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How to Improve Online Business Communication with TikTok

We bet you have never thought about TikTok before. This social media for youngsters who will never buy anything? No way! But…

TikTok has changed a lot. 

We also couldn’t expect that one day TikTok will become the ultimate platform for businesses of all kinds. You can promote there not only yourself but any commerce you’d like. 

But before that, business needs some thinking. Clear communication is the key to success on any online platform. Can you imagine a promotion on TikTok when you’re surrounded by an audience that can cancel you any time it wants? We can! So follow us further! 

Each Your Video is a Statement About Your Business

The first rule is that all your posted videos are on the web forever. Always think about what you publish and how it can affect your business. You need to get risky but not too risky because TikTok can be hateful. 

The issue is not with the promotion at all. You can use many tools for free to get more views and followers. For example, GoviralPro has many decisions on a budget. And you don’t have to pay anything to TikTok (attention, maybe). 

The following rules are meant to help you understand the philosophy of TikTok accounts used by the most successful brands out there. 

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Rule #1: Your Audience is Listening 24/7 

The difference TikTok makes is that you don’t create content for an empty room. From the moment you start meeting your first permanent viewers or even featured clients, they will become a part of your own community. 

TikTok is the warm tea in the world of cold calls. 

Be prepared to engage, react, and answer comments under your videos. You have no choice but to chat with audiences you’ve never met before! 

Rule #2: With Organic Traffic Comes Great Responsibility

Business owners dream of having a platform that is always there, bringing hundreds of potential clients every day with no additional investments. It’s almost the wettest dream of e-commerce. 

TikTok is exactly that. You get organic traffic all over the world because of strong algorithms. But… what after? 

Will you be able to convert those viewers into buyers? How will you answer negative comments? What if somebody was unhappy with your product and spread hate under all your videos? 

TikTok is very organic but also very hard. Make sure to have a plan for any situation possible. Your graying hair will thank you! 

Rule #3: Mistakes are Inevitable So React Fast and Sharp

No business that gets through the first phases of TikTok perfectly. What does “perfect” even mean in TikTok communications? 

Imagine that you run a beauty brand and you do a new trendy TikTok dance. Then somebody sees your cat and decides that your standards are too low to create cosmetics. 

Breathe deep and film a new video where you explain everything! It’s your home, not your factory, and you have a cat. Maybe even kids, who knows? 

The only way not to make mistakes on TikTok is not to be there. Arm yourself with patience and be ready to communicate like this bird!

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