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Bellsouth is known for many reasons like its wireless cable and digital television services, short and long-distance communication services, and internet services. But most importantly, it is popular among worldwide audiences for its free of cost internet-based email services.

Considering the popularity and all the benefits that come along with Bellsouth email; if you also have created a BellSouth mail account to effectively send and receive emails but unable to use it as you don’t really know ‘How do I Login to My Bellsouth Net Email’ then, we’re here for helping you out. 

So, let’s begin by telling you that, there are two possible ways to access your Bellsouth email account that you’ve created. Wondering what are they? Here you go—

Way 1: Log In to Your Bellsouth Email Account in Its Web Mail Client

You can easily log in to your BellSouth account from any of your preferred web browsers if you know the correct user ID and password combination of your account. Having said that, to log into your Bellsouth Net Webmail account in no time, you need to carefully implement the following instructions of this given procedure—

  • Step 1: Open your preferred web browser on your respective device to go to the AT&T Mail Login Page. [Note: AT&T Yahoo has acquired Bellsouth email service, so the login page of the latter has been changed to the AT&T Yahoo login page. This means, email login address or to simply put, Bellsouth Mail Login page no longer exists anywhere on the web.]
  • Step 2: There on the login page, enter your Bellsouth username/email and password respectively in the ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ text fields.
  • Step 3 [Optional]: And, if you want to stay logged in on this particular device for a specific period of 2 weeks, you can simply tick-mark the checkbox entitled Keep me signed in for 2 weeks.’
  • Step 4: Once you’re done inputting the login credentials that are associated with your Bellsouth email account, click on the ‘Sign-In’ button.

So, this is how you’ll be able to successfully log into your email account through any of your preferred web browsers.

Way 2: Log In to Your Bellsouth Email Account in an Email Client

Conversely, you can configure BellSouth email to email clients such as Outlook and can log in to your Bellsouth email account in the same. However, for that, you need the following IMAP and POP server settings of the Bellsouth email service

IMAP Server Settings of Bellsouth Email Service

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server SettingsOutgoing Mail (SMTP) Server Settings
Incoming Server Name:  imap.mail.att.netOutgoing Mail Server Name:
Incoming Mail Server Port: 993Outgoing Mail Server Port: 465
Use SSL: YesUse SSL: Yes
Username: Your Bellsouth Account’s Email Address/ID
Password: Your Bellsouth Account’s Password

POP Server Settings of Bellsouth Email Service

Incoming Mail (POP) Server SettingsOutgoing Mail (SMTP) Server Settings
Incoming Server Name: pop.mail.att.netOutgoing Mail Server Name:
Incoming Mail Server Port: 995Outgoing Mail Server Port: 465
Use SSL: YesUse SSL: Yes
Username: Your Bellsouth Account’s Email Address/ID
Password: Your Bellsouth Account’s Password

Once you set up your account using these incoming and outgoing server settings of either IMAP or POP; you’ll be able to easily log in to the email account in the respective email client where you’ve configured it.

However, that’s not the case always! Unfortunately, due to several known and unknown reasons, Bellsouth email account at times stops working and you can experience errors like ‘cannot log into Bellsouth email account.’ 

Well, most probably such a type of error occurs either because you are entering the incorrect login credentials of your account or someone has hacked your account and changed its password. However, there are other factors as well that can be causing login error and they include the followings—

  • Servers of Bellsouth email may not be responding,
  • The syncing problem in your Bellsouth email login,
  • Your device is unable to load the Bellsouth login email page fully,
  • The assemblage of cache in your web browser using which you’re trying accessing the Bellsouth email login page,
  • A problem at the email service provider’s end,
  • Network connectivity problem, and
  • Outdated web browser etc.

Though, you can get rid of them via retrieving your Bellsouth email account password, using the correct URL of the login page, connecting your device with a strong network connection, removing the cache and cookies from your browser, updating it, and so on. Nevertheless, to know them in more detail, let’s move on to this next segment of ours. There, we’ve discussed all the probable reasons due to which a user faces login-related issues while trying to log in to their Bellsouth email account.  Apart from that, we’ve also discussed their respective solutions for helping Bellsouth users from all across the globe, get rid of Bellsouth email login problems easily.

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