Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in the Long Run

The choice of cryptocurrencies has become extremely wide: with over 19 thousand crypto coins and tokens available. You must think hard before buying some of them, compare them to rivaling coins, and follow the market. 

Besides, buyers always take a share of the risk when opting for this or that cryptocurrency and keeping it. If you’re among those who long to increase your potential returns for the long term and get a profit that will last, pay attention to the most promising crypto of today. We will try to shed light on their most attractive features. 

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5 Most Return-Producing Cryptocurrencies of 2022 That Will Stay

To figure out what exactly you need to buy, let’s take a closer look at the most purchased coins with their distinctive features. 

2 Most Popular ‘King Coins’ to Buy in 2022

Bitcoin (BTC).

Apart from the so popular altcoins and stablecoins that filled the market, Bitcoin remains one of the best investments that pay off. If you only look at the price and its ups and downs, you’ll think it makes no sense. Still, the coin’s design, developer community, market capitalization, and tokenomics make it the one that will survive long. Bitcoin has been the best-performing digital asset for the last decade and is still being upgraded, so it has all the chances to become more valuable. 

Ethereum (ETH). 

Ether is the main currency of the Ethereum blockchain – the biggest smart contract platform in the world at this moment. This makes it a perfect base for all emerging tech and promises that ETH will stay long. This hints that probably all ways of investing in ETH can turn out profitable: buying and holding, trading, or selling it short. 

But mind that you should make operations such as converting LTC to ETH only at reputable platforms.

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What Other Altcoins Are Worthy of Attention?

Cardano (ADA). 

This coin has become one of the most secure investments in digital gold. Its blockchain is as safe as the Cardano blockchain, and the used protocols are regularly peer-reviewed and researched carefully. So if there is an investment in something sustainable, this is buying Cardano. 

In the same way as Ethereum, Cardano is after greater usability to make the blockchain a home for the following big technologies. 

Polygon (MATIC). 

Among other coins on this list, MATIC stands out, first of all, because it is based on Ethereum. It is predicted that Polygon is sure to survive the Ether upgrade to 2.0 as a foundation for flexible and scalable crypto apps and programs. The dev team makes conclusions from the experience of other cryptos and is constantly improving its security and functionality. What is more, the price of MATIC is expected to continue growing at least until 2030. 

Solana (SOL). 

In just 2 years, SOL has grown into a fast and modern network with the main blockchain’s token multiplying its price by 1,300x. So it’s not surprising that Solana ecosystem growth doesn’t slow and often becomes the preferable choice over Ether. 

What makes it very up-to-date and relevant is that SOL hosts metaverse projects and even a meme currency, allowing the smooth creation of apps and programs based on Web3. The Solana network also keeps a few decentralized crypto exchanges and DeFi protocols. The token’s price shows all signs of going up to $1,000 by the end of 2025 and reaching 10x the price by 2030, so it might be just time to invest in some Solana. 


There are many coins to invest in right now to get high returns in the future. Still, we chose these 5 crypto assets to show you how crucial the token has a future in technology. Those on the steady path of development are growing in price, making it worth buying the coins. If you want fewer risks when investing, use proven services to exchange ETH to ADA, such as

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