Grammar English: What is Preposition?

Today we will today talk about prepositions, here in grammar this acts very well to tell about any noun or preposition about their relationships with other words. We will make this easy for you and then you can identify prepositions in sentences smoothly.

A preposition can act as a connective word between two nouns. It will indicate the relationship between the nouns. Some prepositions indicate the direction or the time of something happening. Prepositions tell us which nouns they are connecting to.

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What is Preposition? How does It Work?

A preposition is a type of word that acts as a noun and pronoun, then tells its relation with other words. It works like a verb but the status and act are totally different. We will discuss its nature in detail today.

You should use a preposition when you are writing an essay. You may use prepositions to make your sentences more concise. For example, if you write “My name is Joe Smith.” This sentence does not sound very good.

You can write “My name is Joe Smith. He is my friend.” Now the sentence sounds good. This is because you have used a preposition to connect your sentence to the word “friend.” A preposition can be used for more than one noun. If you want to say “My friend is a musician,” you should use the preposition “of.” This shows that the musician is a friend.

Types of Preposition

There are different types of prepositions and those are:

  • Prepositions of Place.
  • Prepositions of Time.
  • Prepositions of Direction.
  • Prepositions of Location.
  • Prepositions of Spatial Relationships.
  • Prepositional Phrase.

Prepositions that tell about time and place indicate the type and here we are able to understand the information about nouns and pronouns. So, it helps us in this way. 

When you use prepositions in a sentence, you tell your readers what you are talking about. For example, the preposition “about” tells your readers that you are talking about something that is specific and has a beginning and an end. In this case, “the time.”

This means that you are discussing a particular time. There are four basic types of prepositions: prepositions of motion, prepositions of position, prepositions of quantity, and prepositions of time. 

Similarly, the Preposition of direction and location also gives us the proper information about the noun and pronoun used in the sentence. Direction and location-based information give us clear indications of the subject. 

As we discussed earlier, prepositions are very important in every language. For example, in English, the preposition indicates the relationship between the object and the verb.

When we use the preposition of, we usually say that something is in relation to another object. In the sentence “the house is of interest to me,” the preposition indicates that the object of “interest” is related to the subject.

When you use the preposition of, you must know the location or direction in which you would like to put the object in the sentence. We use the preposition to express the position, quality, or direction in which something is placed.

There are two types of prepositions spatial relationship and preposition phrases. These also contribute to both noun and pronoun in the sentence and makes our speech more decorated. 

Prepositional phrases help to clarify the relationship between the subject and the object of a sentence.

Prepositions are words that describe the relationships between people and things. Most prepositions follow the noun that is right in front of them. They are the prepositions of space, time, and possession.

Can we Make Sentences without Prepositions?

We are not able to make sentences without prepositions, here the meaning will be incomplete. So, we have to identify which preposition is needed in our sentence and apply that to get some effective results. 

Prepositions give information about the location, time, or direction of something. We use prepositions to help us identify the place where we want to write about and the time when we want to talk about. 


We have given detailed information about prepositions, where to use them, and how they work. Also, we have mentioned the types of prepositions and where they work. The role of prepositions is very important in our regular sentence formation and we have to use them effectively. If you still need any kind of guidance and support then you can consult with a tutor, he can guide you and make things easy for you. You can also try Online Native Teachers, they can give you online guidance and you will get a real native tutor there. Now you can move forward to get to know more about prepositions.

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