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A Complete Guide One Require for Bigpond Webmail Login!

Email communication has become an essential part of our life these days and if you consider only Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft Outlook in it then, you’re highly mistaken! The world of email is much beyond these email services. 

So, all those millions of users who’ve been signed up on ‘Telstrathe one of the biggest telecommunication services of Australia’ knows very well that among all the email services out there, “Bigpond” is one such service that is considered extremely useful. 

Overview of Bigpond Email Service

Like you all have heard that “Emails” are the most professional way of communicating online, Telstra while bearing that in mind, has introduced the ‘Bigpond Webmail.’ Although this multinational company offers a lot of services, ‘Bigpond Email Sign-In’ is its premier most!

It is the one-stop solution for all those who’re looking for the right email hosting platform for both their business and personal purposes. Besides that, the quality of service that it provides makes Telstra Bigpond email login as one of the most trusted email service providers all across the world. 

Above all, if you compare Bigpond email login with other webmail services, you’ll figure out that what keeps Bigpond in the race of popular emailing options is the following impressive features that it has to offer! 

  • Online Entertainment,
  • Facility of Exchanging Emails,
  • Online Security to its Users for the Protection of their Data, &
  • IMAP Access to Use the Telstra Bigpond Email on Mobile Devices and Email Clients Installed on the Computer Operating Systems, etc.

Knowing the features you get along with the Bigpond email login, if you’re tempted enough and want to avail the benefits of these features then, you should acknowledge the fact that; you have to first sign up on Bigpond webmail platform and create an account. 

How to Sign Up and Create an Account on Bigpond Email Service?

All those who haven’t yet signed up for Bigpond email service but seems interested then, follow these below-given steps for the same—

  • Step 1: First and foremost, go to this link using your respective device’s web browser.
  • Step 2: There, you’ll a registration form and you’ve to fill that entire form in three sections:
    • In the first “Your Username and Password” section; enter the email address that you want to use as your username and also set a new password for your Bigpond account by entering it twice for confirmation.
    • In the second “Your Details” section; enter your first name, last name, and date of birth in their respective blank text-fields.
    • In the third “Your Telstra Account” section enter your Telstra mobile number in order to receive the verification code on it.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve filled the form completely, click/tap on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Step 4: In doing so, a prompt box will appear and inside it, you’ll have to provide that received code and hit the ‘Verify’ button to complete the verification as well as the account creation process.

Now, as you have successfully created your account on Bigpond, your next step would be to perform the sign-in procedure and access your account.  

How to Log-In to Telstra Bigpond Webmail Account?

Right, before you proceed ahead to execute the login steps, it is worth noting that since 2013, Telstra has been into the process of rebranding its services and, being a part of it, Bigpond webmail was also rebranded to what it is today popularly known as “Telstra Mail.” 

So, no matter whether you’re someone who has been logging in for the first time or someone who’s trying to log into a Bigpond email account after a very long period of time; remember that despite Bigpond having merged with Telstra, users can still log in to their respective Bigpond accounts. Wondering how? Well, simply through the Telstra webmail platform

To be precise, the Bigpond email login page is no longer working and instead, ‘Telstra Sign-in Page’ has taken its place. However, if you’re still confused about the same then, take help from our tutorial. You can easily execute these below-mentioned steps to attempt logging in to your Telstra Bigpond email account in the correct manner. So, let’s get started—

  • Step 1: To log-in to your Bigpond email account, open this official “” link of ‘Telstra Sign-in Page’ using your preferred web browser.
  • Step 2: Once you reach the Telstra sign-in page, first enter your Bigpond email account’s ‘Username’ inside the ‘Username Text-field.’
  • Step 3: Similarly, enter your Bigpond email account’s ‘Password’ in the next ‘Password text-field.’
  • Step 4: In continuation, if you have a ‘Telstra Account Executive,’ you need to also enter your ‘Business ID’ in the subsequent text-field.
  • Step 5: After that, check the box titled–‘I’m not a robot,’ for your verification that you’re a human.
  • Step 6: Further, if you’re not sure of remembering your account’s username for a long time, tick-mark the ‘Remember Username’ box.
  • Step 7: Lastly, hit the ‘Log-in’ button, and you’re done! You can now access your Bigpond account.

