Flexiv Chinese AI Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch Raises $100M: All You Need to Know!

Introduction to Flexiv

Flexiv Logo

While the state of affairs of global manufacturing is still in the development stage, Flexiv Chinese AI is raising funds with other companies to work with multiple sectors on new robotic technology.

The people working in the robot industry are working to transform all manufacturing and agriculture in the coming years. However, start-ups like Flexiv are not waiting for this!

As we all know that manufacturing is considered a priority start-up, it is focusing on creating new employment opportunities for the people. In fact, it plans to approach more and more healthcare and agriculture sectors in the coming year.

About Flexiv Chinese AI

The Flexiv Ltd. Is known as one of the best robotic companies all over the globe, it works on the betterment and serving of automatic robots that have the vision of a computer and artificial intelligence like us humans to make decisions accordingly.

Based on turnkey solutions, Flexiv technology provides robotic systems in multiple industries. 

Flexiv (the Robotic company) was founded in 2016 and at present, their offices are located in multiple places like Shanghai, Foshan, Beijing, Silicon Valley, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Taiwan.

The Unique Story Behind Flexiv Chinese AI 100M Series Funding

You will be amazed to know the behind story of Flexiv Chinese AI 100M Series Funding. Flexiv technology is a leading Chinese company by Wang Shiquan that provides robotic operating systems for general use that was supposed to be a minimal project. 

Wang Shiquan studied at Stanford University and by 2016 he came up with an idea so that his academic grades or CGPA would not fall and academic credits will also be given.

Can anyone even imagine that a simple academic project can turn out to be so productive that it revolutionized the entire industry? Flexiv is mainly focused on developing adaptive robots for the manufacturing industries! Flexiv is mainly focused on developing adaptive robots for the manufacturing industries! 

After this, such a productive academic presentation, he not just got good grades in the subject but also got the idea to fulfil his dream of setting up a start-up company whose motive was to produce AI-Driven robots for multi-purposes for general use, for factory usage or industrial manufacturing. 

The Flexiv AI 100m Series project has currently received funding of $100 million from various different companies such as TechCrunch learned and Meituan according to the collected data by Flexiv Chinese AI 100m meituan liao techcrunch.

Flexiv Chinese AI 100m Competitors

There were multiple investors in the Flexiv AI 100m series out of which one of the investors in the Chinese ai series round was New Hope Group, which is a Beijing-based agriculture business mainly in animal husbandry, feed, and farming.  Another one is a super app named Meitun which provides meat delivery, restaurant services, and online grocery shopping along with other multiple services.  

Not only that, there were other companies for investment as well namely— GSR Ventures, Gaorong Capital, Plug & Play, Meta Capital and YF Capital, which were founded by Jack Ma and co-founder of Alibaba.

And, regarding the rest of the investment, Flexiv Chinese AI series Meituan Liao TechCrunch said that the remaining or additional funds will be used to upgrade the software, improve its robotic systems and promote its markets.

According to the observations of Market Insights, Cobot’s market will be worth $8.6 billion in the coming days.  Right now, the Robotic company has offices in places like Beijing, Foshan, Shanghai, Taiwan, Shenzhen, and Silicon Valley. 

Flexiv And Its AI Adaptive Robots

AI Adaptive Robots

The robotic Chinese intelligence firm was founded in 2016 with the aim of designing and building robots with computer vision, AI and combined force control.  It claims that it will make human life easier by automating complex operations that require human coordination to operate.

The Flexiv Ltd. is known worldwide as one of the best Adaptive Robotics companies which is primarily designed to work on Research and Manufacture Robots that have Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technologies to work as smartly as a human mind does.

As we have discussed earlier in the article, Flexiv provides turnkey solutions via automatic robots and provides services in multiple industries. 

The latest version of Flexiv’s adaptable robot is known as the Rizon-10. For its innovation, usability and design, the intelligent arm received the ‘Best of the Best’ Red Dot Award for 2022 from over 20,000 entries. “You can see that it is stronger than Rizon 4.” The maximum output of this robot is more than 300 Newton or 30 kg. “There is a modest payload of 10 kg as well.”

About Co-Founder and CEO Shiquan Wang of Flexiv

The robotics company Flexiv Ltd., led by Co-Founder and CEO Shiquan Wang, is all about general-purpose robots that produce adaptive robots and AI technologies inspired by humans to be used across multiple industries such as agriculture, medical care, Logistics, and many more.

The company’s primary business model was verified approximately four years after its founding, completing its core software and hardware products and submitting more than 100 technical patent applications.

The Flexiv technology develops hardware and software for adaptive robots, on which CEO and co-founder Shiquan Wang says “As these machines will easily decrease the human necessity and will also have the adaptability with time to time-changing environments, this production of Shiquan Wang will enable them to carry out complex tasks much easier as compared to humans or capabilities of traditional industrial robots.”

According to surveys, this is achieved by what the start-up refers to as high-performance force control, which is made attainable with AI and computer vision technologies.

As you know, most of our daily activities or tasks depend on our senses and our ability to understand— such as pressing a button, plugging something, or sweeping the floor. But, Robotic arms have long lacked FC, rendering them unable to perform the majority of force-directed tasks. 

