Label

The information on a toy’s warning label, including how to play with it and what ages it is suitable for, is very significant. Ensure you demonstrate to your child the correct method to play with the item.

Visualize on a Huge Scale

To avoid your kid from choking on any of their toys or pieces, you should check to see whether they are bigger than their mouth.

Keep Away from Toys that May Cause Harm

They present a risk of significant injury to the eyes and choking hazards. Additionally, to protect your child’s hearing and avoid any injury, keep away from toys that make a lot of noise.

Look for High-Quality Stuffed Animals

Check that all parts are securely fastened, including the seams and the edges. Remove any ribbons or threads that are hanging loosely to prevent being strangled. Avoid giving your child toys containing little pellets or stuffing that look like beans since they might cause choking or suffocation if ingested.

Purchase Durable Plastic Toys

Toys built from thin plastic have a higher risk of shattering into jagged fragments. Stay well clear of toys made with harmful components that might potentially poison your child. 

Make Sure the Label Says “nontoxic”

Children under 12 years old should not have access to hobby kits or chemical sets. They may also contain hazardous substances and potentially cause fires or explosions. Ensure your older kid knows how to handle these toys safely.

Electrical Toys Should Have the “UL Approval”

Verify the information on the label. When shopping for baby toys, use extreme caution. Any item that might enhance the danger of entrapment, suffocation, or strangling should be kept out of the crib. It includes loose bedding, plush toys, and anything else that fits into this category. 

6 Websites to Buy Toys Online 


Go directly to Disney for all things related to the company. Explore a wide range of products featuring your favorite Disney characters, such as outdoor toys, playsets, dolls, and costumes. Watch for bargains and free shipping specials at Disney’s online shop.

Fat Brain Toys

One of the greatest collections of American-made toys, games, and gifts, Fat Brain Toys offers hundreds of high-quality, open-ended items that are both fun and educational.


Although Kohl’s is a department shop, they provide a wide variety of popular toys and usually offer fantastic deals.


You can find toys from popular brands like Star Wars, Marvel, Mattel, Melissa & Doug, and Lego on Overstock.com, where you can save money daily.


Toys, games, and books for children and adults are available at the Building Blocks toy shop, which also has a popular “Birthday Ideas” area with thoughtful presents for children ages one to twelve.


As one of the world’s largest toy retailers, Amazon offers a wide variety of products at low costs and regular flash discounts.


To ensure that children, and particularly parents, get the most out of their toys, they must have fun with them. It is essential to check whether or not the toy is risk-free for the kids while providing them an opportunity to enjoy themselves.

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