So, this is how you all can login successfully to your respective Bigpond webmail account.  However, that’s not it! In the process of logging into a Bigpond webmail account, users at times encounter login-related problems and are denied access to their respective accounts. Thus, if you’re also facing issues while signing in to your Bigpond email account, we suggest you not worry! Well, because this can happen to anyone at any time due to the following causes—

List of Causes behind the Bigpond Email Login Issue

  • Incorrect password: Situations like you might have changed your Bigpond account’s password recently, and would have forgotten it or, you might have got confused by the many passwords that you have in multiple accounts; leads you to unconsciously enter the incorrect password. Thus, you cannot be able to log into your Bigpond email account until and unless you enter the correct password for the same.
  • Slow internet connection: No doubt, if your device has been connected to a very slow internet connection; you’re bound to face the Bigpond email login problem, and it will not be resolved until you connect to a strong, stable and secure internet connection.
  • Confusion among passwords: As many of us possess multiple email accounts, we consider using passwords that are easier to remember. With that said if you also find it convenient to use similar passwords for your multiple accounts then, remember that similarity might lead you to get confused very easily. And, in the confusion you tend to enter the wrong password.
  • Hacked account: Due to the huge rise in hacking attacks, the Bigpond Email Login issue might also arise if your account has been hacked, and the hacker has changed your password.

Troubleshooting Tips to Solve the Bigpond Email Login Issue

As mentioned, there are various causes for the Bigpond Email Login problem, so you must know all the tips and techniques to get rid of the same because only then you’ll be able to successfully sign in to your account. Fair enough! Now, let’s continue reading further to uncover the solutions of Bigpond email login issue—

  • Check Your Login Credentials And Enter them Slowly and Steadily: Well, the first step that you should take whenever you face the login problem is to check if you have entered the correct username and password while you attempt to log in. Basically, you have to ensure if the details of your login credentials are the current ones and if you have entered them in the correct case or not. If not, enter them again slowly and steadily to avoid any typo-error.
  • Turn On/Off the Caps and Num Lock Key Accordingly: Next, it is worth noting that ‘Passwords are case-sensitive’ so it is necessary to check if the ‘Num and Caps lock key’ on your keyboard has been mistakenly turned on before or while you enter the password. If so, then make sure to turn them off and on according to your actual password requirement.
  • Connect to a Fast Internet Connection: After that, you should always make sure you have a proper internet connection on your device. It’s because if your connection quality is poor or slow, you’ll continue to face the login-related error. So, it is important to check if your Internet is functioning properly or not by visiting other web pages. And, if the same is not functioning the way it should be then, you must take appropriate steps like establishing connection with another network to obtain a fast connection.
  • Reset Your Bigpond Email Account Password: Last but not least, irrespective of causes like you have entered the incorrect password, you’ve forgotten your password, someone has hacked it, or it has been compromised; you can easily get rid of password-related issues by resetting your Bigpond account’s password.

How to Reset the Password of a Bigpond Email Account?

Wondering about the Bigpong password resetting process? Well, to reset password of your Bigpond email account, perform this step-by-step procedure correctly—

  • Step 1: Head towards the official website of Bigpond email service via entering this link “” in the URL address bar of your respective device’s web browser and pressing the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Step 2: Once you reach the official Telstra Bigpond website, click on the ‘Sign-In’ drop-down menu. In doing so, the following list of options will open in front of you—
  1. My Account
  2. Enterprise Account
  3. Business Account
  4. Telstra Mail
  5. Telstra Plus
  • Step 3: From them, select the ‘Telstra Mail’ option to further open ‘My Bigpond/Telstra Login Page.

