5 Ways to Learn a New Skill Online

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This is the era of advancements and continuous changes. If you want to survive in this fast-paced world and era, you need to adopt the new trends of this age, so you can blend in and progress in your respective field. For instance, the pandemic of COVID19 has taught us that no matter how stable your job is, if there is inflation in the market, you can lose it. If you want to survive you need to be skilled enough to do something else other than your job.

There are many online learning platforms that you can use to learn a new skill for free all you need is a strong internet connection like Spectrum internet that offers high-speed internet. 


You can find professional Youtube channels to learn a new skill. There are many courses available on Youtube that you can use to learn a new skill such as graphic designing, digital marketing, painting, writing, and whatnot.

Youtube is the biggest learning platform, all you need is to focus on the right channel and choose one professional so you get a better focus. You can learn anything related to your field from channels that are according to your choice.


One of the biggest online learning platforms is Udemy that offers professional courses that you can take and enhance your skills. If you want a certification that you can opt for the paid courses and get proper certification.

If you want to add more value to your career, it is better to get professional certification because it has a market value and people will invest in your skill if you are certified. 

There are multiple free courses available that have recorded video lessons and you can complete them according to your ease and interest.


Another proper learning resource that is available online is EDX. If you want proper detailed courses and training that this is the best option. There are many technical courses available for free and you can register yourself in those courses.

EDX offers a very professional learning environment and you can even ask related questions from tutors who offer their courses over there. 


One of the emerging online learning platforms is Coursera. The certification that is offered by them is valued in the market. If you get a certificate from Coursera, you can get online clients from freelancing websites and earn on aside. This will help you to create another earning resource apart from your job.

You don’t have to pay much and there are free courses available from which you get technical knowledge of skills that are in demand in the market.

Google Courses 

Google started providing online certification, especially after the pandemic when people lost their jobs. Many courses are offered by Google for free that you can use to learn a new skill. Google has some amazing courses on digital marketing that are in demand and it can help you to enhance your skills and help you to learn ways through which you can earn a handsome amount online. 

You can search for the courses that are offered by Google on browser and get enrolled in the course that is in demand and it should also be aligned with your interest, so you can learn actively. 

Summing Up

The online world brings endless learning opportunities and you can take advantage of them for free if you have a good internet connection. It depends on you, how you want to utilize your free time, if you want to learn a skill, you are only a few clicks away from that.

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