How to Use Streaming Audio recorder to Download HD Audios Whenever & Wherever

You must have an awful experience enjoying awful songs on platforms similar to Melon, Spotify, and so on. Still, numerous of them don’t allow druggies to download audios locally, and indeed on some platforms, the downloading option is only available to Personality druggies that bear a certain payment yearly. 

But occasionally, people just want to enjoy music offline whenever and wherever they want considering it’s more accessible and without numerous limits. And if you be to be one of them who want to save HD audios locally fluently, the free streaming audio recorder is your stylish choice to try! 

Streaming Videotape Recorder with Audios (Free)

From Google, Microsoft Windows is the dominating desktop operating system (Zilches) worldwide as of December 2020, with a share of 76.56 percent. Therefore, the demand for streaming audio recorders in Windows is too big to be ignored. So, for Windows users, the professional screen recorder developed from iTop is largely recommended then. 

What makes the iTop Screen recorder popular and largely recommended among Windows Devices lies in the following features. 

  • Free to the perfect streaming audio recording. The iTop Screen recorder doesn’t bear a penny to start recording with high quality.
  • Multiple affairs after streaming audio recording. The recorder is compatible with any mainstream digital bias, from your up-to-date iPhone to your ma’s old MP4 player. There are further than 12 affair formats that are supported to be a storehouse and converted to other formats you want.
  • Important for both audio and videotape recording. The iTop Screen recorder works well not only in streaming audio recording but also in screen recording with audio. Every syllable of the inside background, speaker, and bitsy microphone on the headset will be fully recorded.

The following are easy and safe ways to start the iTop Screen recorder. Just follow it and save the streaming audio with high quality right now! 

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How to Record Streaming Audio with iTop Screen Recorder?

Step 1. Download the iTop Screen recorder on your PC and install it. Also, launch the recorder to start working. 

Step 2. Open the web runner that you want to record with audios, and you can elect to record a full screen or a named region. When it’s onset, click the button to start. 

Step 3. You can stop whenever you want. When it’s finished, the train can be planted locally or in the videotape list directly. 


To enjoy music offline via keeping the audio lines locally is a natural demand, as long as it’s with authorization to do so. However, the streaming audio recorder listed then’s good for your pass! Take the iTop Screen recorder for illustration, it allows druggies to catch different kinds of high-quality streaming sounds with vids online, if you’re looking for a streaming audio recorder free from payment and limited. 

Just download it to have an awful experience and give the answer yourself! 

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