Hire a Freelance Illustrator

How to Hire a Freelance Illustrator

Posts with no images get fewer views and have a lower reach than posts that have text interspersed with images. Magazines, blogs, and social media cannot be imagined without graphics. More than 60% of Internet users pay attention to pictures first. If they are hooked, and attract attention, the reader is already moving on to the next part of the message.

You need images to complement your content effectively. But not just pictures are stolen from the vastness of the network, they must be unique, stylish, original. It is already difficult to surprise a modern person with something, so it is better to entrust the work with the graphic part of the site to an illustrator.

Most of the online publishing companies do not have an in-house illustrator. Today this is not a problem, because you can always turn to freelance exchanges and find a qualified specialist for temporary work. If you work well together, you can maintain a working relationship for a long time. Although the search for a freelance illustrator has its own nuances, which you need to know in advance. To avoid troubles and save personal time, you can study the scheme for finding a reliable employee in advance.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding a Freelance Illustrator

To hire a part-time illustrator from a freelance exchange or through social media and not regret your choice, you can prepare for this process in advance. So, illustrators for hire is a procedure that consists of the following steps:

1.   Understanding the difference between a graphic designer and an illustrator. These are two different professions, although their responsibilities sometimes overlap. This complicates the choice for those who are new to each of the specialties. An analysis of the concepts of “graphic design” and “illustration” will help to resolve the issue. In the first case, we are talking about a specific goal that accompanies the graphics. For example, it is used to advertise a brand or convey the main message of a company to a consumer. In terms of illustration, these are digital or physical art objects that help to define the key message of the text, or simply complement the textual content, making it visually effective.

2.   Try to concretize the purpose of searching for an illustrator. It is important to understand what exactly the hired specialist should improve in your business. To do this, it is necessary to highlight such moments that need to be conveyed to the illustrator to understand his work. This number includes the characters of the main personages, the style or direction of the content, the main message of the text messages.

3.   Then you should find reliable places to find a freelancer. You need to start by looking at your environment. You can ask friends if they know good artists or illustrators. You can also browse online communities and groups that bring together artists and freelancers in the field of art. If your searches are unsuccessful, you can go to freelance sites. There are always many suggestions and it will not be difficult to find a reliable specialist who has positive feedback from clients.

4.   Next step is to select a few of the best candidates and narrow this list down to one representative. To do this, you can compile all the pros and cons of each of the applicants: price for work, skills, reviews, and other points. To make the right choice, it is better to communicate with each of the candidates online or by phone.

5.   Finally, you have to find out the details of cooperation. If you have already decided with a specialist, it remains to discuss the stages and conditions of cooperation with him, to outline the goals and essence of the work, the cost for the project, and the timing of its implementation. Also, you should not miss such a moment as copyright, which remains with you.

Here you can learn more about the rules and nuances of finding a reliable, qualified freelance illustrator. 

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