Useful Features in Office 365

Office 365 is always including new tools and features to assist businesses in achieving their objectives and be extra productive. This is the reason why there are around 25 million customer subscriptions to Office 365 and over 3 million subscriptions are licensed solely in the United States. Additionally, they also provide government cloud services which are offered by third-party providers at affordable Office 365 GCC High Pricing.

If you are a regular O365 user, you may feel that you have been adhered to using the same office apps daily, without exploring the new updates. You can presumably input the keyboard shortcuts to your preferred features as well. So, here are some useful features that you should know:

Work Anytime, Anywhere

After purchasing Office 365, you also obtain access to its mobile apps and browser apps. This enables you to access their cloud service from any updated web browser on your PC or smartphone. Also, you do not have to install Office software on your device to do this.

The mobile app enables you to access all of your Office 365 apps and products directly from your smartphone or tablet. This involves Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, etc. This enables you to have more mobility. You can also use a Virtual Desktop Cloud to increase the productivity of your workflow.

Respond to Emails Instantly

You can reply to emails without even opening the app by allowing the Reading Pane in Outlook. This element will allow you to view email content, click “reply,” and send your replies in the primary Outlook window. The Conversations view displays the unanswered emails.

Edit Documents with Real-Time Co-Authoring

Collaborate online and view edits made by your team to shared documents in your Office apps as they take place with the real-time co-authoring elements in Word. Store your files in OneDrive cloud storage or SharePoint so your team can access the document and make any significant changes or updates. You can also share it instantly from Word by using an integrated sidebar without any document verification. As the administrator and access-giver, you can change accessibility settings as per your requirements and at any time.

With the revised version control that was provided with Office 2016 co-authoring, you can view the changes to the document that were made by any specific user and when the edit was performed. You can also instantly revert to an earlier version of the file if needed.

Sending Links Instead of Files

It is time to walk away from email attachments. It has never been simpler to distribute documents for co-authoring. Just upload your file to cloud storage provided by Office365. Next, create your email with the help of Outlook or the web app. Instead of attaching your document to the email, you can include a link to the file on your cloud. Outlook will enable email receivers to update the document automatically as they wish to share. You can constantly modify permissions on all documents according to your preference.

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