Tips on How to Become the Best at Data Entry

Most people have goals within their lives where they want to achieve more or become better. Innovation comes from human nature and curiosity, and wanting to get better at a job that sustains you, you have passion for, or both. 

Remember that when working in data entry you are like a bookshelf to books and need to qualify as being quick and accurate when performing the tasks of inputting information properly. As challenging as doing data entry is, it is still a core need for organizations.

In this article’s case, we will be talking about data entry, what jobs there are within this line of work, and how to become the best at what you do.

Job Types 

So you’re entering data into a database or some software, but there are tons of other options within this career realm to consider when looking for similar data entry side hustles.

A more taxing data entry job is being a medical records data entry clerk, which entails you to be extremely precise and detail-oriented when working with patient medical files, statistics, medical record changes, and other such clerical duties.

Accounting data entry clerks enter financial transactions for a business, meaning they are the ones to organize all the money coming to and from a business. 

Insurance data entry means you work for an insurance company for policy processing, entering cases, categorical indexing, identifying minimal claim requirements for cases, and so on. 

Payroll data entry is a line of work where you are the one who enters employee management, paycheck amounts, enter worked hours, track and disperse both benefits and deductions, into a database.

Shipping and receiving data entry clerks have to record every detail about an order or package, packaging, labeling, and ensuring adequate packaging and shipping methods, as well as entering these steps into a database. 

There are many other versions of data entry you can work in since we do live in an age of information, and ever since humanity began monitoring trading by keeping tallies, entering data and keeping records has been highly valued for statistics, future choices, fact-checking, and so on.

Sniper Typer

Practicing your typing skills and key accuracy is crucial in performing data entry without making mistakes and not overworking yourself since this line of work is quite taxing on your consciousness and also time-consuming. 

You can practice typing by playing typing games, which may sound bizarre, but with soft skills such as these, practice makes perfect, especially when you’re timed.

Clear Your Space

Some people say they enjoy working in chaos, but when your mind is meant to be organized and precise, keeping your space in contrast to that is most often counterproductive. 

In data entry, you almost always use a PC or a laptop to work, which means you don’t need all those extras surrounding you. Decrease your surrounding items to the essentials such as a drink, phone, clock, laptop, light, maybe lotion, and so on. In other words, remain clutter-free. 

Maintain Your Health 

Having good posture while working and sitting for long periods of time is crucial in maintaining a healthy back and overall health. Make sure to buy a chair with proper lumbar support and have your legs at a comfortable ninety-degree angle when sitting. 

Your monitor should be eye-level and if you are able to, use blue-light filters on your screen to avoid migraines and sore eyes. You also shouldn’t forget to drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. 

Taking hourly breaks to stand up, stretch, and get your blood flowing is also important in avoiding issues such as varicose veins. Investing in a standing desk is also a great option if you feel you don’t have the time to take frequent breaks.

Utilize the Hacks You Can

Make sure to freshen up your knowledge on the shortcuts you can use whilst entering data. Some software programs have varying hotkeys and shortcuts, but most are universal, such as TAB and ENTER to enter familiar information that has been entered in Excel previously. 

If you’re unsure about what you should use and are seeking recommendations, asking your supervisor will clear any of your questions up.

Fix Your Focus

Even if you don’t have a concentration disorder such as ADD, focusing may still prove challenging, especially when you are a data entry clerk and spend hours in front of a computer screen.

To help you concentrate and not feel overwhelmed, try organizing your tasks by priority and start with the more urgent ones. You should also add timers to your tasks so you feel more organized throughout your day. 

Look Over Stuff

With organization comes time management, so make sure to finish projects beforehand so you can proofread your work, which will also overall make your work better anyway. 

Hopefully, these tips help you feel less overwhelmed with your duties as a data entry clerk and make sure to also maintain your health whilst being efficient.

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