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Top 5 Points to Consider While Leasing an Airplane

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by | Sep 6, 2021

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There are various ways to finance a fleet or airlines or just a pretty private jet for yourself. Bank credits, asset-based loans, aviation loans, and leasing are some of the top-rated methods people use while buying an airplane. 

Although, if you look at the data of most airline companies, then you’d find out that they depend primarily on leasing their new additions from big financial servicing giants. But as you proceed with the option of financing the aircraft, you should always keep the following things in mind as you sign the contract document. 


The first and foremost thing you need to consider while leasing an aircraft is the budget you have. The leasing companies do not let you cover the entire amount under the contract. The process is quite lengthy as you need first to pay a certain amount to the manufacturing unit to start signing the deal. After that, you can approach a bank or a third-party entity to purchase the aircraft on your behalf. 

At this point, you need to calculate the amount you really would like to spend on the plane, paperwork, and other extra added charges. All of these should very well fit into your budget before you get going on the deal, as once you lease the aircraft, you need to be strict with all the payments and tabs. 

If calculating all the details and determining the budget is too difficult, you can always consider seeking some professional help. An experienced agency like Aerospace Union is a good example.


The financial leasing companies generally offer 15, 20, to 25 years as a money repayment time. During that period, you as a borrower/ buyer need to pay the regular installments. After completing the stipulated period, you can rightfully be the only owner of the aircraft. While leasing the airplane, you need to consider this timeline as it amounts to the total number of years throughout which you will always be paying out a regular sum of money to the lender. 

If you are in your mid-forties, you should always try to minimize the number of years you will pay the lease. Also, assuming that the interest will only go up higher if you go for a lengthier payback time, you will only lose a lot more money than you expected. 


The financial service you are leasing the agreement also plays a pivotal role in deciding the terms and conditions. Countries like Ireland, Brazil, China, and Hong Kong offer better opportunities when it comes to aircraft leasing. You will always get additional offers, flexibility in payment methods, and various other options that you can use as collateral

Countries, where business outsourcing is not accepted at a greater level, are the places you must avoid. So, if you are open to traveling to different locations to get the best deal, you must get a quote from various companies that have built up goodwill of their own. Analyze the terms and conditions of the company, the perks offered by the country so that you can always get a seamless experience!

Other Charges

Many times, leasing companies do not discuss the other additional charges included with your aircraft. For example, the engine of the aircraft is not covered under the leasing agreement. 

You would always have to pay the additional operational cost, fuel charges, maintenance charges, and so on. On top of all of that, if you have to pay the principal amount along with the interest rate, then probably you are better off with a leasing agreement. 

Companies that are honest in their transactions and take you through the pros and cons will tell you everything about the leasing agreement so that you can be the best judge of your case. 

Interest Rate

Different companies charge different rates of interest when you lease an airplane. On most occasions, the interest rate depends on the number of years you take to pay back the total and final amount. So, suppose you are someone who likes more cash liquidity. 

In that case, a high interest rate might not be an issue for you in the long run, but if you do not want the entire dilemma of paying a lot of money as interest, then look for better options and companies which offer you a standard rate. The goal should always be to pay the loan back as soon as possible. 


If you can get yourself a company that fits all the boxes without making you sweat even once, then you have found your match. The leasing companies might be hard to find, but you must always take the steps as prescribed for a significant investment like an aircraft. You can also depend on genuine customer reviews to be the best opinion from someone who has been a part of the process. So, are you ready to take the flight for your life?

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