How WordPress Push Notification is Going to Change Your Business Strategies.

WordPress Push notifications have revolutionized the marketing world through its practices. These pop-up messages have helped companies grow by promoting the brand, improving user engagement, increasing website traffic, and other benefits towards the upliftment of the company.

Today marketing is opening numerous possibilities for businesses to grow and flourish. A company can stand out in the competitive market through various creative methods and inventions.’

How Marketing Strategies Have Evolved Over Time?

Do you remember the time when social media became the hot-shot marketing platform for companies to attract users’ attention towards their products and services?

Even today customers interact with the companies through comments, and dm’s sharing their experiences or asking questions related to their product availability, shipment, delivery, order tracking, and so on.

After social media, mobile applications, and websites took the show in their hands. The marketing strategies took another step forward with these applications and websites. 

Businesses gained huge customer engagement which further led to a great profitable business.

Today most companies own their mobile applications.

These mobile applications and websites made it easier for the customers to form a relationship with the companies. These applications and websites kept on adding features like tracking the order, prices downfall, discount and sale offers, product description, reviews, and ratings which helped customers to select and analyze the quality of the product and then go for the buying decision. 

But soon the companies realized that there is something missing and these marketing platforms are lacking a certain kind of twist that will release the full potential growth of the business.

That gave rise to the WooCommerce push notifications marketing tool.

Let’s move forward and discuss how push notifications changed the face of marketing and how the business strategies filled their void through push notifications.

Life Before and After Push Notifications

Things Just Got More Interesting 

Before push notifications, it was difficult for the companies to retain customers, or interact with them. The website traffic did not get much promising growth through the other modes of marketing platform.

 After the push notifications entered the stage they took the limelight with a stroke. When the companies send push notifications to the users’ screens, they are difficult to be ignored by the users which makes them click on the pop-up messages and land on the website. 

That helped growth in website traffic, better user engagement, and improve retaining customers.

Boring Text Wore the Shirt of Creative Push Notifications

Usually, the companies did not have many options or ways to convince users to come to their website. The companies used to send text messages which are ignored by the customers.

Push notifications appear on the mobile screen creatively and attractively which are difficult to ignore.

Most of the time customers click on the push notifications due to several reasons like pop-ups related to sales, discount offers, back-in-stock items, and so on.

Push notifications are proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies that businesses can use to bring customers to their websites.

Wake up the Inactive Users!

It is a common problem for the users to add the item to the cart and forget about it completely. It can be due to several reasons like getting a call in the middle of buying activity, or maybe an online payment issue.

That leads to cart abandonment by the users.

Push notifications to work as a reminder guard for the companies by getting visible on the user’s screen with prompting pop-ups like “last few in stock”, “you forgot your item in the cart”, “prices dropped”, and the list goes on.

One of the best qualities about push notifications is that they can be delivered to the users when they are not even present on the app.

Shoot Arrows at the Right Target!

Earlier companies used to post on social media where it depended on customers to look through your content, or simply ignore and scroll down. It was hard to recognize whether the customers are interested in your brand, or not.

Push notifications help businesses to differentiate their target customers from the crowd. When the company is able to recognize its potential customers, then it can completely focus on those users who are likely to be interested in the products, or services of the company.

The company could form certain groups of its customers and send them push notifications based on their geographical locations, different time zones, and customers’ interests.

Personalization Works like a Charm!

Every customer is different. It is not necessary that a message can cause the same effect on different users. Companies struggled a lot with this issue.

After push notifications came into light, companies were able to create personalized push notifications based on user’s search history, frequently viewed items, age group, etc.

Personalization says a lot about how much the company values its customers, takes care of their needs and requirements, and puts effort into giving its customers what they really want.

What Not-to-Do List!

1. Do Not Oversell It!

Push notifications are the smart medium to remind your customers about your services, but that does not mean that they keep on barging their phones with the army of such pop-ups. Know your limits before the user opt-out of your push notification services. Such practices often lead to complete abandonment of the product.

2. Do Not Ignore the Time Zone!

Customers do not like to get disturbed while they are in their sleep. Ignoring the time difference factor can create a rough patch between you and your customer.

Do not let bitter feelings collect in your user’s mind as it will be not good for your brand’s health.

3. Do Not Send the Unneedful!

Know your customers and their needs before you send them the push notifications. If you ignore their needs and fail to recognize what they want, you can become uninterested in the blink of an eye.

Do not bring your customers to the extent of opting out of your push notification services.

Key Takeaways:

Push notifications are beneficial when implemented wisely into the business. It depends upon you whether you want to make them a boon, or a bait for your business.

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