World’s Most Expensive Gaming PC

When it comes to PC gaming, it’s best to settle for the actual best. PC gaming is all about finding the best hardware to run some of the latest games to be released. Of course, you can learn about how gaming PCs are made from a junior computer vision engineer or other experts. Job sites such as Jooble can help you find work that can teach you all about PC setups, using information based on your skills. However, here we provide you with information on one of the most expensive gaming PCs in the world.  

8Pack OrionX

This is the most expensive gaming set out there, with a starting price of up to £30,000.00. The reason why it is so costly is that you are getting two PC systems in one. Both of these systems are powerhouses in their own right. They are capable of handling almost any kind of function. It is the perfect decision for running any game with advanced graphics. The PC can also take huge open-world games if it can handle massive computer workloads. This assembled computer certainly is expensive, but you know you will be getting your money’s worth.    

Main Components

For the more technical aspect, the processor itself is a 10-core Intel i7 6950x. It is used to help make the system more robust in running programs. The lesser processor helps make up the two-part PC setup mentioned earlier. This will be the Core i7-770K. Both of these processors working together is what can help run anything you throw in. The central memory core packs up to 64GB of data. The secondary core is made up of 16GB. For comparison, a regular computer system only holds around 8GB of gaming memory. 

The Name of the Creator

The person who created this PC setup is a man named Ian Parry. He is a successful computer builder in his own right. He isn’t necessarily associated with many big names, so he is mainly an independent figure. His talent put together many of the main components mentioned earlier. This led to creating the most expensive gaming PC around, simply due to how much is packed into it. Even better, he could fill all this hardware into something small and compatible. The PC itself is no bigger than any other standard PC you will find or build yourself.  

Storage Setups

Within the system, three different storage setups make up the main computer using the 10-Core Intel. The hard drive is what you will find first, which is the 1.2 TB Intel 750. Along that will then come to the 1TB Samsung Evo 850 SSDs. These come in twos, with both of them making up the secondary storage. The final storage part is the 10TB SATA. You may have noticed that the TB stands for Terabyte. This is where you will find the elements of insane processing power. The second storage is powerful enough to run the internet with little to no issue.  

Cooling Loops

If you have ever wondered how the PC can stay cool under the pressure of its processing power, let’s check this out. The cooling loops are placed in intricate positions on the PC. The job of a cooling fan is to generate cooler air to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. The hotter it gets, the slower your PC will run. For this PC, three liquid loops are positioned one after the other to keep a cooler temperature running. These loops are actually built specifically for this PC. This means that they could be much harder to replace if the need comes.   

Special Features

To add further detail, here are a few extra pieces on what goes into this miraculous device. You can add in up to four Nvidia RTX Titans as an optional service. These are graphic cards you can use to update and record visuals. The total RAM reaches up to 128GB. This will determine how fast your PC will be in a constant state. The water-cooling fans will be applied to both the CPU and GPU. IT focuses on the most important parts so that most of the heat is taken off.  

Hundreds of other specifications go into the most expensive PC ever built. All of these components put together add up to the price. Examples include the DDR4-RAM, the Watt Super Flower Leadex, the Gaming Motherboard, and so much more. IF you ever feel like the price is unfair, one must think about the cost of so much hardware. IF you learn more about this work from engineering jobs, it can give you greater insight into how it works. Not only that, but you might be able to adapt this skill by adding your adjustments. One of the main reasons why people enjoy PC gaming is that you can have more control over what you are playing rather than what you play.

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