How to Connect Canon MX490 to Wi-Fi

How to Connect Canon MX490 to Wi-Fi

Canon is one of the best options if you are planning to purchase a printer for yourself. It offers the best range of products to its customers with the latest features and updated technology. Therefore, your task becomes easy and less time-consuming.

This article will help you with the Canon MX490 Wi-Fi setup:

1.) Turn on your printer by pressing the power button available on the front panel.

2.) Then press the settings button provided, and you can use arrow buttons to navigate on the screen.

3.) Choose device settings, press ok, and then select LAN settings.

4.) You will see the option of Wireless LAN setup, press ok and it will start searching for the access point. It will start searching for Wi-Fi networks nearby.

5.) The screen will show the name of your Wi-Fi network, if not then press the stop button of the printer, wait for a while and select the standard wireless LAN setup option.

6.) Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password for that network. Then press ok.

The settings are saved to your printer and from next time you don’t need to feed the password again.

For Wi-Fi setup through smartphone follow these steps:

1.) Press the copy button and simultaneously press the setup button once the LCD screen wakes up.

2.) The screen will display wireless LAN setup, press ok. If you don’t want to do the process of the WPS method then press the stop button.

3.) Now the screen will display standard wireless LAN setup, select another setup, cable-less setup, and press ok. Now download the hp smart application on your smartphone.

4.) On the top of the application, you will find an ADD DEVICE button. Click that and select register printer.

5.) Tap setup- select connection method- connect via wireless router- select your network name and enter the password.

For wireless setup through mac/windows computer system follow these steps:

1.) Press the copy button and simultaneously press the setup button.

2.) Now go for Wireless LAN setup and select other setup and press ok.

3.) Now find cable less setup and press ok.

4.) You need to install the software on your computer. You can install it from the CD or from the official website of HP.

5.) After installing the software open the application and choose the wireless connection method- connect via wireless router- tick the checkbox of printer not found on the list.

6.) Choose cable-less setup again. The printer will automatically connect with the network and a connection completed screen will be displayed.You can now test print a page from the printer. Agree to all the terms and conditions displayed and the connection will be established. The application may install any further required files. For more details or queries you can check out the Canon MX 490 user manual on the official website.

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