Know How to Sign up and Login into PeoplePC Webmail

When it comes to “emailing” on a day-to-day basis, we prefer services that are less complex and easy to use. It’s hard to imagine a time without emailing; most of us start our day by scanning it. As a result of digital advancement, emailing has become instantaneous and the primary mode of communicating personally and professionally.

We all have witnessed several email services with alluring interfaces and mind-boggling features, and one such email client is PeoplePC mail. This email service is the assemblage of countless aspects and functions that makes it the ideal choice for your emailing needs. 

If you want to create an account with PeoplePC and are hovering your mouse here and there on the search engine and find nothing effective, this guide is designed for the users like you. Here, we will provide the nut and bolts of account creation and the login process for different devices. 

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Introduction of PeoplePC Webmail

PeoplePC webmail service is a web-based email client provided by PeoplePC Online, an EarthLink subsidiary that offers internet services all across the globe. The company is known for high-speed DSL services and Dial-up internet. Moreover, the webmail service has gained a considerable reputation among users as it offers free POP and IMAP. 

PeoplePC webmail allows users to create up to 5 personal email addresses with 25 MB storage capacity with utmost safety, consistency, and speed. Another most attractive feature of PeoplePC is its ability to integrate with the latest web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. 

Advantages of Using Webmail Webmail service is lucrative, particularly for busy-as-bee people. You can access your email account from anywhere across the world using prevalent gadgets or devices such as computers, laptops, and Smartphones. 

This email giant is stuffed with the SSL encryption feature that adds an extra layer of security to your emails. Also, it protects your information from getting stolen by hackers. 

Moreover, you can store different types of files and documents on your account’s hard drive and use them for various purposes. PeoplePC webmail service has an intuitive interface with incredible features, including over 100 GB of free storage, countless filtering options, and templates for emails.

How to Setup an Account with PeoplePC Webmail?

To access various features of PeoplePC email, you need to sign up first, and it’s mandatory for every email service. But, knowing the correct process is key to successful signup; if you put the cart before the horse, you will stress and waste time. So, let’s start with creating an account with the adequate process mentioned underneath. 

  • The process starts with visiting the PeoplePC mail sign up page, or you can copy the following link in the search bar of your browser and hit the Enter button; it will redirect to the login page
  • Note: for registration on PeoplePC login, you will need to choose a plan by entering the street address before starting the registration.
  • If you have selected the plan, now enter your email address and first and last names along with your company name. Moreover, the name of the city and country will be asked to proceed further, and then go through the easy steps to ask for a username, pick one, and set the password for your account.
  • You need to add your contact details to proceed further, such as phone number, work address for mailing purposes, home address, and one alternative email address.
  • Once you are done providing contact information, now you will be asked to enter the PeoplePC username and password.

How to Login into PeoplePC Webmail Account?

After creating an account, now it’s time to access your PeoplePC email login account with the username and password. The process is as easy as cutting the cake but, we have mentioned the steps thoroughly for layman users. 

  • Open the web browser from your device and go to the webpage of People pc or, or you can open the page directly by pasting the following link in the URL bar
  • After that, you need to enter the username and password in the respective fields and click on the Sign In option.
  • If you have entered the correct login credentials, you will be redirected to your email account, where you can check the emails from other users or send them to different contacts.

PeoplePC Email Server Settings

Suppose you want to set up webmail PeoplePC com on third-party services like Outlook or Gmail; you will need to configure Instant Message Access Protocol (IMAP) and Post of Protocol (POP3) email server settings for several devices. 

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PeoplePC IMAP Settings – Incoming Mail Server Settings

For Incoming mail server settings, see the below table for the correct settings that are essential for the functioning of the email server.

Account TypeIMAP
Username Use PeoplePC email address
Server Host
Server Port145
For Authentication None

PeoplePC SMTP Settings – Outgoing Mail Server Settings

Account TypeSMTP
UsernameEmail Address
Server Port Value 587
AuthenticationSelect None

PeoplePC Email Settings for Android Devices

Follow the below-given steps to configure the email settings on your Android device;

  • Open your smartphone and tap on the default mail app
  • Head towards Settings
  • Now tap on Add new email option
  • Choose POP3 option
  • After that, type your PeoplePC email address and password
  • Now tap on Manual Set Up

In Incoming Server Settings, enter the details given in the following table;

User NameYour Email address
PasswordType your account password
Port Value110
  • Now tap on the Next

Outgoing Server Settings

Outgoing server
Port Value587
Security typeSSL
Username and PasswordPeoplePC email id and password
  • Lastly, select your preference, name the account, and you are good to go.

PeoplePC Email Settings for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and looking for configuring your PeoplePC email account, go through the underneath steps;

  • From Go to settings
  • Choose Mail Calendars and contacts option
  • Now tap on Add Account and then on Other

Click an Add mail account and provide the underneath details: –

Name Enter your name
Email address Provide email address
Password Enter the account password
Description Type a brief here

Now tap on the POP3 for the incoming mail server and enter underneath settings;
UsernameType your email address
PasswordAccount password

Outgoing Mail Server
UsernameEmail Address
PasswordAccount password
  • Next, tap on Save
  • Choose your preferred email account.
  • Rolls outgoing settings and selects SMTP settings
  • Now choose from the central server and ensure that your server port value is 587 and security is SSL: SSL.
  • Tap on Done and restart your device, and after that, your iPhone is ready to use the PeoplePC email account.

How to Reset Forgot Password PeoplePC Email Password?

There could be many reasons for changing or resetting the webmail PeoplePC com account password. If you have forgotten your password, don’t worry; it is a universal problem; over 80% of users fail to remember their account password and go through the reset password process. Follow the below-given steps to regain access to your account 

  • To initiate the process, you need to visit the from your browser
  • You will be redirected to the login page of the PeoplePC email account, don’t get confused if you see the EarthLink webpage. As of now, you are aware that PeoplePC is owned by EarthLink.
  • From the sign-in page click on the Forgot your Password? option
  • You will be taken to the reset password page, where you need to enter your Email Address.
  • After entering the email address, click on the box “I’m not a robot” option and click on the Continue button placed at the right bottom corner of the screen.
  • Next, you need to go through the three more steps: Verify Identify, Change password, and Success, so follow the on-screen instruction and change the account password.

Make sure to use a strong password, and it must be a combination of upper and lower case letters and symbols and numbers. 

Login PeoplePC Webmail Through Mobile App

If you are traveling somewhere and need to send or check essential emails on your PeoplePC account, but you don’t have your laptop, that might not be very pleasant. Fortunately, you can access the PeoplePC email account on your smartphone via mobile application whether you are an Android or iPhone user. Both users can download the application from the Google Play Store and App Store. 

How to Set Up the PeoplePC account on App?

Setting up an account with a mobile app is trouble-free for ease; follow the underneath steps and get most of the App. 

Download the App

Depending on your mobile operating system, you can download the application from the Play Store or App Store. However, make sure your device is compatible with the PeoplePC or EarthLink webmail. Moreover, make sure you have enough space available on the device to run the application. 


After downloading the application, you need to give permission to the App and set up the PeoplePC email account using the server settings mentioned in the above section. After finishing the server settings, access your account with your email address and password. 

Wrap up

In this guide, we have described every aspect of the PeoplePC email login process. From creating an account to login into different devices and email server settings. Also, cover the background and benefits of using this re-known email client. You can rely on the process to access the PeoplePC webmail. 

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