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Top Most Casino Games Played Online

Are you familiar with casino games? What are the casino games played online? 

Casinos are social clubs where games are played with cash or chips and the players get a favorable monetary outcome. Indians are crazy about betting games played with cash and enjoy it the most. Today these games are played online.

So, are you wondering how to get started with online casino games? Are you looking for real money online casinos in India?  If yes, then you are at the right place, and we will let you know everything about it. All your queries regarding online casino games will end here. Don’t go anywhere, be with us to know more.

Nowadays, fantasy games are in trend to be enjoyed online by the internet-savvy class. Online casino games are the games that make users stick to the internet.

When it comes to online casino games, Indians are more interested to play and have various options to play for real money games. A lot of new and emerging brands are in the fray and offering an array of welcome bonuses and latest promotions, it is quite difficult to choose which online casino game is the best.

We will discuss here the top 10 casino games loved by gamblers in India.

Top 10 Online Casino Games

Everything is happening through the internet nowadays, so you don’t need to go anywhere, you can play online by sitting on your couch.


Blackjack is among the most popular games played online in the world. It is the virtual version of the most played card game that offers users to gamble online in the comfort of their homes. If you score the big bucks, you can even win real money. 

Casino Days

Casino days is the best online gambling site that offers excellent games to play with safe payment options. This Indian casino has exceptional payment options like Paytm, UPI,  Phone pe, Crypto, etc. with a minimum deposit and withdrawal balance of just 500 Rs. which is very low as compared to others.

The website founded by Curaçao and licensed by White star B.V in June 2020  has become the top casino game for real money quickly. 

To enjoy online gambling, Casino Days is the best fit for real money play and is the most reliable among all.


Betway is fully loaded with experience and knowledge that offers an opportunity to play live for real money. Although it is famous for sports betting sites, it also contains some Indian popular games like live teen-patti, live Andar Bahar, and many more to choose from.

Several branded live casino tables held by Betway are designed for only Indian casinos online.


From the perspective of online casino games, if Slots are the most profitable, then why not try to enjoy the slots. It offers so much fun with different variations of slots like 3D slots, Video Slots, reel slots, valentine slots, anime slots, sports slots, and many more to play.

Do you want to enjoy online casino games that may increase your bank balance? Go for it.


The best online casino game to be played online for real money is Roulette, and it is most popular in India. It is the simplest game that doesn’t need any specific skill to learn and is easy to play. That’s why people love to play this game. If you can’t do research for hours then this is for you guys as it requires a little knowing how to play.


Baccarat is among the safest games when you are able to search for the appropriate approach. Otherwise, it may drain your pocket. It is designed for high stake players and is a totally luck-based game. The house edge varies between1.06 to 1.24%. You should never go for something that you can’t afford. 

Video Poker

The House edge varies between 0% and 5% in the Video Poker game,  this is what makes it popular among gamblers as it seems appealing and potentially profitable. The money you stand to win depends on the game that you have chosen. If you are a newcomer to this game, then you’ll have to learn the rules and strategies to win real cash.

Progressive Jackpots

Are you looking for a big amount to win quickly? Then Progressive Jackpot is for you guys as the slot machine that is running on casinos randomly selects players when a certain combination of symbols is achieved. When the player wins the game the stake reaches, millions, that’s why the game is known for high payouts. 

But if not, you have to bear a huge loss too.

Online Bingo

Online bingo is a famous casino game that is the modified version of traditional bingo with automated features. You have to purchase a tangible ticket in the local casino while playing online the ticket will be virtual. It is the most entertaining game that gives you a chance to win real cash. 

Pai Gow

Despite being new in this field, it has become famous across the globe.

Pai gow is also known as double-hand poker, which is a seven-card American game derived from the Chinese game Pai gow. This game is a combination of poker and pai gow which is loved by gamblers to play.  


That’s all for this post, we have given you the basics of the ten best online casino games. This post is not to suggest but for information only. We will not be responsible for any decision taken by you.

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