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How Can a Woman Be a Leader in the iGaming Industry?

The gaming industry is still male-dominated because more men are attracted to the use of software and digital skills in the field. However, in recent times, there has been a change. More gaming companies have employed women in the industry. In fact, about 47 – 49% of roles are held by women. Getting more women to play casino games seems easy because you can attract them with free cash no deposit bonus casino, and other offers, but getting them to be leaders is what requires more time and effort.

As interesting as this might sound, it is a different story when you go up the pyramid. The higher the position, the less the percentage of women. At the CEO or MD stage, the ratio of men to women is 83:17. This is low considering the strides taken to have more female leaders in male-dominated industries. The work is shared between women interested in this industry and the iGaming industry. The industry has roles to play in increasing the percentage of women in the iGaming industry. Here are a few.

Promote Women to Leadership Roles

The good part about the average percentage of entry-level female workers in the industry is that they can be promoted over the years until more female leaders are in the iGaming industry. And since more women are working in the industry, the industry can train them to occupy managerial roles and departments dominated by males. Many women are discouraged from pursuing long-term careers when only a few female leaders exist. So, the more you encourage female leaders, the more women apply and work towards the position.

This does not mean you have to lower your standards. Women are outstanding, and they will rise to the standard. Some roles more women should occupy include.

  • CEO
  • Managing director
  • Assistant director
  • Head of Department, etc.

Recruit More Women in Male-Dominated Departments

Departments like games and website designing have a lower percentage of women. This needs to be reviewed because casino websites have recorded more women taking advantage of the best casino bonuses; this means more women are getting into casino games. Recent research shows that 80% of online slot customers are women, and many prefer mobile slots. So, it would be nice to have a viewpoint from a more significant percentage of the user’s representatives. Having more women in these departments will encourage equality and the emergence of female leaders in these departments.

Incorporate Equal Pay Opportunities

One of the drawbacks female leaders face in their positions is the gender wage gap in industries. Females are often offered lower pay for a job compared to their male counterparts. The proposed lower wage is one of the reasons women do not stay in a job. To encourage them, offer fair compensation packages. The industry should be more transparent about employees’ salaries. If the best payout online casino has no bias in giving out equal best casino bonuses to everyone, then the iGaming industry can follow suit.

Prepare Structure Career Progression Framework

If there is a career progression framework for female entry workers, it will be easier for women to go through each step until they reach their peak. It is similar to getting the best casino bonuses when getting real money from the best online casino. The initial incentive pushes you to want more and work for it. The industry can organize mentorship programs by pairing female employees on different levels of the pyramid. And organize training to help the women become better.

Encourage and Celebrate Winning Female Leaders

If you want more people to be interested in the position, encourage the ones already setting the pace. Celebrate the employee on the industry’s social media platform whenever a win occurs. Everyone will be encouraged to be outstanding because they want to be celebrated. And the existing female leaders will be encouraged to do better. Celebrated female leaders can be role models or mentors to upcoming workers. And more women would be willing to apply for roles at the company.

We can not overlook the role women have to play in becoming leaders in the i-gaming industry. It is believed that if more women were knowledgeable in these male-dominated departments and applied for the jobs, the industry would be forced to employ them and test their capability.

So, here are the roles women should apply in becoming female leaders in the iGaming industry.

  1. Learn More About the Industry: The industry keeps developing every day, so to remain relevant, you must keep learning. And it should not be at the entry-level only; more women should build interest in data analytics, free slot games development, casino game art, etc.). And it does not have to be on the game only, as long as you have enough knowledge to start in the casino industry.
  2. Develop Personal Projects: Employers will be willing to employ a creative and innovative person, male or female. So, create personal projects, and think of new features that can be added to the games. Apart from no deposit bonus, casino bonus, best casino bonuses, etc., what other attractions can you think of for the users? Recently, there was the development of the 1 Dollar deposit casinos because people wanted low deposits; people could win real money and claim the best casino bonuses by depositing dollars. This seems like a simple idea, but it raked in millions; regardless of the gender of the developer, the industry will gladly retain the worker because of their show of talent and creativity.
  3. Play Lots of Games: This will not be a problem if you are interested in the casino game. It is essential to play the game regularly to see it from a user’s point of view. This will help you develop ideas and understand the features of the games. You can take advantage of the best casino bonuses in casino games to reduce how often you fund it.
  4. Be Open About Your Abilities: If you have been playing the game, one thing you should learn from the online casinos is how loud they are about the best casino bonuses because of how much crowd it pulls. You should also be loud about what you can so that companies can find and employ you if they need your service.


Everyone has a role to play in helping more women become leaders in the gaming industry. When each party does its part, it will be a matter of time before the iGaming industry becomes filled with female leaders. So, it should not stop at claiming the best casino bonuses; women should also be involved in its development and decision-making.

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