How to Find the Best Game Development Company?

Before choosing a developer and getting a new tool, it is useful to find out whether the task is being solved with the help of a business game. You can read about what tasks, in addition to staff training, it is convenient to solve in this way in the article “Why do companies need games?” And if you have already decided for sure that you need the game, then you should pay attention to the following stages of work, which will help to make it as consistent with the development goals as possible.

Query Elicitation

Query identification is the first and main step. This should be done even before the decision to create a game is made. This is very important to clearly understand what problem we want to solve with the help of this tool and whether it is optimal.

Although, of course, it also happens that the problem is immediately clear and the game completely solves it entirely.

Thus, concluding an agreement with a game development company, it is advisable to fix what specific tasks the future game should solve and what technologies you want to integrate into it, if we are talking about copyright developments used within the company.

Modeling Process

The creation of a game does not begin with creating a playing field, as it might seem, but with modeling the processes, techniques, technologies based on which the game is supposed to be built. This should be done even if your technologies are clearly defined and have a visual representation.

The fact is that these descriptions were created by people with a certain focus of attention. People who are most likely very well versed in their subject. This means that the descriptions may be specific and they may not mention things that are “taken for granted” and this is absolutely normal!

What’s the point of modeling? When a developer observes the use of techniques, he can notice factors that affect the quality of their application. Within the framework of the methodology, you can ask the same questions or perform the same actions, but get very different results. This will depend on who is asking the questions or taking the action.

Packaging Technologies and Meanings

At this stage of work, the developer acts independently. He uses his own techniques and best practices in the field of game design. Here it is important to take into account all the aspects described above. And to put all the necessary tools into the mechanics of the game so that in the end, having played, you get a result that will, at least, accurately convey the result from the use of the models embedded in the game. Part of this work is described in sufficient detail in the article “Strategy of the game: techniques, skills, and meanings”.

To check if the game works, it needs to be tested. This is usually done in several approaches, within each of which there can be several iterations. First, it is tested in a narrow circle of developers and people associated with games to identify very small flaws. After that, the game is adjusted and the next testing is carried out, in which those who just like to play. But do not know anything about the subject, that is, what we put into the game, participate. Thus, we get an unbiased opinion and feedback on which problems in the game we managed to solve, and which ones still need to be worked on.

Internal Implementation

Before you start playing with clients, it is helpful to play internally with your employees. They must understand what the tool is. How it works and what results in it gives. In this case, your colleagues will be able to immerse themselves in the spirit of the game, to experience the benefits from their own experience. And then they will be able to confidently explain to clients why they should play and why it is better than ordinary conversations.

It is also useful to involve company employees during the development and testing stages. This will simplify the solution of the implementation problem. This does not mean that they have to come up with everything themselves, but it does mean that they can be consulted on their professional side, creating intrigue and additional motivation. In addition, they will feel involved in the creation of the product, which in general will affect their attitude towards the new tool.

To Sum Up

If your game involves a leader, then the developer must train your employees to conduct it. For these purposes, there is a technology that allows you to transfer knowledge and skills of professional game management in a fairly short time.

To play a game, you need to be able to see people, know when to ask the right question, and when, on the contrary, to remain silent and give the players experience themselves. You need to be able to work with the group and control the dynamics at the gaming table. You need to know very well the rules of the game and know if any of them can be neglected for the sake of preserving/creating an additional loop of dynamics. All of these things do not happen on their own, they need to be created, maintained, and managed.

In addition, if the developer has not trained your employees on how to play the game, then you are completely dependent on him since he is the only one who understands how to conduct the game. And if he changes his activity or leaves somewhere, then you will find yourself out of work. You will have a game that you cannot use. Therefore, speak up this question in advance and get a full range of services!

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