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Explore The 5 Best Video Enhancement Tools With Their Pros and Cons

What if your video is blurry? A blurred video is useless. Advanced technology and artificial intelligence help upscale your video quality. Innovative upscaling software helps you upscale your videos to make them meaningful and attractive. Edit, correct, and improve your videos with video enhancer tools to enjoy stunning video masterpieces. How to choose the best AI video enhancement tool?

Only some tools ensure guaranteed video enhancement results. Some tools do not incorporate innovative artificial intelligence technology. The tons of upscaling software that claims to enhance video quality often return blurry and dull video results. Hence, choosing a video enhancement tool with AI technology is essential. The AI enhancement tool works on resolution and ensures improved results at no cost. Check out some helpful video enhancer tools that will enhance your videos’ quality most efficiently. 

Boost Your Videos With This Top 5 Video Enhancement Tools

Artificial intelligence brings advanced innovation in video enhancements. The AI video enhancer tools are advanced tools that promise to enhance the quality of an existing video. However, not all tools deliver what they promise. Such tools work only on the pixel level, hence delivering inappropriate results. It is thus better to choose AI video enhancers with proper analysis. 

The AI enhancers ensure better results with perfect editing features. These tools enhance the video quality and help correct imperfections, sound quality, and overall pixels. The AI tools offer cutting-edge technology to provide a new life to your old, imperfect, and dull videos. The top 5 AI video enhancers have been listed here for your preference. Check their pros and cons here:

1. UniFab AI Video Enhancer

UniFab AI Video Enhancer is a one-stop video converter and editing tool that offers an ultimate enhanced solution. Use this enhanced video enhancer to enjoy editing, cropping, splitting, and sharpening low-resolution videos to clear and perfect videos at lightning speed.  

The tool helps convert and compress videos in more than 1000 formats. It also comes with advanced features for noise removal, video compression, resolution improvement, etc. 


  • Fast procession with GPU acceleration. 
  • Ensure conversion in more than 1000 formats. 
  • Support mirroring, sharpening, and flipping videos. 


  • Support a limited period of free upscaling. 
  • Require high system demands. 

2. Vmake AI Video Enhancer 

Can you sharpen blurry videos? The smart Vmake AI Video Enhancer helps upscale blurry videos to boost their video presence. This advanced video enhancer lets you improve video quality without a signup process. 

Vmake Enhancer is a free online tool with advanced technology that enhances visual elements without affecting the original video aspect ratio. The paid version of the tool is also available with advanced features. 


  • Support a range of output formats. 
  • Deliver optimized video results.
  • Works without a registration requirement.


  • Do not support videos upscale to 8K.
  • The paid version is quite expensive.

3. Clideo Video Enhancer 

Are you looking for an easy video enhancer? Clideo Video Enhancer is a simple and user-friendly upscaling AI tool that enhances video quickly and securely. It is compatible with all devices and helps you adjust the video’s contrast, brightness, and settings to improve its use.

Clideo is a handy software that supports multiple features for video improvement. The advanced AI tool works on basic videos and transforms them into clearer and brighter videos. 


  •  Handy enhancer for faster editing.
  • Support various video formats.
  • Compatible with all devices.


  •  Do not remove the watermark.
  • The paid version is a little expensive.

4. Kapwing Video Enhancer 

Why use Video Enhancer? Use Kapwing Video Enhancer to enjoy the transformation of low-quality videos. The helpful app lets you manage contrast, brightness, and audio for video improvement. Kapwing is an advanced AI tool that enables you to transform dull and dark videos by working on their resolutions and quality.


  • Helps remove background
  • Let you clean audio
  • Compatible with all video formats


  • The file size restriction
  • The free version supports limited features

5. Flixier Video Enhancer

Flixier is an intelligent tool that offers powerful features for video enhancement. The AI tool lets you add contrast and innovative effects to your existing boring videos. Use Flixier Video Enhancer to enhance resolution, brightness, and contrast with easy transitions. Flixer is an easy-to-use enhancement tool that offers a live preview feature.


  • Support filter features
  • No signup, registration, or fees are involved.
  • Allow video compressing options.


  •  The free version lacks advanced features.
  • Works slowly with large video files.


Videos are a convenient and efficient way of communicating with the world. They are often used as a robust tool for marketing and advertising. Precise and perfect videos are the need of the day. Upscaling software helps achieve the desirable quality of videos required for the proper promotion. The AI video upscaler  mentioned above help achieve stunning video results with the right quality.

There is no such thing as a perfect AI video enhancer tool. What is suitable for one may not suit others. Hence, it is always better to compare and choose the best tool according to your preferences and requirements. Check the pros and cons of each AI enhancer in this article. Compare and select the best AI tool to improve video quality flawlessly

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