Aura Raises $150M in Series-E Through Its Cybersecurity Technology

Aura raised $150M in Series-E funding which was led by Warburg Pincus. Through this upraised amount, the company has decided to enhance its customer experience, grow the Aura base products reach, accelerate features development, and increase consumer awareness programs.

Aura supports the partnership-based approach, where they believe “a safer internet mission can’t be approached alone.” They believe in expertise, best-in-line technology, and proactive collaboration. 

You will find various safety tracking features like 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring, Identity protection, Credit Locks, Antivirus, and Parental controls in Aura’s safety shield premium offer. The company provides complete security that identifies any threat to the user’s system through its various membership processing that costs from $12 to $37 per month.

Specifications of Aura

Below is a table that showcases the company specifications of Aura that will help us understand their working infrastructure a bit closer.

Company NameAura
HeadquartersBoston, Massachusetts, United States
Founded Year2019
Total Funding Amount$500.7M
Total Employees501-1000
IPO StatusPrivate
Operating statusActive
FoundersHari Ravichandran

Effective Strategy, Ideas, and Mantras Accompanied by Aura

With an entirely U.S-based team with dedicated fraud case management and 24/7 customer support, Aura is on the zenith. It makes security easy for everyone through its unified digital threat protection platform. Let’s know the idea, mantras, and strategy of aura that has brought a total funding amount of $500.7M till now.

  • All-in-one Safety Solution

As per the shared thoughts of founder and CEO Hari Ravichandra, “We are making an all-in-one intelligent safety solution that’s simple to understand and easy to use”. Aura’s team has experience in safety, privacy, and identity, and thereby users are given an opportunity to leverage the best security through a mere membership.

  • Safer Internet For Everyone

Aura pledges to bring a safer internet with comprehensive solutions through its digital security solution, which has attracted much investment, including “Aura raised $150M in Series-E funding”. They envision a world that leads an internet life with confidence and peace. It also influences digital safety and advocates customers’ journey throughout.

  • Easy to Use and Accessible to All

Aura believes that online risks are arising, and simultaneously, fraud, malware, and spy calls are disturbing the whole peace of the internet world. Aura provides proactive protection for the user’s assets, identity, and family so that they can rest easy. One gets four times faster fraud alerts and can instantly lock their Experian credit file with a tap.

Aura is easily available through download and access on mobile, computer, tablet, and browser.

  • Budget-Friendly Membership Plans

You get alerts once your SSN, online account, and personal info have been breached, with parental controls, browsing online safely through VPN and an antivirus system too. One can easily afford their premium membership which varies from individual plans to family plans.

The above reasons have made Aura raise a $150M funding amount in the series-E itself.

Reasons to Choose Aura’s Service

Aura is a credible source of providing the best protection from the frauds and ransomware that are spreading across the world. 

One of the users, Ken, recalls, “I received a call from a very knowledgeable agent who walked me through the task of contacting a credit card company that someone was trying to fraudulently attempt to obtain a credit card using my information. The agent’s help far exceeded my expectations and resolved my issue with the card bank while I was on the phone.” 

Here are some reasons to choose Aura services, as it has currently raised $150M in series-E funding.

  • Financial Fraud Protection & Credit Monitoring

Financial frauds have alarmed the whole world, and therefore, a proper alert system is required to avoid the impending repercussions. Aura provides the update if the user’s registered SSN, online account, or personal info is anyway compromised online.

  • Secure VPN

Aura helps use the web browser securely and privately with a click. It blocks phishing and scam to help the user enjoy connecting with the outer world freely without any hurdles.

  • Parental Controls

Children cannot be kept away from the internet and connected devices, and this makes them completely vulnerable. Aura’s membership stays as a companion and lets the kid explore the internet safely. It manages screen time(available on the family plan) and filters harmful sites to make the internet safer for them. 

  • Online and Device Security

spam and other unwanted calls are other disturbing elements that are discarded by Aura’s spam list removal. They help reduce all the personal information from the data brokers that sell it to junk mailers; people search sites, and more.

Customer Services

Aura’s network security is a trusted source for providing a safer internet. Their mission is to create a safer internet, and their 24/7 US-based customer support equally does that.

Closing Thoughts

We all are aware of the security threats that captured the world’s huge organizations like Microsoft and Linkedin during the Covid period. Currently, data is the biggest asset, and losing it by any means is irreparable. We require a trusted and dedicated threat protection platform like Aura that learns the impending danger and stops it at the earliest.


Ans: Aura has a total of 6 investors which includes Madrone Capital Partners and Accel.

Ans: The last funding round for Aura was held on October 19, 2021, from the round of Series F.

Ans: Competitors of Aura may include Abnormal Security, ArmorCode, and ThreatLocker.

Ans: Stairwell, AttackIQ, and Abnormal Security are some of the similar companies to Aura.

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