9 Google Ads Tools to Use for Success

Google ads let you bid for keywords for advertisement placement in Google search results. There are different tools for google ads. One of the pros is that you’ll be able to manage your ads in a way that suits your needs. Tools simplify some metrics and procedures in Google ads. Let’s get into 9 google ads tools to use for success. 

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Google Ads Keyword Tool 

This is a free keyword tool that helps you research new keywords right on your google ads page. With this Google ads tool, you can find new keywords and compare the activities of two keywords. You can also create and share keyword plans. Learn more here.

Answer the Public

This tool is also completely free to use. It takes care of keywords that are in the form of a question. It helps you find the top questions that relate to your niche. It has a UI that is very easy to use. It also gives you a visual representation of all the questions relating to your product or puts them in groups of how, when, who, and what. 


One thing you should always protect yourself against is Click-fraud. Click fraud is the fraudulent click of PPC ads to increase charges for advertisers. ClickCease offers protection from click fraud, white label reporting, and even helps you optimize your google ads. ClickCease is a paid service for about £12/month. 

Google Ads Editor 

This is another free google ads tool for success. It allows you to do your ads optimization and editing in bulk. It also lets you integrate it into Google sheets to track important metrics like click-through rate, KPIs, conversions, etc. This tool also helps with ad creation and allows you to work offline. 

Keyword Planner 

Keyword Planner helps you find those keywords you should target for your niche and even plans out your bidding strategy. It tells you how those keywords have changed meanings and relevance over time. 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a great free tool for tracking your conversions. This helps you know how effective your ads are. It can also create custom reports about whatever metric you need to track. Hence, you know what you need to improve and what exactly is going on. 

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If you want to spy on your competitor’s ads, SpyFu is the tool to use. It shows you what keywords they are using, what they pay per click, what they are spending, and how many users a keyword is generating. This tool costs $33/month

KW Finder

This tool offers a free version that gives you access to 3 lookups every 24 hours and 50 related keywords for your searches. The paid version starts at $13/month. It provides you with top-ranking sites for keywords, their external links, and their page authority. 

Google Trends 

This is a must-use tool for marketers when testing out new keywords. This tool is great for finding trending topics or products. It has a comparison function that helps you compare product searches and keyword terms to know the one with the most searches.

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