Here, what is worth noting is that FC provides better dexterity and sense of touch, along with creating more room for AI to function.

Innovation of Flexiv Chinese AI Robotics

As per the Chinese robotic company Flexiv, their adaptive robots are made for the betterment in agriculture industries, innovation sectors and manufacturing sectors. Loading, unloading, installing, fastening, plugging and other routine activities, all these can be automated by using these robots. 

Flexiv also produces its own software platform, named Flexiv Elements, which enables the programming, control of robots and monitoring easily.

In fact, as we already mentioned- an adaptable robot called Rizon, which was introduced in April 2019, is now available in three models: the original Rizon 4, Rizon 4S, and the last one, the Rizon 10.

The FC technology used in the arms of these Rizon robots has excellent features and a quick response feature. It started releasing its robotic software platforms in 2021, which include Flexiv RDK as well as the AI system Noema, which is a robot development kit.

Flexiv Flex Overtook the Chinese Robotic Industries

The Flexiv Chinese $100 Million Series Meituan Liao TechCrunch is a perfect example that shows that only revolutionary concepts can go this far in a very short amount of time.

Even in this early stage of start-up, it has gained immense popularity among Chinese investors who have relied on it.

As a result of this immense popularity, robotic technology has proven to be a viable business model. 

If we look at the results for the last five years since they’ve been testing the company, you’ll know that it has laid the groundwork for other companies to increase their production by providing customized, intelligent robots to various industrial sectors in China through its unique work in development.

Industries Collaboration

When it comes to collaborating industries, Flexiv has proven to be a dazzling management tool.  A new start-up, but one which is growing immensely in various sectors and moving ahead with its day-to-day development along with winning the trust of its investors on the other.

In a very short span of time, the company has built up an excellent relationship with its partners, and given the growth rate, it will be in a good position to take on bigger rivals and get funding.

It is no surprise that if a company has a more secure and solid foundation, it will be a success book as it will be able to effectively manage and execute its required business plans. In the same context, China has a huge robotic industry, and round one investment like Flexiv Chinese $100M series meituan liao techcrunch has drawn a great deal of attention and interest.

However, one should be prepared as disruption can happen in any sector and at any level, whether the firm is new or old!

Partnership with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC)

Chinese industrial firms, such as China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, are already in partnership with Flexiv (CETC). Some other partners are as follows:

  • Fujian Grand Chip Investment Ltd
  • Sinomach
  • Changjiang Electronics
  • Chih-tung Precision Machinery

Over the journey of Flexiv, it has partnered with over 50 manufacturing companies in China and has tie-ups with over 300 companies in the United States. This is one of the most popular among these corporations and hence, the leading manufacturers in China have made them their go-to supplier!

Final words

It is no longer a hidden fact that robot start-ups are making progress in China these days. Other robots are out there too but are not leading as much as Flexiv!

The competition here is between Western businesses and Chinese businesses. The only solution to this fight would be proper financial support as both local and foreign businesses would be able to create skills and goods for comparison.

To be successful in the robotics industry, it is necessary for a good start-up of any company to have this kind of finance. It further fuels the willingness of Chinese businessmen and stakeholders to invest more in robotics companies.

The Flexiv Chinese Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch robotic industry has developed rapidly and it has much more potential to grow. There are a number of well-funded robot firms, but Flexiv is a prime one of them, which will also benefit from fundraising in the future.


Ans: Flexiv Ltd. is a global leading robotics and AI company, which focuses on developing and manufacturing adaptive robots that integrate force control, computer vision and AI technologies. It provides innovative turnkey solutions and services based on Flexiv robotic systems to customers across multiple industries. 

Ans: The company was started in 2016 with a core founding team from robotics and AI laboratories at Stanford University. Today, Flexiv has settled offices in Beijing, Foshan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Santa Clara.

Ans: The company’s main applications are assembling, plugging and curved-surface processing.

Ans: Flexiv has partnered with more than fifty Chinese-producing corporations. China is immediately its biggest market because with over a trillion dollars expected to be spent on e-commerce by 2022, Chinese companies have a high potential to dominate the global market. Also, the company plans to expand its business to the U.S. in the future.

Ans:Flexiv Chinese AI 100m MeituanliaoTechCrunch receives $100 million funding. This funding has helped the corporation to establish its foundation and manage its business arrangement effectively. With this cash, Flexiv is trying to expand its offerings to new industries and provide employment to individuals. The company is already collaborating with firms such as China Natural Philosophy Technology Cluster Corporation and is considering alternative partners such as Changjiang Natural Philosophy and Chih-Tung Preciseness Machinery.

Ans:Using a $100 million investment from Meituan, the company aims to create a Flexiv Chinese AI 100m MeituanliaoTechCrunch robot that can perform multiple tasks and reduce the employment of makers and minimize the manufacturers’ workloads.

The company’s robots are equipped with AI systems to assist them in completing many different tasks. On this, the company strongly believes that its robotics system will allow them to create creative and distinctive products that make buyers happy.

Using the latest AI tools, Flexiv Chinese ai 100m series meituan liao techcrunch Robotics is developing a line of versatile and clever robots which can do things that traditional industrial robots can’t do!

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