Tips to Write a 2-Week Notice Letter in 2022

Essentials Tips to Write a 2-Week Notice Letter in 2023

A job change is an essential step to grow professionally in this highly competitive market. Nearly 39% of professionals globally are willing to change their jobs due to unsatisfactory salaries.

If you are also the one wanting an increment in your salary and ready to change your current job for that, you will need to crack an interview first.

After that, you can write a 2-week notice letter to your current employer and kindly show your intentions for switching to a new job.

We are here to help you craft a professional notice letter that will help you keep healthy connections with the current employer even after leaving the job:

Use a Professional Letter Format

You need to use a professional format for writing a notice letter in 2023. We are simplifying your process by offering you major notice letter building elements here:

  • Name of the authorized entity
  • Designation of the authorized entity
  • Company’s name
  • Company’s address
  • Letter submission data
  • Leaving date
  • Gratitude statement
  • Final sign off

Write in Crisp and Clean Language

We recommend you use an easily readable English language while writing your notice letter. Moreover, your notice letter also needs to be concise and have only your job changing concern with a statement of gratitude at the end.

Don’t Be Negative

You will be spending your final days at the office and we do not want them to be bad. Hence, we advise you to keep a positive tone while writing your notice letter. Do not use negative language in the letter as it will be better to leave your company on a healthy note.

Proofread Appropriately

Notice letters are official documents and need to be error-free. Hence, we advise you to take a pause after completing your entire notice letter and proofread it twice to rectify silly mistakes.

Showcase Your Further Steps

Mention your upcoming steps in your cover letter. Showcase that you will be working well till your last day at that office and will help your replacement to carry up your every office duty before switching to the next job.

Sign Off

Sign off with a thinking statement to your employer for all the support and learning lessons. Show some courtesy to the company as it will help you keep good terms with your senior officials in the longer run.

Send it to the Authorized Entity

After completing all the above-given steps, you can email your letter to the company HR manager or any other authorized entity within the company. Moreover, we advise you to keep your manager and team leader in cc and bcc for reporting them about your resignation.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways of this guide that will help you frame an impressive notice letter in 2023:

  • Use a professional format to frame your 2-week notice letter
  • Write your letter body in crisp and clear language
  • Keep your notice letter concise and do not add unnecessary information
  • Keep a positive tone throughout the letter
  • Do not use negative words for your managers, colleagues, or office management
  • Proofread appropriately before sending it to the HR manager
  • Sign of at the end with a gratitude statement for a better impression
  • Send it to the HR manager and keep your managers and team leads in cc and bcc

Writing a notice letter can be tricky if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your office family even after leaving the company. You can follow these steps to write a kind, impressive, and professional cover letter in 2023 without any hurdle. Wishing you the best of luck in your next job switch.

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