Guidance on how to Better Email Deliverability on Gmail

Gmail is known to be one of the major email service providers. It is commonly used and can’t be disregarded in terms of email deliverability which indicates the success of the marketing campaign and may boost the return on investment. Consider landing your messages into inboxes, if you care about customer engagement, brand promotion, and generating revenue. We’ll look at several factors which may modify Gmail deliverability.

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Email Deliverability Service: How to Reach the Inbox

Different factors impact deliverability with varying degrees of success. It has been proven that email deliverability depends upon both “science” and “art” factors. These are the elements on the part of “science”:

  • identifier alignment;
  • email authorization protocols.

The factors on the part of “art” include:

  • permission;
  • regularity;
  • segmentation.

It’s essential to consider the above-mentioned factors in depth and apply them in your work. Moreover, it’s a great idea to make use of email deliverability services as their objective is to contribute to better message deliverability, increase email engagement and avoid being blacklisted. Folderly provides an opportunity to make your email marketing campaign more efficient and profitable. If you deal with a vast number of emails and face deliverability issues, it is what you need. Folderly is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins and its experts will come in handy.

“Science” Factors and Benefits of Email Warmup Service

When it comes to “science” aspects, you should follow up on some recommendations to stay out of email deliverability troubles. The purpose of identifier alignment is to verify that your certified domain is consistent with the domain in the “From” header which contains the addressee, the mailer, and the subject line. This implies that the email address, which is used for your company’s mailing, corresponds to your approved email domain. You will get certain advantages from aligning your domain:

  1. The domain is regarded as more credible by email service providers.
  2. All the hyperlinks are likely to be redirected by using your domain.
  3. The “From” address presents your proper domain.
  4. It’s possible to manage the sender’s reputation.

Remember that an essential part of promoting legality in your headers is to establish email authentication protocols. This step includes installing SPF (determines the IP addresses which are approved to send messages from a domain), DKIM (kind of toll which detects phishing, spoofing, and forgeries and keeps you safe from them), DMARC (lets holders of domains monitor SPF and DKIM and deals with messages that don’t coincide with these protocols).

Consider the above-mentioned “science” elements which give Internet service providers the possibility to determine who your state to be. Furthermore, don’t ignore email deliverability services, one of which is the email warmup service. It is created to help senders gradually increase the allowed number of messages they send. Email warmup service is important for the proper landing of the emails and, therefore, the reputation of the account.

“Art” of Email Deliverability

This side seems to be more flexible. The purpose of each message is to reach the target audience and be read. The mailing can’t be efficient without making your emails personalized. Personalization can’t be reduced just to content and design. It’s critical to take into account permission, regularity, and segmentation. Besides, it’s necessary to check email deliverability.

You have to ensure that you send messages only to men who have signed up or have been permitted to do it. Otherwise, you are just spreading spam.

The frequency of your mailing is essential to improving your email deliverability. The regularity of the messages relies on the branch of your activity and readers’ preference. It’s wise to inquire about their opinion.

The last but not the least factor is segmentation which is regarded as a process of subdividing subscribers into smaller groups on the basis of various criteria. The criteria may be location, previous purchases, desire lists, etc. Two approaches are distinguished in terms of the importance of segmentation for email deliverability:

 Segmentation of mailing roster which implies classifying an enumeration of email addresses into segments. It’s possible to split your readers into active, semi-active, and non-active. Non-active users are regarded as those who haven’t answered your messages for over half a year. It’s better to delete such users. Of course, you may ask them if they are still interested in receiving data from you, that is a way to re-engage some of your former addressees.

Infrastructure segmentation involves classifying your IP addresses, domains, etc. It’s wise to divide your mailing across a few particular IP addresses to isolate transactional messages from marketing ones. That is your chance to protect the reputation of your IP. You may make use of a similar division in terms of subdomains.

How does All That Staff Concern Email Deliverability on Gmail?

According to statistics, approximately half of a sender’s email roster is represented with Gmail inboxes, so it’s worthwhile to impose the sending infrastructure and strategy you possess to build up an efficient email campaign. Whereas Gmail is characterized by a highly complex email system, there are some pieces of advice that demonstrate its efficacy.

Minor senders lean on shared IPs while Gmail is known to rely upon domain reputation based on Google Postmaster Tools. The reputation of a shared IP isn’t authentic for every sender but presents the sending behavior of numerous senders. Meanwhile, domains are associated with only one sender just as its reputation. Because of this, it’s preferable to split the mailing into several subdomains.

Domain segmentation lets Gmail classify the messages into several inbox tabs. That’s great as a message doesn’t land in the spam folder and, on the contrary, gets into the inbox. The tabs include Primary, Promotions, Updates, Forums, and Social. You may come across confusion about the Primary tab. It is sometimes considered to be solely the inbox which is wrong. There are no strict rules for making messages fall into the Primary Tab. You may make use of an email deliverability test. But take into account that promotion messages which land in the Primary tab are likely to be labeled as spam by readers themselves.

Gmail has put in place tabs with the purpose of organizing a large number of inbox messages. So it’s better to seize the opportunity for the benefit of your mailing campaign.

Variables Which Affect Gmail Deliverability

 While Gmail is one of the popular email services among subscribers, you should consider the following variables which may influence Gmail deliverability:

  • Complaints of abuse. They happen when users label your messages as spam. Maybe they haven’t signed up to your mailing or can’t unsubscribe. So care about proper email design.
  • Engagement. Gmail compares different domains according to the degrees of engagement of their subscribers. Take care of your sender’s reputation by providing relevant data and not ignoring proper frequency.
  • Authentication. Install email authorization protocols to allow Gmail to check your validity and legitimacy.

Try some more practices to boost your Gmail deliverability: attest email addresses, put an unsubscribe option out in the open, ascertain the messages and test your emails. Don’t forget to apply modern tools to test your email deliverability.


It is no secret that Gmail is an elaborate email service. However, it’s user-friendly, and you may boost email deliverability and succeed in email marketing campaigns if you consider all the factors. If you have second thoughts, you can turn to them for help.

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