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Why is BigCommerce Popular? The main benefits.

Of course, every company is interested in the successful development of its business. Increasing sales, finding new customers, improving quality, and much more – are the basic requirements of absolutely any organization, because of all this = success. If your business is interested in this too, then you absolutely need to find a quality platform for successful e-commerce. There are a lot of options in today’s modern market, so this choice can seem quite difficult.

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Our task is to analyze one platform, which is extremely popular today.

This is BigCommerce.

This platform is a great option for organizations that are genuinely interested in a high level of online sales. With it, you can create a recognizable and individual online store that can present your products in the right way.

BigCommerce has been around for over 10 years and allows businesses of all sizes to achieve all business goals. BigCommerce development agency helps you understand this platform and also customizes it for your online store. Do not neglect the search for professional specialists, because they will be able to find the best solutions. 

Main Reasons That Makes BigCommerce Popular:

To understand the popularity of this platform, we should find out the main reasons. There are many advantages to BigCommerce, but today we will look at the important factors that affect the ranking and quality of an e-commerce platform. In addition, by seeing these reasons, you can understand how this tool suits you.

#1 The First Reason is the Pricing Policy.

To understand how this platform is more profitable, you should study the entire market. However, in simple terms, BigCommerce has a cheaper price tag compared to other platforms. Moreover, this platform is full of useful features and innovative features.

The price of the standard version is $14/month, which includes unlimited storage actions. It is also worth knowing about an additional fee of 1.5% for made payment transactions.

#2 The Next Reason is the Possibility of Payments.

This platform has significant advantages in terms of various financial transactions. This plus lies in the ability to transfer payments through various online financial resources, which allows you to use your business much more widely.

#3 The Coming Reason is the Presence of Different Patterns

The fact is that this e-commerce platform has a huge number of built-in high-quality templates.  Even when compared to another popular Magento tool, BigCommerce clearly wins. That is, you will have access to a large library of templates that can be applied to your company.

In addition, this platform is full of free themes that can beautify your application or website and make it optimized not only for PC but also for mobile devices.

More often than not, companies already have their own coded environment, which will be a great help in customizing templates. You will be able to create an absolutely unique product that will meet all requirements.

If you are already interested in BigCommerce and your question is how to build a SaaS product, then you should find a professional team. The team can quickly develop the site with all the necessary tools.

#4 The Last Reason for Today Includes Several Advantages at Once.

Below are a few useful features that help businesses grow and make BigCommerce so unique. 

  • The function of saving abandoned carts in electronic trash, allows you to manage your remote projects.
  • The integration function will help you expand your customer search using large marketplaces: eBay or Amazon.
  • The feature of blogging about your products can attract new customers, as well as re-interest old ones.
  • The ability to buy domains for better site or application performance.

We have not covered all the benefits of BigCommerce, but they are the main ones that make this platform so popular. To successfully develop your business on the Internet, you should pay attention to this platform, because it allows you to create unique projects that will bear fruit.

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