[Note: If you want, you can directly visit this page via this link]

  • Step 4: On the Bigpond sign-in page, simply click on the ‘Forgot?’ link which is there inside the ‘Password-text field.’
  • Step 5: In doing so, further options will pop-up on the same login page’s screen and your work is just to provide your ‘Bigpond username or Business ID’ and click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Step 6: Now, you’ll be taken to the ‘Reset Your Password Page’ and there, you’ve to again enter your account’s ‘Username’ in the required field.
  • Step 7: Next, you’ve to check the ‘I’m not a robot’ verification box to confirm your identity.
  • Step 8: In continuation, click on the ‘Send Email’ button to receive an email from Telstra/Bigpond server with a link using which you can reset your password.
  • Step 9: Now, as you received the email, click the ‘Reset Password Link’ from it. This action will grant you permission to reset your Bigpond email account’s password by redirecting you onto the ‘Password Reset Permission Page.’
  • Step 10: There, all you have to do is simply enter a ‘New Password’ twice for your Bigpond email account in the ‘New Password text-field’ and ‘Confirm New Password text-field.’

That’s it! Now, you need to go back to the Bigpond email sign-in page to try to login to your Bigpond email account using the new password that you’ve recently created. 

However, if you still find yourself unable to access your Bigpond email account through its webmail platform and at the same time get fed up encountering webmail login-related issues then, we’ve also mentioned the ‘Bigpond email server settings’ for desktop-based email clients to help you completely avoid the same. Have a look—

Bigpond Email Server Settings for Third-Party Desktop Email Clients!

These server settings of Bigpond email service can be used for various desktop-email programs. So, consider these following settings to configure a Bigpond email account in popular third-party desktop email clients like Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Mailspring, and Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. 

To be precise, you can use the below-mentioned “IMAP/POP3 and SMTP Server Settings of Bigpond Email” to login and use without any further inconvenience to your account in any of your preferable third-party email clients.

IMAP: Incoming Server Settings of Bigpond/Telstra Mail Service

Bigpond (IMAP) Server
Incoming (IMAP) Server Port993
Incoming (IMAP) Encryption SecuritySSL / TLS
Incoming (IMAP) UsernameEnter the Email Address of your Bigpond Account. For instance, your email ID that ends with any of these ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’
Incoming (IMAP) PasswordEnter your Bigpond Email Account’s Password

POP3: Incoming Server Settings of Bigpond/Telstra Mail Service

Bigpond (POP3) Server
Incoming (POP3) Server Port995
Incoming (POP3) Encryption SecuritySSL
Incoming (POP3) UsernameEnter the Email Address of your Bigpond Account. For instance, your email ID that ends with any of these ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’
Incoming (POP3) PasswordEnter your Bigpond Email Account’s Password

SMTP: Outgoing Server Settings of Bigpond/Telstra Mail Service

Bigpond (SMTP) Server
Outgoing (SMTP) Server Port465 (recommended with SSL) or 587 with TLS.
Outgoing (SMTP) Encryption SecuritySSL/TLS on port 465 and STARTTLS on port 587
Outgoing (SMTP) UsernameEnter Email Address of your Bigpond Account. For instance, your email ID that ends with any of these ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’
Outgoing (SMTP) PasswordEnter your Bigpond Email Account’s Password

Bottom Line

That’s all! Hopefully, now you know enough about Telstra’s Bigpond webmail service and how you can sign up for a Bigpond account and access the same via its respective login procedure. 

Besides that, if you encounter Bigpond email login issues then, you can assist yourself to get rid of the same using the best possible solutions listed here. 

In addition to the same, you also consider the above-mentioned email server setting to configure and login to your Bigpond email account in a third-party email client. Further, it is worth noting that, the Customer Support of Bigpond Webmail offers 24*7 assistance and service to all its users. So, if necessary, you can also contact the ‘Bigpond’s Customer Support Team’ via this toll-free number: 1-800-849-315 to let all your Bigpond email account-related problems be sorted out easily and on time. 

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