Tarot Reading Stories

6 Tarot Reading Stories Worth Reading Right Now

Do a Google search for tarot stories, and you will come across many different stories that people have shared online whether it is about money and love. 

Underlying such inquiries is one kind of belief that the tarot reading will tell the future that begs the question of whether a tarot will prove to be a good tool or not.  

Being a reader who makes use of tarot as a tool for spiritual reflection, instead of fortune-telling, our impulses were to reframe the tarot as the mirror instead of a predictive tool. Here are some 6 tarot reading stories worth reading right now. Moreover, a brief description is available on mercurynews.

  1. It happened in the month of January with a family. Here we go: This person has a good job and was offered a prestigious position elsewhere. He was quite enticed by this offer in New York. But, the tarot readings kept on saying that he must not take this and look after his health. Though the person was quite healthy, and he was diagnosed soon with a serious problem (it was organ failure) and he ended up in a hospital for a lengthy stay. He thanked the tarot card reader as he would have never coped with the stress of a new position.
  2. The second example is of a person who asked about his personal and love life – however, the cards kept on talking about financial wisdom & authority. Not plenty of Cups and classic emotions or relationship cards. And it turned out that querent was the finance student who was in an argument with his girlfriend on his proposal of quitting school. And the message was quite clear that the solution is not focusing on his girlfriend, but is focusing on the school!
  3. The third story is of a female client who came asking for a reading about her relationship with her boyfriend. Cards told her she might expect a big clash or destructive event however that after that it will be the renewal with better feelings. She found it a little odd and after one month she asked for one more reading as she found her boyfriend acting a bit odd. In the second reading, it was clear as her cards showed her boyfriend was cheating with her. She did not trust them initially, as it was just impossible that he could do such a thing. We end that reading and after 30 minutes she told me she searched his boyfriends and found a few pieces of evidence that he is cheating on her.
  4. Tarot reading is not just helpful in knowing about your personal life, love, relationship and more, but can prove beneficial in various other stations too. For example, in one of the cases, a reader found her husband’s keys just by reading they’re somewhere close to work, writing and studying. And they found it inside his folder from a day before his training session.
  5. In another example, I managed to help a person to get his lost book. It was clear from the reading that this book was somewhere relating to nature, maybe covered with plants, under a fish tank or in the yard. Later she found her book tucked in the box of biology books.
  6. In the next incident, a tarot reader advised a person that his next job is going to be in a place with very high mountains or maybe the Alps. And I applied for a few jobs and one I really wanted was in a small town in the Alps. When I actually applied for that job I did not look at its location. Besides the tarot reader told me that I am going to find love over there amongst the colleagues and even this reading went right (though the relationship ended soon).

There are a lot of ways that people may get close to their inner selves. However, one option worth considering is the tarot card readings. It is on you if you rely on the software readings or want to connect with the experienced reading for an authentic spiritual experience. 

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