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Easy Ways to Login to Cox.Net

Cox Communications, also known as Cox Cable is an American digital telecommunication, cable television, and home automation services provider. It was formerly known as Cox Broadcasting Corporation, Times-Mirror Cable, and Dimension Cable Services. Serving almost 6.5 million people makes it the seventh-largest telephone carrier in the country. 

Now that the history is done, let’s come to the present and talk about what Cox.Net is today. It continues to provide the facilities that we mentioned earlier. And not only that, but it also offers webmail services which it is well-known for and has a good user base worldwide.

However, there are users who often have a hard time understanding the login procedure of Cox.Net webmail. And so, we are here for the rescue.

If you are one of them or have got doubts about login issues, then we have got you covered as well. In this article, we are going to discuss what is a simple process for login of Cox.Net webmail and how can we fix login issues along with password recovery. Stay tuned for some awesome and handy tips and tricks!

How to Login to Cox.Net Webmail?

Here are some easy steps that will help you in accessing your Cox.Net webmail. Follow them and continue reading to know more.

  • Then tick on Remember User ID option and tap on Sign in.
Note: Only tick on the Remember User ID option if you are logging in to COX.Net webmail on your personal device. As it won’t be secure if it is a public or another device.

And that’s it! This was all that you had to do following the steps. Now you will be successfully logged in to your Cox.Net webmail account. 

Furthermore, if you are a new user who doesn’t know how to create an account on Cox.Net webmail, then keep reading.

How to Create an Account on Cox.Net Webmail?

Note: As of August 15, 2019, Cox no longer offers the ability for new and existing Cox Internet customers to create new Cox Email accounts.

Before we provide you with the steps for creating an account on Cox.Net webmail, you have to make sure that your device has compatible browsers for using the Cox.Net webmail service. Given below are the specifications required in Mobile and Desktop browsers that can be considered compatible.

Mobile Browsers

Mobile Device Browser
Apple iPhoneSafari on iOS 9 or higher
Apple iPadSafari on iOS 9 or higher
Android SmartphoneChrome on Android 4.1 or higher
Android TabletChrome on Android 4.1 or higher

Desktop Browsers

Desktop BrowserVersion
Google ChromeCurrent and Previous Version
Microsoft Edge13 or higher
Safari10.01 and 10.03 on macOS
Internet Explorer10 or higher
Mozilla FirefoxCurrent and Previous Version

After confirming whether your browsers are compatible for Cox.Net webmail, you can start following the steps as instructed below:

Through the COX app

  • Open the Cox App.
  • Click on No Account? Register now!
  • Then you will be redirected to the page to continue your registration as shown in the picture below.
  • Choose the way to sign in and feed the information that you are asked.
  • Now your Cox.Net account will be good to go.

Through the browser

  • Go to the homepage and then tap on the sign-in icon.
  • Then from the sign-in page, click on No Account? Register Now! Link.

Now we will discuss briefly using some simple steps how you can reset and recover your Cox.Net account’s password if you forgot it or can’t remember it.

Steps to Recover Forgotten Cox Webmail Password

  • Go to the login page and tap on Forgot password.
  • Then the Reset my Password page will appear.
  • Enter your User ID and look for your account.
  • After that, you will be asked to create a new password for your account.

Now you will be able to reset your password and login into your Cox.Net webmail account easily.

How to Recover User ID on Cox.Net Webmail?

Apart from your password, you can also recover your User ID using some pretty simple steps. If you have forgotten your Cox User ID, then you can follow the steps given below to recover it:

  • Go to the Cox login page and click on sign in to my account.
  • Then tap on Forgot User ID.
  • Then Forgot my Cox User ID page will appear.
  • Select the medium you want to use to look for your User ID and give the required information as asked.

This way you will be able to access your User ID on Cox.Net Webmail.

What are the Causes of Login Issue in Cox.Net Webmail?

Despite a smooth process of steps to log in, Cox.Net webmail sometimes gives unexpected login issues. Hence, we have gathered some possible problems that you might face while logging in to your Cox.Net webmail account.

  • Slow Internet Connection: There is a possibility for your internet connection to be slow or sluggish which can lead to errors in logging in to your COX webmail account.
  • Antivirus or Firewall: At times, the settings of Antivirus and Firewall in our device prevent COX webmail from functioning.
  • Network Connections: When COX mail is unable to establish a connection with the server, logging-in errors often occur. It usually happens due to unsafe or inadequate network connections.
  • Exceeded Specified Limit: As of now, COX webmail accounts are set up with a 30 MB storage limit. If the user exceeds the limit, then they might face login issues.
  • SMTP Settings: Sending and receiving emails on COX webmail is interrupted by an error in SMTP settings.
  • COX SMTP Server not functioning properly: Improper SMTP set-up, URL and SMTP settings, incorrect configuration information entered, server failure or server down, etc. are various factors that can lead to malfunctioning of the COX SMTP server. This leads to an error in logging in.
  • Sign-in Difficulties COX email: If you have forgotten your password or entered the wrong login credentials, then this can cause problems in logging in to your CO account.

Now that we know what are the possible causes for login issues, let’s see what solutions we can use to prevent the issue from happening and get away with it.

Steps to Fix Cox.Net Webmail Login Issues

In order to fix the issues you might face while trying to log in to your Cox webmail account, we have got some easy steps. By following these, you will probably not face issues while logging in:

  • Check your Internet Connection: First and foremost thing to do is to make sure that you have a stable internet connection with good strength.
  • Incorrect User ID: As we have explained earlier, you can recover your User ID using some simple steps. As we have explained the whole process above, you have to make sure that you are entering a valid and right User ID.
  • Enter the correct password: If you have forgotten your password and entered the wrong one, then you can follow the steps we have given above for recovering and resetting your password in simple steps.
  • Set Correct Configuration: You will have to enter server settings to set up COX webmail on a third-party email client. To check whether you have entered the configuration settings in the right manner or not, you can refer to the table given below.

SMTP Settings (Outgoing Mail Server)

Outgoing Mail Server
Outgoing Mail Server PortSSL or SSL/TLS Encryption: 465TLS only or no encryption: 587
Authentication RequiredYes
UsernameThe first part of your Cox email address
PasswordYour Cox email password

IMAP Settings (Incoming Mail Server)

Incoming Mail Server
Incoming Mail Server Port993
Authentication RequiredYes
UsernameThe first part of your Cox email address
PasswordThe password that you use to sign in to your email account

With this you will be able to deal with your login issues.


1. How can I delete my Cox.Net account?

To delete your account of Cox.Net webmail, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to homepage and tap on the sign in my account.
  • Enter your User ID and password.
  • Click the Customers drop-down menu, then click My Account > Profile.
  • Click Manage Users under the User Accounts.
  • Go to the User ID with the email account that you want to delete, then press Delete Email.
  • After that, a confirmation dialog box will appear, tap on the Delete email account option.

This way you will be able to delete your COX.Net account successfully. However, an account once deleted cannot be recovered or restored.

2. Can I forward mail on Cox.Net webmail?

Yes, you can forward emails on the Cox.Net webmail app using some easy steps:

  • Tap on Settings from the Webmail Inbox.
  • Then click on Forwarding from the Settings tab.
  • Enter the email address you want to use for receiving all your emails in the Forwarding Address Field.
  • Then tap on any Forwarding Rules radio buttons and select to forward your mail.
  • Tap on OK, and now you will be able to forward emails easily.

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