Must-Have Traits of Successful Business Bloggers

10 Traits for Successful Business Bloggers

Business bloggers are business owners that have discovered the art of blogging, and how useful it can be as an overall marketing and promotions tool. If you want to boost your business income, grow your online strategies and expand as a company I would seriously consider working on your blogging skills. Here’s how.

#1: They are Master Storytellers

All business bloggers start as nobodies – but the ones that rise to fame and prominence are the bloggers that learn to tell stories through their posts. Your readers don’t only want facts and figures, they want to know more about you, your life. You are the personality that will keep them coming back for more, so don’t be shy about telling them your stories on computer wallpapers. If you don’t know how to do it – hire an online essay writing service. They will definitely help you to figure it out!

#2: They Have Endless Credibility

The best business bloggers in the world are highly credible, which means that they are respected as experts in their field. You can tell because they are featured on some of the biggest sites in their niche. These bloggers have loads of social proof, vibrant social media pages, and are always appearing somewhere doing a ‘talk.’

#3: They are Natural Born Thrillers

The art of thrilling other people with information is a difficult one, and only the finest business bloggers can do it. Being unpredictable, brilliant, inspiring and a bit strange all add to the mystique of the blogger profile. Thrill people with your writing, your style, your tone. If you can’t write well, at least have something interesting to say.

#4: They are Kings of Authority

When you are an authority, people trust what you say. You become believable, important – and sometimes indispensable to a reader. To be a successful business blogger, you absolutely have to have authority. This means publishing the best information at the ideal time, and always being the most correct source of industry information.

#5: They are Humble and Authentic

If there is one thing people don’t like, it’s dry, boring content. The opposite of this is dynamic content written by a fallible human being. Business bloggers need to show their personalities, they should make mistakes, and be willing to learn. No one wants to learn from someone that believes they are the beginning and the end of a particular subject.

#6: They are Entrepreneurs

A really good business blogger recognizes how valuable a busy blog can be, and uses this to expand his real-world business services. A restaurant owner, for example, might start blogging about food recipes – and then decide to sell a recipe book on his blog. If the blog has enough readers, it can earn a good amount of cash from passive income streams.

#7: They Are Available and Connected

There are 2 kinds of bloggers in this world – the ones that you can talk to, and the ones that are never available. The business blogger that makes time for his fan base, keeps it. You are supposed to be connected with your readers, and easy to contact. This is what makes you so extraordinary – people can read you, then meet you. (Then do business with you!)

#8: They Are Writers Of Different Content

You might think that business bloggers rise to fame because of their blog posts, but this is only one portion of the content that they create. What about the tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn group messages, Pinterest comments, Youtube comments, guest posts, articles, e-books, print books, marketing materials, adverts, and more that they create?

#9: They Believe in The Written Word

Nothing is more important to a successful business blogger than posting as many pieces of quality content per day, as they can manage. It’s what keeps their business and reputation online intact. They are passionate creators and curators of content. They understand that it’s not the design, images, or business that calls people back, but the written word.

#10: They Are Driven By Goals

All business bloggers know that blogging is just a way to get more exposure, income, and fans for their business online. They are focused on their brand and will do whatever is necessary to reach their goals. With every achievement, they get closer to business and online success.

BONUS! #11: They Are Persistent and Patient

There are so many business bloggers online that start out strong and then quit, and success never has a chance to reach them. Things online take time. You could be blogging for 2 years before suddenly, you are the main authority in your niche. That’s how it works. But if you are persistent and patient, you will reach a point where you are well known.

This is how business blogging works. If you have the heart to stay, and you work according to a set strategy – you can’t fail. The only way to fail online as a blogger is to give up. If people aren’t reading your blog, it’s not interesting enough – work on your content. If people can’t find your blog, work on your SEO. There is always a way.

Until that time, remember these 10 key traits of successful bloggers. This can be the year that your small business rapidly expands because you decided to add blogging to your daily routine. You’ll be amazed just how much business you can create by being an authority business blogger. Leaders always have something to say – do you?

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