How to Write a Compelling Animal Farm Book Essay? 5 Tips and Tricks

Animal Farm is an epic novel that was penned by George Orwell in 1945. It explores what happened in Russian society from 1971 onward. This classic novel compels even an utterly betrayed person to believe in revolution. That’s why many students write Animal Farm book essays, which allow them to explore the hidden theme of this literary work. Writing such essays may discuss the evolution of the novel, analyze the message, and highlight its stylistic features and impact on society and culture. 

This book is great for students who want to learn the power of language, especially when it is used for control and manipulation. In the same way, they find it difficult to understand the narrative. For instance, complex and technical vocabulary, convoluted plots, or character elements may contribute to difficulty with reading comprehension. Hence, the Animal Farm book review essay will help learners explore the theme better. 

An essay should be better prepared to engage the reader with your discussion. A logical structure needs to be followed when gathering all the arguments in the final document. In this guide, we will elaborate on this discourse so that better organization is possible. Keep reading to learn the details. 

How to Write an Animal Farm Book Essay?

It is quite easy to offer your own opinion in your essay rather than writing literary analysis essays. It is difficult for the students to read the novel and present its summary and interpretation. That’s why here we will go over the essential steps that you need to go over to write a great essay on Animal Farm. 

However, if it’s still difficult at your end, as you are habitual in writing traditional narratives, then it is better to avail yourself of essay writing services to get exceptional write-ups. Keep reading for a better presentation of your analysis in the animal farm essay about power. 

1. Read the Text Carefully

Consider it a base for the whole Animal Farm book essay write-up. Before you start rushing the writing based on the popular theme you have listed about the novel, it is crucial to read the text on your own. Others have presented their ideas based on their understanding. To write your stance exceptionally, you will read it, analyze it, and then present the hidden theme. This way it becomes easier to pinpoint the clear direction of the essay. 

2. Brainstorm a Topic

Brainstorming a potential topic for your essay on Animal Farm is often hard for students. It requires you to have a critical eye and some creativity to develop an engaging aspect to explore. Generally, think of the whole novel setting to highlight the main Animal Farm essay ideas. In this regard, the list below offers some useful insights. 

Animal Farm Book Essay Topics

As multiple themes have been discussed in the novel, choosing the one for your animal farm boxer essay write-up becomes difficult. Sometimes, more than one aspect is worthy of discussion. To help you with the brainstorming, we have compiled a list of interesting topics that may make the task easier for you. 

  • Why is Animal Farm a book of allegory for the readers?
  • Compare the Russian Revolution with the Orwell Animal Farm novel.
  • How have power and leadership been presented on the animal farm?
  • Discuss the character of Squealer in Animal Farm.

3. Develop Your Arguments

Before developing your arguments in the Animal Farm book essay, make sure you have formulated a clear thesis statement that can be considered a center for the organization of your arguments. Following it outline to decide which evidence fits within overarching arguments. Afterward, read the text and separate the passage which supports your thesis statement. 

However, you may also change the main ideas as you proceed with repeated reading. If such an organization is difficult and you are confused about claiming your stance in the animal farm corruption essay, see an example to analyze how other students can proceed with it. 

Moreover, if it’s still daunting for you to write down your thoughts even after you have collected enough evidence to support your stance, in that case, it is better to hire a professional essay writing service in the UK to help you in the writing process. These experts, aware of writing precision, can provide a quality touch to your crucial academic project. 

Below is an example for better comprehension. 

Animal Farm Book Essay Examples

Reading a sample animal farm critical essay written on one of the themes of the novel may help in understanding the complex jargon. An essay written on the topic “How Do the Pigs Maintain Authority on Animal Farm?” is given by Sparknotes. Find below its introductory part. 

4. Refine Your Arguments and Review

Once your thoughts are on paper, that does not mean you are done with writing an Animal Farm book essay. You need to refine and edit the paper to ensure its quality. For instance, read it to see if there is a repetitive passage. Also, you can think of an easy to present your arguments precisely.  

Moreover, editing may also involve paying closer attention to grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Keep checking your thesis statement over and over to ensure that the essay write-up is not veering off the track. In parallel, keep the main message of the author in your mind to be focused. Below is a discussion of the central theme. 

What Is the Main Message of The Book Animal Farm?

This book is focused on the notion of greed for power. Its theme is closely related to the corrupt politics. The event discussed in the story once occurred in Russia and depicted how wrong totalitarianism and corruption of ideals could go. Overall, the Animal Farm essay conclusion is that the way a ruler rules the nation to practice his power is always similar no matter who practices it and what sort of ideology they own behind it. 

5. Get another Opinion and Finalise

Before you hand over your Animal Farm book essay paper to the tutor for final submission, ask someone you trust to read it for you. Even if you have gone through it thoroughly, a fresh eye can catch the mistakes you fail to spot. Make sure that the reviewer can provide you with honest and constructive feedback. 

This way, the document will be more refined and boost your performance. However, if you need more help, then avail of essay writing help to get quality paper. These experts can prove invaluable in constructing a solid thesis, backing it with contextual evidence, and expressing arguments like a pro.  


The Animal Farm book is an interesting novel for most of the reader. It stems from the main theme of the novel telling the truth about the desire to be powerful. However, there is not a single theme in this narrative. Several other visible or hidden aspects grab the reader’s attention. For the exploration and analysis of the key message, writing an Animal Farm book essay can be helpful. 

This way, learners can think out of the box and practice their creativity. They can debate over the scenarios presented in it and give their opinion if it’s supported by evidence or not. For such students who are making an effort to read this long novel and write it in an essay, the above guide is worthy of consideration. Go through it before you pick up the pen to write your thoughts on paper. 

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